Aniwords – What Does It Mean to Have a “Favorite Anime”?

Someone let the highly sentimental version of me out of the box this week, and the result is this piece. Ultimately, it just comes down to another rendition of me trying to plead for people to be nice to each and me winding up utterly failing to capture the incredible feeling of wonder I got from watching people’s responses pop up by the dozens (the dozens!) on Twitter, but I think it does alright anyways.

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New Game 4-8

Aniwords – Making Moe Real

New Game! has kind of sneakily become one of my favorite shows this season, but it’s not just because of the great character designs or the pretty colors. Instead, I think there are some elements to the show that really ground it in a semi-reality and make it feel much more substantial (even if it’s only softly so) than your normal cute girls doing cute things anime.

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New Game 5-15

I’ve Updated My Top Anime List!

After more than two years, I’ve finally updated (and expanded!) my top anime list! Instead of 20 shows, I’ve now got 25 on the list, with all new pictures, blurbs, and even some reordering! What a relief—it’s nice to feel my list fully represents my current tastes again.

If you want to get reading it right away: My Top 25 Anime List.

After the jump, I’ll be talking through the details of this overhaul: what’s new, what got kicked out, and what just barely missed the cut.

Blast of Tempest

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Aniwords – The Art of Good Anime Crushes

Once Konobi got over its creepy jokes as Usami’s expense in the first episode, it worked its way into being one of my favorite shows this season. All in all, it’s not an exceptional anime by any means, but there’s one aspect of it that has really endeared it to me—the surprising excellence of Usami and Uchimaki’s relationship. Shows like Absolute Duo have shown I’m weak to anime where the central relationship is solid, and Konobi falls into that category. And so I wrote about what makes Usami’s crush on Uchimaki better than your average anime blushing.

Also, I hope you guys appreciate the fantastic pun I worked into the title this week.

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Aniwords – What We Want When We Watch Sports Anime

Guys, let me tell you, I’ve got absolutely no clue what makes me pop off for almost two thousand words like I did in this column. I was just planning for it to be regular length and by the time I’d finished chasing down all the threads I’d started out with I ended up with this monster of a post—although, to be fair, I think it’s a rather good one. I hope you guys like it! I think it explores some interested ideas.

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