Aniblogger Podcast Survey

Hello, nice reader people!

I’m thinking about starting a podcast featuring myself (obviously), as well as other anime bloggers from around the web. I’m still in the planning and brainstorming phrase, but I’d like to get some input from people who would likely be listening to the podcast so we can make something that, you know, people actually want to listen to!

To make that happen, I’ve put together a short survey (just 9 questions) to gather people’s thoughts about this potential podcast. Please take a few minutes to share your opinions! And, of course, if you have any other thoughts you want me to know about related to this you can leave a comment here on the blog!

Survey Link

Konosuba S2 2-17

Aniwords – The Best Anime Families of Spring 2017

I’d been noodling on the family dynamics in Alice to Zouroku for weeks when I suddenly realized, “Hey, there are actually a fair number of shows about family this season! And I’m watching, like, all of them!” Take from that what you like about my preferences, but this week for Crunchyroll I wrote about the interpretations of family in Alice to Zouroku, The Eccentric Family 2, and Sukasuka. It’s basically three mini-essays all rolled into one, so you can read the piece even if you haven’t seen all three.

Here’s the link~

Alice to Zouroku 7-16.jpg

Aniwords – Why I Want to Show “your name.” to Everyone I Know

If going long weeks between posts is what it takes to put out things I can be this proud of, maybe it’s an okay trade-off…

I don’t know how many of you fair readers have seen your name. (Kimi no Na Wa), but it’s the hot ticket right now like… everywhere. I’ve seen it a couple of times in the last month and finally put together all of my thoughts on it for Crunchyroll. The article’s basically spoiler-free, so even if you haven’t seen it you should give it a read!

Here’s the link~

Your Name Comet.jpg