Stages of Post-Hunter x Hunter Grief

So, I was going to try and write up an elegant, thoughtful, thankful, post about Hunter x Hunter ending today, but I just…can’t find the words right now. I’m too overwhelmed or bummed or depressed or whatever other emotions I’m feeling right now. But I had to do something.

Hunter x Hunter

So, for everyone like me who is feeling a bit down about Hunter x Hunter‘s end, and about the fact that episode 149 won’t come for years, here’s a short guide to help you identify the feelings you may experience in the wake of this great anime leaving us.

Stage 1: Disbelief

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 2: Grief

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 3: Melancholy

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 4: Happy Memories

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 5: Explaining Yourself to Others

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 6: Relapse

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 7: Grudging Acceptance of Reality

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 8: Hiding Your Ongoing State of Emotional Wreckage by Insulting Others

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 9: Rewatching (aka Denial, “If I rewatch, it’s like it never ended!)

Hunter x Hunter

Stage 10: Moving On

Hunter x Hunter

9 thoughts on “Stages of Post-Hunter x Hunter Grief

  1. One minute before the end. That’s how long I lasted before I broke. Those final shots of the four boys got me. I couldn’t. I genuinely do not feel as though it’s over. There’s a genuine emptiness knowing it’s gone..

    Excited for my rewatch though! That’ll be fun 🙂

    And have this adorable screenshot.


  2. i just remembered why i stopped watching anime back in 7th grade,
    i always got too attached to the anime and the characters. Four years later and i’m still the same… HunterXHunter’s ending hit my heart real bad. THE MOST HEART BREAKING MOMENT IS KILLUA’S FACIAL EXPRESSION WHEN HIM AND GON PARTED BY THE WORLD’S TREE

    i need hugs ice-cream and music.

    (try pronouncing my name, sounds the same as the ant king’s. lol)


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