Attack on Titan Review: Episodes 1-6

If Sword Art Online was the hyped anime of 2012, it seems like Attack on Titan has taken that position for 2013. I’m frankly not even sure how I heard about this show, or how I knew that it had been hyped, which perhaps just goes to show how loud the attention it was getting truly was. I generally consider myself out of the loop as far as anime news goes (most news, really), but somehow I heard that it was really, really good. Of course, upon hearing about the show and mysteriously absorbing a large amount of positive impressions, hipster me dug his stubborn heels in and protested, more or less, that “the majority of people are idiots, and so their opinions on things like this are probably wrong or misguided,” and so I just ignored the hype and continued to trawl through the depths of Hulu looking for something above average to watch.

Fortunately, I have seem to have learned somewhat from hipster me’s rather abysmal judgment history (Sword Art OnlineFairy TailHow I Met Your Mother) and decided two nights ago to watch the first episode of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan

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