Toradora!, Episode 19 [The Christmas Episode]

I know most people call this episode “The Christmas Episode,” but to me it will always be the “Christmas Bear Episode.” That moment was the defining moment of this show for me, the one that truly encapsulated everything about this show that I treasure and value. My first watch of it was truly a precious moment to me, and I’m eternally grateful that I’m able to relive it now. This is also the end of the third disc of the original NISA release that I’m watching, which means we’ve got six episodes left of this wonderful show.

And, of course, Merry Christmas to all of you who have been reading these posts, both on Reddit and on my blog! I never would have had the drive to finish this project if it weren’t for all of your kind affirmations, comments, and welcoming words to me. I know this is a special show for a lot of people, not just me, and I really am grateful to be able to share it with all of you. Now to write this thing…I wonder if I’ll cry again writing it…


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