Aniwords – Finding the Forest in ERASED

ERASED may have fallen in my esteem as of late, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still things about it that I like. In fact, the first part of the most recent episode is probably as much as I’ve liked the show since the end of episode three. And it got me thinking about director Tomohiko Ito’s other work that I’ve seen, Sword Art Online, which is of course a dangerous path to go down. But I walked it nonetheless, and what follows are my conclusions. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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ERASED 8 Smiling Kayo

The Boy and the Beast Review

Mamoru Hosoda’s (Summer WarsWolf Children) newest film is hitting US shores soon, and I had an opportunity to review a screening copy of the movie before release thanks to The Fandom Post.

I won’t spoil too much of the review here, but I will say that I wasn’t much impressed with Hosoda’s latest effort. It would be a stretch to say I disliked The Boy and the Beast, but the fact that it generally left me feeling apathetic and mildly disappointed perhaps says even more than a strong feeling of antipathy would have. The Boy and the Beast isn’t an awful film; but it’s not a very good one either.

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The Boy and the Beast Promo Image