Help Choose Mage in a Barrel’s Next Episodic Project!

Hello, friends!

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally recovered enough from the (what felt like to me) Herculean effort that was my Hyouka episodic posts and I’m ready to pick up something new. I’ve got a shortlist of things that you can vote on, but if you’d like to really make a cast for something on this list – or, better yet, recommend something not on here at all – leave me a comment!

Note that the upper limit here is 26 episodes. Maybe someday I’ll do episodics for Turn A Gundam, but I’m just not there yet.

Here’s the shortlist poll—and I’ve got more thoughts on why I’m interested in writing on these shows below. As always, I reserve the write to chuck all feedback out the window and do something else entirely (although I doubt that’ll happen in this case).


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I’ve Updated My Top Anime List!

After more than two years, I’ve finally updated (and expanded!) my top anime list! Instead of 20 shows, I’ve now got 25 on the list, with all new pictures, blurbs, and even some reordering! What a relief—it’s nice to feel my list fully represents my current tastes again.

If you want to get reading it right away: My Top 25 Anime List.

After the jump, I’ll be talking through the details of this overhaul: what’s new, what got kicked out, and what just barely missed the cut.

Blast of Tempest

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If You Are in America…

…stop reading my blog and go watch 花火 and light sparklers with your high school friends and the girl you like, but won’t tell, and your pervy best friend who has more of a personality than you do and the cute alien girl who transferred to your class this semester and somebody’s hot older sister.

Seriously, guys…

One Week Friends

Happy Fourth of July!

To everyone else in the world…happy Friday!