Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 5

This is typically the point in the season when shows start to lose a bit of momentum. First arcs are ending, production might be suffering a bit, and the great pushes from the premieres are basically out of energy. This is the time when the truly great shows separate themselves from the rest of the seasonal offerings—and as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one of those this season.


K: Return of Kings, Episode 5: We’re still kind of in build-up mode, but this episode managed to move a little bit better than last week’s (although the final conversation between Shiro and the Green King basically happened once and then happened again right in a row, just with different words each time). It’s clear K is just about done setting up the important pieces for the rest of the show—the impending implosion of Munakata, the coming war between the Green Clan and the Coffee Table Alliance, and all the backstories and prior character relationships that have lead to this point. If there’s one glaring weakness in the show, though, it’s that the thematic coherence of Shiro’s past desire to promote human evolution and his current position and the aims of the Green King aren’t quite coming together. K‘s always been a show that kind of muddles through the details and still gets by on heart and style, which means that the thematic stakes haven’t really kept up with the in-universe stakes. Which is really fine since the show continues to work overall; it’s just a little detail that could have helped make K even better than it is.

Noragami Aragoto, Episode 5: Whoa, so we’re like…basically done with the Bishamon arc, right? Unless Nora’s involvement is going to prolong Kuguha’s existence in the show, it seems like there’s not much wrap-up to do beside finishing him off and (hopefully!) healing all of Bishamon’s tainted Regalia. Kazuma, in particular, I’d like to see live. This arc really has flown by, and it’s definitely been among the show’s best offerings—seeing Yukine transform into a Blessed Vessel (while straight out of the last ditch effort shounen power-up book) was an immensely gratifying moment for this young boy who’s done so much to grow. I suppose if there’s once disappointment with Noragami Aragoto at this point, it’s that it (much like K) really kind of lacks any substantial thematic weight. At this point, the show’s basically operating solely on story, action, and characters—all of which are good things, but also which don’t carry a lot of weight outside of themselves. Noragami‘s best chances there have always been wrapped up with its use of the gods, but at this point it’s basically just the story of a goddess who bit off too much in generosity…

Noragami Aragoto

Mecha Sunday

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 5: So, this episode was essentially one long battle—which brought with it both good and bad things. The good: in general, the action was solid, and seeing Coral’s defeat at Mikazuki’s hands was quite gratifying (as was Tekkadan’s escape in the end). The bad: the increase in action was offset by a drop in character-focused screen time. While we did finally get to see Eugene do something besides constantly whine, the nuances of character that have been the highlight of the series for me took a backseat to some good old robot action. I don’t mean to sound too down on this episode; overall, I liked it. It’s just that I’d like the action and character work to coexist, not cancel each other out over whole episodes.

Comet Lucifer, Episode 5: Directly comparing Comet Lucifer and Gundam Tekketsu is probably a silly activity most weeks, but the heavy weight towards action in both was a unifying element in both of their episodes this week. On the whole, I think Comet Lucifer came out slightly ahead of Gundam in the action department, with Orange’s CGI mechs and the sound editing really lending a lot of weight to the two fights between Moura and Stewart. The animalistic sound effects and generally beast-like fighting style of the magic mecha continue to lend it a air of uniqueness, particularly when contrasted against Stewart’s military fighting style. As for the story, well, who knows where it’ll go now that Felia isn’t a cat loli anymore.

Concrete Revolutio, Episode 5: As far as I’m concerned, Conrevo is the best show of the season. Once again we’ve returned to this idea of disillusionment, but not just because Jiro is (again) being forced this week into confronting the grayness of the world in which he lives. Perhaps the most uncomfortable thing about this week’s episode was the degree to which it’s become apparent this young man is being used by basically everyone with whom he comes into contact (excepting Kikko, at this point). At this point, I don’t disbelieve that Emi loves Jiro, but it seems she also has no qualms against using him as a tool in the functioning of the Superhuman Bureau. And, when you think about it, it’s really the Superhuman Bureau as a whole whose motivations really remain shrouded in mystery. Although their goal—”protect superhumans”—seems noble on the surface, their methods and biases and priorities consistently portray this organization as one of questionable ethical character. But Jiro—if he even knows—doesn’t really concern himself with that. For him, he just needs to be pointed at the “enemy” so that he can take action.

Concrete Revolutio

New Kids on the Block!

As it happens, I picked up a couple of new shows this week out of curiosity—and liked them both. The new faces (who may or may not continue making regular appearances on Anime Weekly) are Star Musical and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. At this point, I’m enjoying both of them for pretty different reasons. Starmyu (seen episodes 1-4) is an imagery-laden, decently serious shoujo anime from the director of Kuroko’s Basketball, Shunsuke Tada. In my opinion, Tada is a much better fit for the arts school setting, which allows for a lot more exploration of the abstract—and his talent for handling an ensemble cast is allowed to actually work here in a way it never was in Kurobas. Rakudai (seen episodes 1-5), on the other hand, is one of the indistinguishable magic high school harems this season, but it’s got an actual romance with progression—and that’s something I don’t get enough of from any anime, so I’m willing to put up with its…uh…less classy aspects.

Short Takes~

  • The Perfect Insider, Episode 4: I’m somewhat regretful to say it, but I’m done with this show. As I’ve said before, the central mystery isn’t inherently compelling to me—and the characters, which ought to be there to pull me into the show, are just kind of floating at the service of the plot. Magata and Moe were once interesting to me, but the reveal of Magata’s multiple personalities was done in the most uninteresting way possible and Moe…just can’t carry the show on her own. Dropped.
  • Miss Monochrome, Episode 5: Screw this wonderful show and its terrible, terrible puns. I’m constantly both delighted and pissed off watching it. It’s great. It’s horrible. I love it.
  • Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 5: Well, I suppose the disjointed feeling this episode gave me resonates pretty well with how disjointed the Karasuno team is. Other than the high-pitched fight at the end, Haikyuu!!‘s kind of spinning its wheels right now as it preps for really going big… eventually… somewhere down the line. Right now, that’s my biggest problem with Haikyuu!!—we’re doing a lot of waiting for the headlining moments, and that’s just not what this show is good at.
  • Heavy Object, Episode 5: The end is nigh. Here are this week’s livetweets.
  • One Punch Man, Episode 5: Genos’ fights (actually, just Genos overall) continue to be the best thing about this show. The constant refrain of anticlimax after anticlimax in the humor is extremely wearing, but as long as we get to see Genos continue to be a try-hard self-serious hero wannabe, I’ll stick around.

One Punch Man

16 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 5

  1. This is a pretty disappointing season, isn’t it?

    You might want to give Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen another shot. It’s still in the slow start phase, but the chemistry between the leads is good, and I like that it’s taking it’s time building the world.


    • I’m not disappointed! The shows I care most about—K, Concrete Revolutio, and Miss Monochrome—have been delivering on a weekly basis. Few of the other shows I’m watching have entirely crapped out on me, and many of them have been excellent on occasion. I consider that a pretty solid season.

      And I keep hearing good things about Utawarerumono. I may have to revisit it if I continue to trim my list.


  2. I am short on time so no notes on my top 20 except the EOW Episodes of the week !

    I may just seen the best anime event of the fall in the Ghost in The Shell Movie. One of the reasons I got back inro anime heavily ! It’s in the EOW!

    EPISODE(S) of the WEEK 4 / 5

    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note EP 4 / “The Missing Bike Knows ”

    This is a basic no frills anime . But that makes it good because you get a anime like reading “Nancy Drew / Hardy Boy Mysteries ” Aya and the Tantei Team KZ figure out who the culprit is that wrecked Kazuomi’s bike. He is the one that doesnt want to go to the police and the Team knows that and helps him when he is attacked ! Again great life lessons and Aya has made friends

    Shomin Sample EP 4 / “The Tea Party Incident”

    This is a good and underrated anime ! It reminds me of Love Lab in some ways ! This episode took a shot at being serious in the first half and actually worked quite nicely, Reiko wants to invite Kimito to the Tea Club but Aika claims dibs on him . Reiko argues with her friends about Kimito / Aika and goes off upset . Kimito tries to cheer her up but no avail. Aika was going to have a commoners activity but gives the props / idea to Kimito to ler Reika get back to her friends ! It works but when she finds out it was Aika’s idea she confronts her and have a fight ! Later on Reika submits her application to the Commoner’s club and anothe spat occurs but along comes Hakua / Karen to join too ! Then the spat goes off into a wrestling match Hakua sans clothes writes her formula with Kare taking pictures and along comes Miyuki ( the insane maid ) who closes the door but comes back withe meanest looking pair of sccissors since Kill la Kill to give Kimito a haircut ( coughs ) But Kimito has his Muscle men pics to throw her off ! But the stares of the other girls was classic !

    Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EP 4 / “The Cursed Man, Part 1 ”

    I liked this episode ! Sakurako and Shoutarou are asked by Utsumi to help his friend Fujioka to look into his friend Fujioka whose relatives died at an early age and the his dog Hector was there ! But a dog knowing a person is sick has happened in real life such as finding tumors is not unheard of ! However a ? painting that Fujioka has ( also habde down ) and his wife wanted him to get rid of is stiil there and Sakurako thinks his allegries ( Asthama ) is causing his ill health!

    Lead Poisioning ? Paint / Mold Microbes on the canvas ? / was latex panit from the wife’s color of paints? Could Fujioka be suffering from several

    All 3 Ultra Super Anime Block was just amazing to watch ! All 3 took place in 24 / 7 mart ****

    Kagewani series EP 5 / “Strange Color” ****

    Another creepy edge of your seat episode. A 24 / 7 mart is taken over by a Uma that’s invisible
    I really think they pay homage to movies in ths Case “Predator” being invisible” But two survive / rescued by pharmaceutical agent Masaki Kimura. Also biologist Sosuke Banba has documents to where Kimura works

    Hacka Doll the Animation EP 5 / “# 4 Isnt Just for Show” ****

    1-3 are workng at a 24 / 7 mart not doing a good job so 0 sends in #4 taking all 3 infro > Howver she goes overboard giving super apps to phones / endles money at the ATM etc however the pone bill s isane / the ATM customer is afraid of going to jail but when 4 dibles a satelite for a girl to see a shooting star and will destroy the town 0 has to step in and usses 4 to send the sat back to orbit.

    MISS Monochrome 3 EP 5 / “Girlfriend” ****

    MM see he rival selling crossover items so she sends her mgr to find something and he comes back with a game that needs a song 9 The Title” but has to be a Christmas song so she goes into the Mt Fuji forests because of all the tre but ends up being creepy . She hoes to Finland ans sees ST Nick and gets ideas! In the end she actually comes up with a song that maks the cut

    Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato EP 17 / “Divine Acclamation, Imprecation”

    I am quite impressed ! Yukine recovers and is now a doulble sword ! Kugaha releases all of the scrouge in Aiha to destroy Bishamon whose own wrath blinds her to the fact that Kugaha is killing them off with a monster ! Kazuma finallys breaks free and Aiha is there to try to do good ells him what happened Hiyori comes too even weak to sop Yato! She does but Bishamon yties to kill Yato but Kazuma steps in and confesses he was the one who Yato kiil her regalia to save her ! She release them but villian Kugaha hows up

    Heavy Object EP 5 / “Tom Thumb Races Through the Oil Field / The Battle of the Gibraltar Blockade II”

    Qwenthur / Havia are rescued by Frolaytia. Qwenthur noices that Baby Magnum is taking hits on her big guns which rent protected by the armor becase they wouldnt work They are strong but contant hits take one at a time out . Despite all odds Qwenthur wants to try to take out Tri-Core and sees that it it is going in one direction only ! Havia throws down scuba gear and an underwater jet ski . Qwenthur see the netting has fouled the rudder and places charges on the mind to tip it over more to cause stress to break it up . It works but then a wave is going to over take him but Baby Magnum picks him up with her last cannon!

    People have been using the “fanservice’ as one of the pitfalls of the anime ! But Frolaytia reminds me of Major Margaret J “Hot Lips” Houlihan ]from MASH !

    But is the anime really a sci-fi war anime or a combo of that and satire like MASH or Catch 22 !

    K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EP / “Ken”

    Homra (Red Clan ) seems to be doing the most takedown of the Jungle ( Green Clan ) while Scepter 4 ( Blue Clan) process the captured Jungle members . The Silver Clan is mostly at home but Shiro goes out by himself to see if Hisui ( Grren King ) is around and finds him and wants to have all four work together but instead he oofers Shiro an alliance with him ! Red clan member Izumo notices Blue King Reisi ‘s Sword of Damocles is decaying !

    Haikyuu!! Second Season EP 5 / “Greed”

    Hinata wants to be an ace like “The Little Giant” but it leads to him going after setups that are not his! He also gets blocked by Lev and his attitude gets him benched ! He tries to work with Kageyama but the line is thin and they fight as poor Yachi witneesees it !

    Seraph of the End 2 “Battle in Nagoya” EP 16 / “The Moon Demon’s Orders”

    This was a good episode with a better look at the Moon Demon Company other squads. Shinoa Hīragi Squad are on their way to Ebinma where Yu has to fight off some Horsemen but Shinoa / Mitsuba give Kimzuki wrong directions as a joke on Yu to make him walk a while. They pick him but are late to Ebina where Guren knows they are late! Shinoa is going to tell the truth but Yu takes the Blame when he is summoned to see Guren Shinoa Squad go in to tell the truth! Guren knows Yu is covering for them and uses him as bait to test the Shinoa Squad against his which Shinoa and Co. get trounced!

    Guren introduces the Rookie Shinoa squad to the force there and Makoto Narumi Squad objects to them coming along but instead Guren assigns them to train !

    Meanwhile Mika is a on a human roundup when a girl falls Lacus kills her while drinking blood ! Mika is getting weaker trying to resist drinking human blood but drinks Krul’s vial !

    One Punch Man EP 5 / “The Ultimate Mentor”

    This was an EP that was very good ! Saitama and Genos are taking the Heroes Association / Super Hero Entrance Exam for the National Superhero Registry which consists of Fitness Test / Written Test. Genos paases both and is suummoned by a Heroes Panel tp ask about the Destruction of House of Evolution he is ranked as an S Class ( Highest ) Saitama fails the Wriiten Exam but scores the highest ever in the Fitnees test and gets a C Rank. He also now recieves pay for taking out villians!

    Genos is not happy about Saitama’s rank but continues to train with him and One-Punch just outdoes him!

    We get an intro to Sneck who welcome the new members but takes on Saitama in a dual which is prompltly ended by a “One-Punch” Later as Saitama/ Genos are having Udon Sweet Mask A-Class rank 1 has a private chat with Genos!

    Later Genos wants to move in with Saitama who says no but when Geonos drops a big wad of cash Saitanasks do you have a toothbrush!

    Comet Lucifer EP 5 / “Souls Come Together”

    A better episode / still could be blended better but lots of action and anger at Gus and Puck!

    Sougo / Moura track gown Felia with her signal and they confront Gus/ Puck in their vehicle ! Sougo puuls a fast one letting Moura battle Gus and sneaks onboard but is captured by Puck and beaten badly ! Puck is taking Felia to the exchange point ( another detail sorely lacking! But Sougo confronys him but puts a knife to her neck but she suumons her power and a globe appears and knocks the knife away bur slips and falls ! Puck get his mecha and is going to kill Sougo but the globe stops him and rescues Sougo > Meanwhiled more plot holes Gus in a fixed mecha takes on a new Moura mech and destroys Gus’s machine > All 3 escape but Felia is grown!

    Again at least they shared a story Arc but still gaps but I thought Felia was doomed honestly1

    RWBY Volume 3 EP 2 / “New Challengers”

    This would have been a great episode but somtimes the comedy was off key IMO . But The action is Top Notch !

    Team JNPR fight Team BRNZ of Vacuo’s Shade Academy in their first match of the Vytal Festival combat tournament.

    Again Juane was boring with his flower power plan but Nora was asborbing the electric arcs from Nolan and used the power against team BRNZ finally asborbing a lighting strike from a storm and knocks them all out !

    Team SSSN from Haven Academy take on Team NDGO all female ( Indigo) from Shade Academy.

    Again the humor about Neptune being afraid of water is a bit overplayed. BTW what wiil happen during a real battle!

    To make this short TEAM NDGO had 3 left to Teamm SSSN and were regrouping in the water but Neptune finnaly got close and used to gun to stun them!

    At the end Qrow Branwen is sitting at a bar callede Crow watching the two matches and is unimpressed but notices the same Ship that Weiss sees and says this the fight that I came for and takes off ! Qrow is going to be interesting coming along with Weiss’s (she’s here)

    Isshuukan Friends Specials 6-12 (Kaori’s Diary / except 12 which is Hase’s Diary)

    A very nice look inside Kaori’s Diary to events that happened ! Also gives Kaori more depth !

    EP 12 is Hases Diary which is also a nice reflection!

    Ghost in the Shell (2015)

    A great anime experience is the least I can say about this movie ! Set after The “Arise” it reveals more of The Fire Starter virus ! Some factions of the Military have taken hostages in a protest that the Govt wants to downsize / privatized the Military ! The Prime minister is kikked by a bomb and also kills Kurutsu (Kusanagi CMDR from the 501). This quite invovled but get an unlimited budget rom the PM just before he is killed ! Kurutsu tells Kusanagi about the Third World because the older Cyborgs cant keep being updated !

    What follows is a never ending trail of leads / confusion and revelations > Complicating matters is a Kusanagi look alike who is the “Fire Start”

    This is a deluxe version and a lot of good anime /action story !

    There is also good backstory about the orphange where Kusanagi / Kurutsu were !

    At one point Kusanagi gets the truth and has to disband Security Section 9 / but eventually have her back despite Chief Daisuke Aramaki warning to stay out of it!

    The trail ends to an astonishing ending!

    This makes me want to rewatch everything GIST

    WEEK 4 / 5


    1 Haikyuu!! Second Season EOW
    2 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato ] EOW
    3 Seraph of the End 2 “Battle in Nagoya” EOW
    4 RWBY Volume 3 EOW
    5 Heavy Object EOW
    6 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EOW
    7 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou
    8 One Punch Man EOW
    9 Comet Lucifer [ EOW
    10 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru EP 4 EOW
    11 Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EP 4 EOW
    12 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World)
    13 Shomin Sample EP 4 EOW
    14 Hidan no Aria AA
    16 MISS Monochrome 3 EOW
    17 Hacka Doll the Animation EOW
    18 Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note EOW
    19 Young Black Jack
    20 Lance N’ Masques

    OVA / ONA / Special / MOVIES

    Blood Blockade Battlefront EP 12 / “Hello, World!”
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Specials (CAT GIRLS )
    The Eden of Grisaia Specials 1 / 2
    Yozakura Quartet Yoza-Quar! / Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Specials 1 / 2 / 3
    Robot Girls Z Plus EP 6 FINAL
    Seraph Of the Endless / Owaranai Seraph Speciaks 1-4 / 5-7
    Umaru-chan OVA
    Sound! Euphonium Special 5 / ” Lots of Problems Everyday , Yo ”
    Wakaba*Girl: Onsen Tsukaritai
    Isshuukan Friends Specials 6-12 (Kaori’s Diary / except 12 which is Hase’s Diary)
    Ghost in the Shell (2015)


    • Man, you can still really bang things out, even when you’re short on time! I’m impressed! ^_^

      And yeah…Felia is grown…and I’m very grumpy about it. I liked it better when she was just a little cat loli 😦


  3. My watching habits are all over the place this season. So here are a bunch of just random thoughts.

    I’ve only watched the first episode of K because my husband keeps insisting he wants to watch it with me but never actually wants to watch it. Sigh. I need my Kuroh fix!

    We finally got around to trying OPM and both love it immensely. Both Saitama and Genos are fantastic characters. (And I look forward to seeing more from that blue haired guy voiced by Mamoru Miyano.) The humor is right up our alley and the action is good without taking the whole focus.

    We’ve also started Gundam Tekketsu and as of episode 3 we’re enjoying it. I’m getting vibes of “Kamina and Simon, but 100x darker” from Orga and Mika, which I like.

    We’re up to date on Noragami and I’m definitely enjoying this season more than the first season so far. I always felt the drama between Yato and Yukine was a little too contrived and overwrought. But the drama of Bishamonten and her regalias is working for me. I think the thematic elements are there, they just aren’t pointing toward resolution and meaning yet because they are still being developed.

    Comet Lucifer has just been too meh for me. It’s pretty, but what is it even supposed to be about? Sogo and the chick are so generic I can’t stand them. Roman has some flair, but apparently exists only to be convenient or comic relief. Felia… whatever. And the stupid stone worm thing is just annoying. I don’t know who any of the antagonists are or what they want or what the big picture is. I got partway into episode 5 and cared so little about what was going on I dropped it then and there.

    We’ve been watching The Beautiful Bones and really like it. Sakurako-san is a very interesting and compelling character. She’s got a very Sherlock Holmes vibe going on and we’re both huge Holmes fans.

    The Perfect Insider is working all right for me at the moment. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    Utawarerumono has been solid. It’s slower to get going than the original, but then those of us who have seen the original are already invested in this world and willing to see it out. I’m fascinated by how different the two MCs of the original and The False Faces are. Despite the obvious comparisons (both waking up with no memories and the similar names they are given) they are very different people and I’m enjoying that.

    We’re keeping up with Fairy Tail as well and enjoying it.

    Those are the only shows we’re watching together this season, which is much less than last season. Shows I’m also watching by myself include:

    Star Myu. Only gotten to episode 3 but that episode was the one where I got hooked. Why is anime so good at taking huge jerk characters and making them hot and likeable? Tengenji’s song was just so fantastic.

    Dance with Devils. Only on episode 2 but I intend to get caught up and then decide whether to keep it or not.

    Osomatsu-san. This show is pretty hilarious. It’s crude in a way anime almost never is, which is oddly compelling. Especially hearing some of these popular voice actors doing these ridiculous characters.

    Attack on Titan Junior High. There’s not much to say other than it’s adorable and hilarious. I just want to squeeze them all till they pop.

    Overall, this is a decent season. Though my husband and I are trying to find something to binge when we run out of seasonal stuff now. If anyone can recommend something not too dark, with humor, but also with good characters and an actual story, not totally episodic, that would be awesome.


    • Reccommendation:

      Considering you liked Jitsu wa Watashi wa last season, you might want to check out Midori no Hibi. Guy with a reputation for being a delinquent gets turned down again and again, goes to sleep with the thought that his only lover will be his right hand. It just so happens there’s exactly one girl who admires him from afar. Next day, when he wakes up, she’s his right hand… It’s about 12/13 episodes long (I forget) and has an actual conclusion.

      Or maybe a fantasy shounen fighter? Try Mushibugyou. People fight giant insects. The first time I noticed something was weird was when a giant spider had teeth. Then there was a giant praying mantis that raided a treasury to eat gold, and then things got really weird. It does get a tad dark, but not too much. It’s biggest draw, IMO, is style and charm. It’s a two cour.

      If you haven’t seen it yet, you might also give the Mouretsu Pirates (Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku) a chance. I was surprised how well it worked as a SF show, despite being mostly an adventure romp. It’s good fun, though some arcs are better than others. (Two cour.)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oof get your hubby back on K with you! It’s been great this season—I’m really loving a lot of the stuff it’s doing.

      And yeah, if you’re not a fan of “cute Felia faffing around” to hold down the show when it’s not doing plot things (and while I’d disagree with your take on Kaon, I do definitely agree Sogo is just…empty).

      And Tengenji is my favorite in Starmyu too, but then I’ve always had a thing for the “tsundere” type, whether it be guys or girls.

      Noragami is so good!


      • I have a feeling it’s going to be up in the air for me between Tengenji and Kuga after I watch episode 4. I’ve always liked the Kuudere type more than the Tsundere. (I DID NOT like Tengenji in the first 2 episodes at all.) Both have really great voice actors. Tomoaki Maeno (Kuga) is one of my favorite because he’s Hak from Akatsuki no Yona as well as one of the guys from UtaPri, but he’s being severely underused in this show. He hardly talks at all. 😦 So just because of that Tengenji might edge him out with Yoshimasa Hosoya as his VA, who has an incredible voice as well. Plus there’s Otori who is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, one of the truly great seiyuu. All in all, I’m enjoying this way more than I thought I would in episode 1.

        Ok so I finally got him to watch K episode 1 last night after which he was all “meh, I’m not interested”. GRRRRRR! I could have been watching it myself all this time! Time to binge K, I guess. (episode 4 of Star Myu will have to wait.)


        • It does seem Kuga talks, though! It just has to be to the same people.

          And yeah, generally the male voice cast is great. Not quite on the same level as Osomatsu-san, but close.

          And whaaaa, how could he not be interested in K??? Disastrous!


  4. So you’re watching Starmyu now? Heh. I was picking it up on a whim and was ready to drop it after about ten minutes, and then, by the end of the first episode, I was on board without knowhing when it happened. Best feel-good show of the season, for me (though this season is rather weak on the feel-good sector).

    I dropped Rakudai halfway into the second episode, but I kept up with Asterisk War – you can’t watch both shows and not get confused what happened in which episode; they’re that similar…

    Your post made me realise that I forgot to watch Tekketsu this week; well, I’ll just watch two episodes back to back once the next one comes out. Not too long now.

    Noragami is on a roll. Osamatsu san‘s last episode was hit and miss, but when it hits it hits hard. Sakurako has consistently been a lot better than its first episode, with its only real flaw being that it occasionally feels a little over-constructed to me, but it’s starting to move into my favourites bracket. Perfect Insider is great, too – I think we may have a rogue AI on hand, or maybe Magata has digitised herself and taken over.

    Concrete Revolutio is certainly the show with the biggest potential, and I there’s so much going on that I think I might have to re-watch the show at the end of the season to get it all. I love it.

    Utawarerumono is fun, but I’m getting a bit impatient with the girl-of-the-week formula it’s been settling onto. I wonder if the game is more overtly a harem, too, or if it’s just that the repsepctive adaptions have a different focus. There’s a chance that we’re getting a returning character next episode (if I interpret the preview right), and if that’s the case the plot might start moving forward. Or not.

    All in all, it’s still the weakest season of the year for me.


    • I am indeed watching Starmyu! A friend of mine on Twitter kept talking about it, so I gave it a shot!

      I think Rakudai versus Asterisk is probably a “six-to-one, half-a-dozen-to-the-other” kind of thing. Probably wouldn’t be any reason to watch both, Rakudai just worked a little bit better for me.

      And woo, someone else who’s loving Conrevo! It’s had kind of a rough go overall in the fandom, so finding the few who like it is always a pleasure for me. I haven’t even thought of this season in comparison to others yet, but if Conrevo pans out and the other shows stay strong it could end up being one my favorite maybe?


    • “Sakurako has consistently been a lot better than its first episode, with its only real flaw being that it occasionally feels a little over-constructed to me, but it’s starting to move into my favourites bracket. Perfect Insider is great, too – I think we may have a rogue AI on hand, or maybe Magata has digitised herself and taken over.”

      You almost took the words right out of my mouth. As of now, those are actually the only two shows all season where I’ve watched every new episode within 48 hours of its premiere. And I’ve been very happy with how much better Sakurako’s gotten since the first episode (although it’s hilarious to read the reviews of that series on ANN and Rabujoi because the reviewers have pretty much disagreed on their opinions of almost every episode). Interesting theory on Magata. Mine’s a bit different right now, but I haven’t seen episode 5 yet – I’ll probably watch that tomorrow. Now with Gundam IBO and OPM, when I get to those episodes late it’s strictly the fault of them simulcasting on Daisuki instead of CR, since I’m not in the habit of using Daisuki. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with them either, because I’m still enjoying them a whole bunch.

      The other four shows left on my list are pretty much into the category of what I call “inertia watching” at this point. As in, the biggest reason I’m still watching them is because I started watching them in the first place. Probably two of those four I’ll actually finish, and the other two I’ll eventually drift away from and just never come back (like what happened to me with Ore Monogatari). That’s what usually happens with those kind of shows.


      • Yeah, going to Daisuki for things I actually want to watch feels weird. Hell, I’d be watching Concrete Revolutio there over watching it on Funimation if there weren’t the one week delay.


  5. No Wall this week or last because I’ve been busy as heck… But today is my birthday (53!) and my plans for the day revolve around planting my butt on the couch and catching up. Afterwards, I’m going to resume the rewatch marathon of Eupho that I started last night in celebration of the announcement of the compilation movie and a second season.


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