Attack on Titan Review

Attack on Titan Jump

Hello, hello everyone! It is time for reviewing the most popular show of the past two seasons, Attack on Titan. It’s a monster of a task, so I’m going to quote myself a bit to start off. I wrote a review of the first six episodes a while back, so take a quick break away from this post to see what I had to say a quarter of the way through.

To see where I dropped Attack on Titan in my overall rankings, click here. That’s right, folks, I have four (4!!!) shows from the Summer 2013 season ranked ahead of Attack on Titan (Railgun S, Silver Spoon, TWGOK, Gatchaman Crowds). But before your outrage gets the better of you, allow me to explain myself. Continue reading

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Review

I promise I won’t be posting OPs every time I do a review, but Gargantia‘s does such a good job of sonically explaining the whole show in the first 20 seconds of the song that I just had to post it. The song sounds just like the setting looks, and unity of that sort is always impressive.

So, a quick plot summary: A space soldier named Ledo and his incredibly advanced robot suit/companion Chamber get knocked out of the galactic battle for the survival of humanity and wind up on Earth. However, this isn’t the Earth you know. There’s no land left. The entire planet is one huge ocean, with the remnants of the previous civilization resting at the bottom of it. The current inhabitants live on fleets of interlocking ships, where they grow their food, work and live their surprisingly beautiful lives. This isn’t your typical post-apocalyptic world; but a world whose people found a way to survive and now live pretty awesome lives. And when you see how beautiful the land…erm, ocean…they inhabit is, you’ll understand why.

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