Announcement: Introducing Aniwords on Crunchyroll!

So, I teased a big, exciting announcement at the beginning of the day and now it’s time to make it (although it’s already been spoiled if you follow me on Twitter):

Aniwords on Crunchyroll

Click the image to read the article!

I won’t lie; I’m pretty freaking excited about this. This will be the biggest audience I’ve ever written for and (to tell the truth) I’m at least partially looking at it as a way to expand this blog’s reach. I’ll certainly be putting up a post every week linking to the column itself, but I’m considering doing something a little extra for you guys on here. Y’all were, after all, my first and are still my most faithful readers and the people I most enjoy interacting with. So, yeah, there might be some sneaky bonuses coming your way in the future. This is supplementary to my work on the blog, and I don’t intend to change my posting schedule here for the sake of the column.

But, for now, I hope you enjoy the semi-inaugural edition of Aniwords!

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