Tokyo Ghoul Volumes 1 & 2 – Manga Review

You may have missed my recent announcement that I’ll be starting work with The Fandom Post soon, but before that, I’ve got a pair of reviews I recently did for Otaku Review—the first and second volumes of Tokyo Ghoul manga.

Volume 1 Review: B+ | Volume 2 Review: B

Tokyo Ghoul

I stayed away from Tokyo Ghoul‘s recent anime adaptation because of my general discomfort with horror and horror-styled stuff, but reading the manga almost made me want to pick it up even so thanks to being generally good stuff. Oh, and you can give some credit to the S2 finale, which I watched with no context and was still totally blown away by.

Sadly, I’ve heard the anime has its fair share of issues—a different collection of issues than the manga does, but even so! Knowing that (and having heard a fair bit about the censorship that accompanied the anime), I’ll probably not go to the anime. I wouldn’t be opposed, however, to continuing on with the manga. I don’t talk about this in the reviews, but Viz’s releases look very nice and, better yet, are basically just the perfect size: bigger than your average manga, and so easier to read, but not so big that they become clunky or annoying to carry around.

Anyways, Tokyo Ghoul is pretty good! I’d definitely be willing to recommend this to someone who likes the genre, or who is interested in the themes of belonging, outsider status, and fear of the unknown that Tokyo Ghoul seems most interested in dealing with.

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