How to Write (and Find) a Good Season Preview Blog Post

As you know if you read my or my Anitwitter rantings or (occasionally) my blog, you’ll know that I have totally disavowed season preview posts. Thus, to preserve my dignity, I will not be writing a season preview post for at least another season before I probably change my mind because I can’t keep my mouth shut and want to hype up anime I know nothing about and want to do so badly enough to eat my words and mocking of season preview season and endure all the people who will (righteously) come to shout at me, “You said you’d never do a season preview and that they’re stupid! Look at you now, you hypocrite!”

Those days are coming, but they aren’t here yet! So for all my friends out there who are writing your season previews, here are 5 easy steps to writing a good season preview blog post. And for all of you readers who are sifting through piles of season previews and trying to decide what’s good or not, just check these steps to make sure the post you’re reading is worth your time. You’ll know how they’re supposed to be written after this; I trust you can make those decisions.

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Just imagine she’s saying “aniblogger.”

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