Aniwords – Rediscovering the Musicals of My Childhood in Anime Insert Songs

I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve decided to take a strictly personal angle on an anime-related topic during my three years of anime writing, but today I’ve got another addition to that particular collection—although I couldn’t tell you why I chose to do so. It just kind of happened. Spontaneously, like a song… in a musical! Whoa.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy me going a little more introspective than normal (although I’ve snuck in some analytical pieces here and there, teehee).

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World Conquest: Zvezda Plot Review

At the beginning of the season, World Conquest: Zvezda Plot was one of my time casualties, a show that I dropped after the first episode because I simply didn’t have time for it. I ended up picking it up a little more than halfway through the season for my time guesting on the CrunchyReport, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

World Conquest is a whimsical, imaginative and bright little show that holds a lot more weight than it seems on the surface. It’s wonderfully creative and quirky, with a distinct sense of humor and a few bones to pick (sorry, smokers). And underneath all that are valuable themes on family, childhood and ideals. World Conquest is a high 7/10 from me (ranked over at the Ongoing Rankings Page) and, significantly, earned an instant entry into my re-watch queue.

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