Anime Weekly: Summer 2015, Week 4

This was the week the charms of newness started to wear off for a lot of shows. I always feel like early on in seasons, I’m kind of breezing through shows and liking them just because they’re new, but by the time they’re started to kick into their real stories in the fourth episode (note, the fourth, not the stupid third) is when they start to show their cracks or I start to tire of them. How much those two things are related…I’m not sure and I’m not enthused enough to think it through. Anyways!


Gakkou Gurashi, Episode 3: Whoo boy, what an episode out of this show. If it hadn’t been for Shirayuki-hime‘s episode this week, Gakkou Gurashi would be running away with the title of best-directed anime this season. As it is, Gakkou Gurashi‘s still in the lead (just not by as much). From booting off the episode with the super widescreen aspect ration, to shots of the incidental structures imposing upon the main subject of the shot, to the staticy transitions, to the perfectly timed cuts to black, this was easily our horror-moe show’s best episode of the season, executing on the terrifying side of its potential with really horrifying excellence. I’m really not much of a horror fan or even a thriller fan, but Gakkou Gurashi is just so engrossing in how completely it has been able to sell this dual-edged set-up as a cute girls show with a dangerous background that I can’t look away, even though I’m scared.

Save me.

Ushio to Tora, Episode 4: Another episode for this last week that turned out to be much more tense than expected. For me, though, the more fascinating thing even than how well the story elements were done, was the visual production—which was better this week that it’s ever been. While Ushio to Tora has been good, it’s never really been great until this week. How did this come about? Well, I learned via some well-informed people on Twitter that this episode had been completely outsourced from Studio Voln/MAPPA to Studio Dangun, which is attached to a semi-big name that I can no longer recall (nor can I find the tweet that had this info in it). In any case, whoever it was really knew what they were doing. Outsourcing entire episodes isn’t an unusual practice, but for them to end up better looking and better directed than the main studio’s work is. Again, this isn’t to say that Studio Voln isn’t doing a good job with Ushio and Tora (supposedly MAPPA has yet to work on an episode, leading to suspicions that they’re just providing studio space for Voln)—just that this outsourced episode was the series’ best yet.

Classroom Crisis, Episode 4: Are your surprised that this was my favorite episode of the week? No? Good. If you are…I have some work to do. This week’s Classroom Crisis was a whole lot of fun, from corporate shenanigans (that’s basically where we’re at right now) to accounting tricks to corporate dog shouts, but the best part for me was seeing the ditchers from last week come back to join their buddies at A-TEC once again. Part of me is curious to see if there’s some lingering bitterness there, but it seems from how the characters acted (particularly Mizuki) that they’re going to self-censor away from that, at least for now. We still haven’t got to the main part of the story yet (the OP promises spaceship racing), but with the set-up this loaded with charm I’m still enjoying it a great deal. I would like to see some of the side-characters (especially in A-TEC) efficiently fleshed out without spending too much time on them, but the ensemble cast is functioning well so far. Go, go Classroom Crisis! Keep up the good work!

Classroom Crisis

Durarara!! x2-2, Episode 4: Feels like it’s been forever since I actually wrote about an episode of Durarara!! for one of these, but this episode deserves it as it was probably my favorite episode of the sequel seasons since the early episodes of last season. First off—dumping Varona into Tom and Shizuo’s debt collection posse was a stroke of genius (one that I daresay’s been lacking from Durarara!! of late without Mikada, Kida, and Anri around much). Varona was kind of a lame character last season, but putting her near the dynamic Shizuo and giving her a definite goal and clearer motivations really helped her settle in. Akane and the Orihara twins also did some nice work for grounding Varona in relation to the rest of the cast—which is really the key for any character in Durarara!!. These guys are made more real by the people they’re surrounded with, so the more their connections are expanded and the less they’re off in their own little worlds, the better the show as a whole gets when it focuses on any particular one of them.

Durarara!! x2

Gatchman Crowds insight, Episode 4: While I found this episode fascinating because of the tremendous volume of ideas that came out of it, I confess I found it significantly less engaging than any of the prior episodes. I’m not opposed to characters just sitting/standing around and talking, but something about the delivery and direction this week after the battle with Riziumu ended felt lifeless and dull to me. Which is a shame, because Crowds continues to just pump out idea after idea and concept after concept, letting them all crash into each other with—as Hajime says—sparkles! Except you have to imagine the sparkles in this episode. Part of me is wondering if Crowds is on the verge of one of the legendary Tatsunoko drops. I sincerely hope not, but there just wasn’t as much in the presentation this week as in prior weeks. The ideas are still carrying this show along, but I can think about ideas on my own. As a media piece, I expect a little more from Crowds.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Episode 4: Wowzers. Shirayuki-hime is truly stating to come into its own under the skilled care of Masahiro Ando and Michiru Oshima. Frog-kun recently wrote a post on Oshima’s music in Shirayuki-hime and Rokka, pointing out both that Oshima’s a skilled composer (very true) and that her music adds a lot to both of these shows. For Shirayuki-hime and me, this has been absolutely true, as Oshima’s score has noticeably enhanced a number of scenes for me since the first episode. Better yet, Ando’s visual direction was all all over this episode (particularly in the stunning scene with Shirayuki and Zen towards the end of the episode) and the story is finally starting to let the characters’ personalities expand. Ryu is a fantastic addition to the cast who helped a lot with both Zen and Shirayuki’s characters this week, and the lowkey mood of every scene, even the more emotionally charged scenes, has grounded the show as a whole is an elegant sort of dignity that’s starting to remind me a bit of Blast of Tempest. And, yeah, y’all should know that’s high praise indeed.

Short Takes~

  • Gate, Episode 4: As interim episodes are wont to be, a bit duller this week—although Lelei tromping around in military gear and as gas mask was pretty amusing. I’m glad the crew’s heading back out into the fantasy world—things are a lot more vibrant out there than around the JDSF (and I don’t mean just aesthetically).
  • Miss Monochrome, Episode 4: Ru-chan gets a quick sakuga cut, Kana Asumi’s work as Yayoi continues to be absolutely delightful, Monochrome trolling gets extra points, and wow darkness light sticks. This show never disappoints.
  • Working!!!, Episode 4: More Souta x Inami this week, as well as more Yachiyo x Satou. Will any of it actually go anywhere? Who knows, but it’s still the same charming Working!!! as ever, so the status quo ain’t so bad.
  • Castle Town Dandelion, Episode 4: This is the first week I’ve felt most down on Castle Town Dandelion. The missing skirt escapade teetered on the bridge between absurd enough to be amusing and gross, winding up more or less at an impasse—which wasn’t much satisfying. The Akane fanclub stuff was rote and dull. I’m not too worried, as this seems to be the normal life cycle of the 4koma adaptation kicking in. Hilarious and charming one week, kind of boring the next.
  • Overlord, Episode 4: Overlord‘s continuing to be far more compelling than it ought to be. There are lot of little details hanging around that are making it work for me right now—including some very on-point visuals—even if the show down between Ains (formerly Momonga) and the mages was drawn out in a very typically anime fashion. We’ll see where they go when Ains returns to the castle, but for now this is actually one of my more-liked shows of the season.

Dropped This Week: Charlotte (but the OP is so good!), Danchigai (incest=done), Rokka (four episodes to get to the premise is TOO LONG)


24 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Summer 2015, Week 4

  1. Charlotte was definitely a bit of a let down this week, but I’m staying with it because Maeda likes to set up a status quo to break later. All I want is for him to build that normality better; right now the repeating gags, which fill up a lot of our time, add nothing to what we already understand about the cast.

    For those that drop it, it’ll likely be one they should return to once reviewers can see the big picture that Maeda is (albeit poorly this week) heading towards. Then we can hopefully recommend that the slight drag is worth it. After all, Clannad’s first series could be even more of a slog sometimes, but getting through it makes After Story so much more powerful.

    I dropped Rokka too though. That end-of-the-world threat really didn’t do a good job of feeling threatening.


    • If I was marathoning, I think I would be more on board with Charlotte, but week-by-week it doesn’t hold up very well, I think. I still might come back to it, but it’s got bigger problems than just a dull status quo it’ll have to overcome.


  2. Not much from me this week. With the vacationing and family time, I didn’t watch a whole lot. I haven’t even seen Food Wars 16 yet, and you know I’m normally right on top of that one. So I can only comment on a couple of non-streaming items this time.

    I watched the K-On movie, which I hadn’t seen yet even though I’ve watched the whole series twice. It’s one of those classic, “If you liked the series, then you’ll like the movie” deals, since it was mostly just more of the same, although it was nice to see the movie actually have the girls performing full-length versions of their songs instead of the 60-90 second snippets the TV series usually gave us. I was tempted to grade it higher for that reason alone.

    I also watched the new Angel Beats OVA (Hell’s Kitchen), which is alright, but not anything super-special. As a comedy episode it made me laugh a few times, and it was nice to see Iwasawa again, but it didn’t really add anything new or insightful to the story. Incidentally, about that dub/sub comment on your Ask – I’ve always been a “try it both ways and see which one sticks” person, so I don’t have any inherent preference either, and I thought you gave a good answer. But I do prefer Angel Beats in sub, and the reason, ironically, is largely because of the show’s English. First because I think Kanade’s “Hand Sonic” just sounds cooler in the Japanese version, and second because the running joke of TK speaking almost entirely in English catch phrases and movie quotes loses most of its impact when everyone around him is speaking English too (I don’t know how the dub handled the joke when they find out that in actuality “TK’s English really sucks” either – I’ve never watched it that far).

    I haven’t seen ep 4 of Charlotte yet, but I was already starting to think, knowing how Maeda works, that it might be another series that works better in a marathon format rather than a weekly format. I was pondering that watching Kanon with Mom the last couple of weeks, because that show spends a lot of time playing the moe comedy angle in the early episodes before things start to get going (similar story with Clannad, as Jeko mentioned), and in a weekly streaming environment where I couldn’t get swept up in the momentum of watching 4 or 5 episodes at a time, I think the stops and starts would’ve given me a different (and less flattering) perspective on it.


    • Charlotte wouldn’t be the first (Golden Time, cough) show that could use the marathon watch speed to help soothe over some storytelling warts. Although, since the last two episodes have had zero internal or overarching narrative momentum, I imagine they would have struck me as similarly dull.

      And, I’ll come back to this again, Charlotte‘s character work so far is not good. In many places, non-existent. Even Angel Beats!, which its enormous cast, had done more with its characters by the fourth episode. Charlotte‘s cast is way smaller, but there’s been little characterization beyond our initial impressions. In other words, I don’t enough about these characters yet to be invested in their little side-story adventures.

      The big thing that keeps me tied to the Angel Beats! dub is Brittany Karbowski as Yurippe. She delivers a fantastic performance, and it’s one of those golden piece of voice work that I basically can’t bear to watch a show without.


      • Yeah, I think all of your critiques are perfectly fair. I’m still not ready to give up on that series, though.

        And I totally get how sometimes there’s no letting go of certain performances. It’s the same for me with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as the Major in GitS:SAC – the one time I tried to watch that show in sub I didn’t even last five minutes, because it just wasn’t the same without her.


  3. You dropped Rokka??? Oh man, this week’s episode moved it right up into the “I’m totally in love with this show” category for me. To me the story and the music and the interaction of the characters makes it feel much more similar to Blast of Tempest than Shirayuki.

    Honestly, Shirayuki doesn’t really do anything for me. The art style doesn’t appeal to me, I haven’t really noticed the music, the characters are rather too well rounded, the story is mundane. I’d have dropped it if it wasn’t something I’m pretty much just watching casually during breaks from work.

    This week’s Castle Town Dandelion has finally worked its magic on me. The first half was ok, but the second half was just wonderful. I LOVE the Akane Fan Club. The interaction between various characters is starting to get more natural and easier to follow. I really liked this episode.

    GATE is not quite living up to my hopes. It feels very slow and just… unfocused. It doesn’t seem to quite know what story it’s trying to tell. Hopefully it will find its footing soon or I’ll lose interest.


    • Man, we’re just all kinds of flipped around, aren’t we?

      The thing about Shirayuki that recalls Tempest for me isn’t the story, music, or character interactions, though. It’s more about the overall way the show conducts itself—a kind of seriousness that comes from caring a great deal about what it’s doing without ever falling into the trap of being overly self-serious. I dunno, it’s kind of an ineffable thing.

      I think my problem with Rokka is just that the characters aren’t working for me. After the first episode, I expected a little more personality and spirit from each of them, but they seems to mostly be playing to type at this point. Also, the huge character dump of this episode introduced a bunch of new faces before kicking into the new tension—but I don’t know anything about those characters, so I don’t have much reason to care.

      And you liked Castle Town Dandelion, which has been among my favorites each week until this one.

      What is going on here haha?


  4. “Part of me is wondering if Crowds is on the verge of one of the legendary Tatsunoko drops.” Well we survived the craziness in the last season with the half recap episode! Although, I remember people saying back then that Nakamura seems to have trouble with the scheduling for his shows (and I remember that his previous show, tsuritama, just barely made it out the door by the end, fun show though!) so you might be blaming the wrong folks.


    • Well, other than YZQ, it seems Tatsunoko has a bit of a history with starting off strong and then tripping up with production troubles.

      It doesn’t surprise me that a guy clearly as full of big idea as Nakamura is might have a little bit of trouble with the details of scheduling, though. ^_^”


  5. I also thought Durarara was in top form this week. I fully admit my Shizuo bias, so I’m always thrilled to have an episode centered more around him, but it wasn’t just that. I think this episode recaptured some of that old energy of the show that I’d been missing; Durarara is certainly never dull, but over recent episodes, including the previous cour, it seems to have had a more melancholy air to it. This one wasn’t super loud or crazy (well, not by the show’s own standards, at least), but it did feel a lot more vibrant, and I think Shizuo, Tom, and Varona are going to make for an awesome team!


    • Vibrant’s definitely a good word for this episode. It was more lively in a lot of ways, and I think having all the different characters show up again (versus being concentrated on one for a full episode) was really helpful for it.

      (Also, have a good break in August! I’ll miss seeing you in the comments!)


  6. I will not disagree with you as some of the shows slowed down a little but I said some as others are going stoong ans some moving up! BTW I went and compared to this to Summer / 2013 . It’s kinda funny because Symphogear was in that mix along with Love Lab which can be replaced with Non _ Non Biyori that being said I know you will watch NNB and S- Gear just rocks and roll

    Not tp Spoil but NNB probally had the best episode ever in #4 Very different life lessons ! Probally as close to a perfect episode / I would not change a thing !

    I saw a low quality sub of The Psycho Pass Movie that left me in awe ! Really Cant wait for FUNI to do it right!

    So when I saw Pyscho Pass Movie I said that made the Summer way over the Top / but then NNB came along and floored me again !

    So I will compare notes and then my TOP 16 / 47 shows took two out that finished and not including a monthly show!

    Gakkou Gurashi #5 / The Manga author has done a good job with the changes / Megumi ??

    Ushio to Tora # 39 / actually muved up a little

    Classroom Crisis #25 / If the next EP is as good I might have to move up !

    Durarara!! x2-2 # 10 / moved up a little I need another good episode !

    Gatchman Crowds insight # 13 / I agree this EP was different I expect a lot from this show!

    Akagami no Shirayuki-hime # 12 / This will move up as it is on my next episode of the week!

    Gate # 6 / I thought this was good as they were amazed by the equipment the base and its comfort items BTW the politics are showing and I like how Itami gets in trouble with his CMDR !

    Miss Monochrome #28 / Nothing wrong with the show but my TIER two is a mess I admit!

    Working!!! # 4 / Still very high on my list!

    Castle Town Dandelion # 14 / I thought this was very funny I didnt think the fanservice was bad / the thing is how Cluelees Akane is to her popularity ! / And Borscht the cat I was ROFL ! / And the Fan Club her brother Shuu is 2nd which I thought was insane !

    Overlord # 36 / Yes this not as expected ans should move up!

    Charlotte # 20 / Dropped 4 or 5 spots but I have seen worst!

    Danchigai # 30 / still watching BTW I am watching all the exvcessive fanservice / ecchi / shows so that was nothing !

    BIG MOVE / Potential shakers

    Seiyu’s Life # 16 / The guest VA’s that show up is like 90% of anime I might be overdoing but its amazing / You liked Shirobarko this is doing a good job!

    On the edge of moving up / maybe I shoud make my Top Tier 20 ??

    17 My Love Story / Ore Monogatari. ONGOING
    18 Ultimate Otaku Teacher ONGOING
    19 Himouto! Umaru-chan

    Week 3 / 4 Split Sunday is my cut-off


    My Love Story EP 16 / “My Disciple” I liked the honesty in this one

    School-Live! / A good backstrory about Megumi and the day of the outbreak / The author with his changes is doing a great job!

    Gangsta.EP 4 / “Nonconformist” Great episode lots going / backstories abouy Worick and Nic and a new Twilight! / Good Cliffhangar

    Durarara!!×2 EP 4 / “A Rumor only lasts fifty-seven Days” / That was funny especially with Verona

    The Heroic Legend of Arslan EP 16 / Elegy for the Setting Sun What a battle and a Dual but with who ?

    God Eater 3 / Alisa Ilinichina Amiella / What can I say Alisa liven things up !

    TIER 1 Top Favorites

    Weeks 3 / 4


    1 Non Non Biyori Repeat
    1 Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX / S3

    3 The Heroic Legend of Arslan ONGOING
    4 Working!!! 3 / Wagnaria!! 3
    5 Gakkou Gurashi! READING MANGA
    6 Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri READING MANGA
    7 Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma ONGOING READING MANGA
    8 Gangsta.
    10 Durarara!!×2 Ten
    11 World Trigger
    12 Akagami no Shirayuki Hime / Snow White with the Red Hair
    13 Gatchaman Crowds Insight
    14 Jokamachi no Dandelion / Castle Town Dandelion
    15 Rokka no Yuusha / (Heroes of the Six Flowers)
    16 Sore ga Seiyuu! / Seiyu’s Life


    • I actually started watching Symphogear‘s first season a while back and just haven’t had a chance to get back to it. I’m planning on eventually watching this season, though (assuming I like the first two).


      • Symphogear is one of the few shows I seem to like better with each new season. Season 1 took itself a bit too seriously for my taste. But starting season 2 they embrace being camp. Also, they have really good singers. And Yuki Aoi, who isn’t a really good singer, and as a result her songs are my favourite. Love the energy she brings to the table.


  7. Let’s talk/gush some about Gakkou Gurashi.

    I really love the way they constructed & integrated the puzzle and sense of mystery. It’s an exceptionally clever show, reinforced by loads of visual ingenuity; tantalizing clues strategically placed all over the place, purposeful script and camera cuts, homages to Stephen King (probably my favorite horror author) and George Romero, etc. I bet the writers are having absolute ball doing stuff like “planting a tiny detail in Episode 1 w/ significant pay-off in Episode 10”; I know I would. I don’t know if it remained as interesting a show when everything about What Had Happened have been revealed and there’s no mystery left besides watching the girls trying to survive, but I’m not worried much because as you said, the guys who made this understand horror.

    I do feel that the aesthetic choice resulted in slightly compromised psychological/behavioral realism; the other girls probably could stand to be a bit more freaked out at this point and wouldn’t be able to slip into Chillax Mode that easily when around Yuuki (to be fair, it’s only been 3 ep and their headspace haven’t been explored much). Nevertheless, as someone who likes horror and mostly indifferent to moe SOL, I really felt that overall the latter hasn’t interfered much with the former, and so far the show has maintained a pretty impressive tonal balance.But yeah, I’m bummed by the amount of people (including many whose Anime Opinion usually overlapped a lot with mine) who preemptively dismissed this show on the moe-basis alone.


    • I’ve been told Gakkou Gurashi‘s being written by a team of Nitroplus writers, who are supposedly a pretty smart bunch of writers, so I guess it’s not surprising it’s been so well-constructed so far.

      And yeah, Gakkou Gurashi‘s definitely not about mystery anymore, but sometimes knowing what’s on the other side of the wall is scarier than not knowing. Not always, but Gakkou Gurashi‘s making it work so far.


      • So I am a little confused yes Norimitsu Kaiho is part of Nitroplus / but was the manga author for this ! So the originalauthor is hands on and retelling the story but with no negatives from me! BTW good news Volume 6 is coming out August 11TH I wiondered why it stopped as it was getting real good ! You have no idea where this goes!


  8. If a show doesn’t entirely suck, episode four(ish) is usually where it will take a turn one way or the other. That why I use both the three ep rule (which gets rid of the stuff I really don’t like, or the real garbage, early on) as well as mid-season gut check.

    That being said – off to the races!

    Akagami no Shirayukihime ep4; Man, that was a pretty weak episode. The much heralded test was lame, and what is Ryu’s deal?

    Castle Town Dandelion ep4; Taking a break from the full on character roulette to focus back on the main character… not bad. (Though the Akane Fan Club doesn’t have a patch on the Kitto Kitto Kaede.) And re: your Aniwords on fanservice earlier in the week, this is how not to do it – lame PG rated karp. (The problem is the lame, not the PG.) Go all the way, or just frikin’ drop it.

    Classroom Crisis ep4; Despite tropes, plot holes, and more just plain bad writing… the best episode to date. (Though to be clear, that’s a very low bar in this case. A mouse might not even trip over it.) Didn’t care for the Runners coming back, they didn’t even express much in the way of remorse for running. Still on probation.

    Danchigai ep3; Yeah, just bad from beginning to end. Despite the potential and charm shown in ep2… Dropped.

    Gangsta ep4; It just keeps getting better as the more of the Handymen’s background is revealed and the main action of the series gets underway. The characterizations are nothing short of brilliant. (Yeah, eventually an ep will dissapoint, but until then I’m in full on fanboy mode.)

    Gate ep4; Yeah, this one edged on being teh lam3 this week… Lots of information and character building, but nothing actually happened. Sometimes this kind of episode can’t be avoided, and they’re useful, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. The forum thread is all but unreadable because the manga readers just will not shut up.

    The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Second Series ep2; Well, fitting for a series named after Cinderella, the Wicked Stepmother (a new corporate executive) now appears on stage. She’s not happy with any Project that’s not hitting big – and so the Cinderella Girls are banished from the upper floors to a storage closet and their units broken up. The parallels cannot be an accident.

    Million Doll ep4 No lame CGI, no OP or ED (the credits rolled over the action), and some actual backstory/plot progression. Hopefully they can keep this up.

    Miss Monochrome 2 ep4; I just kept giggling all through the ep, and I so want that action figure.

    My Love Story ep 16; Yamato is such a nice person, she’s even trying to be friends with her rival… which prompts the rival to finally make her move and confess to Takeo. Being the gentlemen he is, he lets her down very easy – and then it finally kicks in, and in a classic Takeo scene he runs madly across town while mentally kicking himself in order to confess to Yamato. well done, and counterpointed by Suna comforting the Rival.

    Non Non Byori Repeat ep4; As yet unwatched, it’s been a busy first half of the week.

    Overlord ep4; Oh, my. That was a good episode. The ending scene was interesting though, reminding us that the NPC’s aren’t robots, they’re alive and thinking and seeking to please their Master. This could spell trouble because inside Ainz Ooal Gown is Momonga, and the two are very different.

    Sore ga Seiyuu! ep4; Charming as always… but if only the girls would get a self confidence! The self pity routine is getting a bit old.

    Wakaba*Girl ep4; Sooo… funny. Wakaba’s disconnect between the isolated life she’s lead and reality leads her to confuse her cordless phone with a cell phone. And she discovers you can’t convert a chocolate fudge brownie into a crisp chocolate chip cookie merely by baking it longer.

    Working!!! ep4; Charming and enjoyable… and has Inami actually turned a corner? Tune in next week! (You betcha!)

    In other news;

    Watched 009 Re:Cyborg over the weekend (I’m a huge fan of the original Cyborg 009), and was pretty much disappointed from end to end. The character designs weren’t bad, but they have that soulless CGI look to them that was so common a decade or so back. The plot started off good, but rapidly got lost in a confused and tangled mess.


    • Man, Shirayuki is just not connecting with people, I guess. I’m kind of surprised, because the last two episodes have seemed super accessible to me—and this coming from someone who was pretty cool on the show after the first two episodes.

      The funny thing about the Gate manga readers is that it was initially a light novel series. So they’re all just second-hand casuals.

      And yes! One of the most fascinating things about Overlord is still the difference between Momonga the former human and Ains the Overlord. Even if they don’t do much with it, the shifts into Momonga’s head/voice do a lot for his character.

      P.S. I didn’t write an Aniwords on fanservice…that was on ANN, I believe.


      • Despite my initial misgivings, I was starting to connect with Shirayuki until this week kicked me out of my immersion. But it’s a rare series that doesn’t stumble every now and again, even setting aside that some eps will appeal to some and not others.

        “The former human” – that raises a question that Overlord hasn’t dealt with yet, Momonga’s “real life” existence… He’s a salaryman, not hikikomori, so presumably someone will eventually notice (and care) that he hasn’t shown up. OTOH, we don’t know how the time flow in neo-Yggdrasill relates to the real world.

        (Sorry about that, you’re correct… somehow I thought it was you.)


  9. I agree Shirayuki is a good anime I thought EP 4 was the best so far ! This is a life lesson anime ! I get so upset people dont like down to earth anime!

    I am enjoying Gate a lot yes I read the manga / but like the nods to Outbreak Company and Stargate which I think the Sci-fi / Military aspect is so close! Enough I am hooked!

    Overlord like I sadi before has turned intoa diifferent anime than first impression!


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