Aniwords – The Importance of orange

It’s been quite a while since I first wrote about the orange manga about two-thirds of the way through its publication run on Crunchyroll. That was almost two years ago. Now, an improbable anime adaptation has aired and I am compelled to, at last, put words to the feelings I have about the show. While I probably will continue to regard the manga as the superior version of the story, the merits of the anime adaptation are substantial—and, as you’ll read, ultimately none of that matters when it comes to orange anyways.

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Aniwords – The Colorful Leaves of the Fall 2016 Anime Season

I like pretty pictures and I like season. Mostly because this season is completely packed full of pretty pictures of various kinds. That’s something that’s really exciting for me, so I spent some time this week talking briefly about the directors who are bringing these shows to us and the actual formal qualities of their work. To my great chagrin, I had originally meant to talk about Lostorage Incited WIXOSS in this article, but I forgot and wound up writing about Sangatsu no Lion instead. Oh well.

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Sangatsu no Lion

Aniwords – A Moeblob is a Blob of Moe

You blog readers won’t know this, but this post actually caused a bit of a stir on Twitter among the Touken Ranbu fandom after it was published. My first real taste of controversy; curiously over a post I wrote in response to the dumb backlash certain groups have had over an anime populated completely by cute boys. So, needless to say, I was a bit surprised—although the reaction has certainly piqued my interest in the show. That all said, I think this is a pretty far assessment of the Touken Ranbu‘s opener in comparison to other moe shows. But we’ll see where things go from here.

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Touken Ranbu

First Impressions: Fall 2016 Anime (Part 1)

Ah, fall is in the air and new anime are coming to our screens. Nobody really knows what’s going to turn out well and what’s going to wind up being crap, but the fun of making those discoveries is at least half of why I enjoy premiere season as much as I do.

Of course, some things will end up bumming us out and some things will wind up exciting us. And as I continue to pay less attention to the general selection of upcoming shows each season aside from my few most-anticipated, who knows what I’ll find!

Show by Rock!

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