How Not to Do Endings: Dual Review of Galilei Donna and Beyond the Boundary

Taiga Facepalm

It would be far too painful to force myself to write individual reviews for Galilei Donna and Beyond the Boundary, so I have decided to combine these two disappointing series together due to a common element: bad endings. Bad endings KILL shows, and although I usually try to look on the positive side, the endings to these shows so throughly wreck anything the shows had going for them that I can’t recommend either as watches beyond simple entertainment. And you can find many more entertaining shows out there without having to put up with the weakness of these two anime. Both shows are low tier III shows, see their rankings here. Continue reading

Fall 2013 OPs: “tiny lamp”/fhána

Each season, it’s a dogfight for the title of best OP. With numerous songs coming out with each new show, it can be tough to wade through all the sounds to distinguish what’s really good, what’s bad disguised as okay and what is truly mediocre.

Rising above the morass is the OP for the seinen anime, Gingitsune. By fhána, the band responsible for The Eccentric Family‘s lovely EP last season, the title of the song is “tiny lamp.”

Driven by lead singer towana’s beautiful voice, “tiny lamp” is quintessential fhána, mixing pop rock with electronia and adding in effects like bells. Just watch the video, because its tough to really describe their sound. All I can say for sure is that their brand of pop rock unique enough to separate them from the mob this season, although they’ll have tough competition from shows like Beyond the Boundary and Log Horizon.

“tiny lamp” is available for purchase worldwide on iTunes.