My Hero Academia Volume 1 – Manga Review

Of course, right after I go on hiatus, I start having a bunch of things to post…ah, such is life. Except I wrote this review quite a while ago, so maybe it doesn’t count…? In any case, My Hero Academia (although I prefer the Japanese title, Boku no Hero Academia for no real reason) is a really fun series and I’m hoping I get the opportunity to review future volumes of the manga. It moves really well, the characters are cute, and there’s a great sense of energy. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a shounen battler that feels fresh and fun (instead of like generic Shounen Jump stuff).

Check out the full review here!

My Hero Academia

3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Volume 1 – Manga Review

  1. Ooh, sounds really good and I’m totally in the mood for something like this. There’s a lot of superheroine deconstruction already in American comic market, but I’m certainly interested to see a shounen treatment of it that’s probably going to be less mean-spirited than, say, Kick-Ass, w/o sacrificing potential for depth and social commentary.


  2. This manga has been interesting me for a while now. I really like the sound of the premise, and your overwhelmingly positive review of volume 1 has further convinced me to buy it. Looking forward to picking it up! 😉


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