Assorted Writings

If you’ve arrived at this page, welcome! Since Mage in a Barrel is first and foremost a blog about anime, I like to keep the main feed clear of any writings don’t fall into the categories of being review, reflections, or other forms of media criticism. At the same time, starting an entirely new blog for other sorts of writing wasn’t something I wanted to do—particularly those writing that are related to the broader anime-related and anime-associated subculture.

That means on this page you’ll find links to writing on assorted topics, such as standard console video games, mobile games, and fan fiction (the reason this page was created in the first place). Whatever you’re here for, I hope you enjoy reading!

Using characters from the mobile Girls’ Frontline by MICA Team, “Dresses, Regrets, and One Step Forward” is a short story focusing on three characters—Contender, RO635, and M4 SOPMOD II—as they undertake a mission that takes RO out of her comfort zone and brings Contender face-to-face with an unexpected Doll from her past.

Set roughly after the events of Continuum Turbulence in terms of the relationship between RO and SOP-II, but not adhering strictly to the canon.

Read the story here.