Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 12

And so, we’ve come to the final Anime Weekly of the season (next week we’ll be doing season wrap-up). Some shows are done, others still have an episode to go, but it’s time to start thinking about where all of these shows belong in the grand scheme of things—and maybe start looking forward to next season.

Miss Monochrome

Owarimonogatari, Episodes 7-12 [END]: I made my way through the last arc of Owarimonogatari last Friday, and what a treat it was. This has always been a franchise that’s endeared itself to me more in chunks than in weekly doses, so I’m glad I decided on the watching strategy I did. Highlights out of the final arc included Kanbaru and Araragi’s tangent-filled conversation in episode 7 (it feels like it’s been forever since we got one of these kinds of easygoing interactions from Monogatari), the return of Shinobu, Kanbaru and Shinobu’s argument, and Satsuki Yukino really going to town as Gaen (I didn’t remember her being this vocally engaging). A longer reflection on the entirety of the season is coming soon, but for now I’m really just happy to have Monogatari back in seasons, rather than in single arcs.

Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 12: One of the things Haikyuu!! has actually been consistently good at when doing character writing is focusing on the other side of the net, on the losers who pave the way on the winners’ paths to the top. For a moment, I was worried Karasuno was just going to cruise past this match without the show pausing to take a look at their opponents, but happily my fears were unfounded. The match itself—other than the one long volley—left a lot to be desired in terms of excitement, but for once I felt like Haikyuu!! wasn’t just plain falling flat when trying to do character-based stuff this season. I’m still impatiently waiting a match that actually brings some tension to the screen, but this week was a step in the right direction. Also, Yachi.

-Mecha Sunday-

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 12: Although this was an episode featuring a semi-important battle, I’m actually far more interested in next week’s episode: the aftermath. While Akihiro and Masahiro’s tragic ending was clearly supposed to be tragic, in this case I felt like Okada missed due to failing to give Akihiro enough depth as a character (and thus, the loss of his brother didn’t quite work). Which is interesting, because a lot of the other smaller character interactions, like Orga putting Eugene in control of the ship or Kudelia and Atra bringing Mika lunch, we spot on. Finally, I probably most appreciated how ignoble and lacking in glamour this battle was outside of the Akihiro Masahiro stuff. It’s kids fighting kids, and there’s nothing to be celebrate about that.

Comet Lucifer, Episode 12 [END]: No surprises here (other than the revelation that angels can apparently child entire planets if they get enough power or something). Comet Lucifer pretty much hit all the beats you would expect a show like it to hit, leaving a bunch of the clean up to the epilogue (Kaon and Roman getting married with no further development was high irritating!). There’s really not much else to say—whatever you’d expect from Comet Lucifer, it did. Some fights, Felia remaining Sogo’s distant love forever, lots of yelling, some cool shots in outer space. A show clearly made with love, but lacking the chops to quite pull it all off.

Concrete Revolutio, Episode 12: So, we’re back to arbitrary divisions between superhumans, truths, lies, and constructed realities. Basically, the same stuff Conrevo has been working with all season long. The Chief “protects” superhumans so that they can be controlled, and is a member of an alien species seeking beings who can evolve and become like them. Jiro is caught in the middle, a human who has been turned super (although he doesn’t know it). There’s an illusion surrounding him, but does the fact that it’s an illusion make it evil or wrong? Does the fact that Kikko’s has created her own fantasy where Claude is really Jiro, in order to not have to deal with her frustrations dealing with Jiro, mean that she’s wrong to do so? Is it wrong to the Bureau to protect a politician with dubious aims because some of his goals line up with theirs when they’re seeking to defeat Claude at the same time?

You can dig down to people’s motives, but you might never find a real answer to that question. Not when everyone is pursuing their own fantasy, whether it’s constructed by others or themselves.

Concrete Revolutio

Short Takes~

  • Miss Monochrome S3, Episode 12: In which Miss Monochrome rides a tiny robot vacuum up a snow-covered mountain and then back down again.
  • K: Return of Kings, Episode 12: The show’s mostly given up the ghost at this point. Tension’s at an all-time low despite the fact that the final battle is next week and—generally speaking—I’ve kind of lost interest. I tried so hard, but without Shiro-Kuroh-Neko as the focus, the show just feels empty.
  • Noragami Aragoto, Episode 12: Likewise with Noragami. When all you have to do is shounen yell down a whole to resolve a problem that’s been 3 episodes in the making, there’s not a lot to get excited about.
  • One Punch Man, Episode 12 [END]: I suppose the fact that I forgot to even write about One Punch Man says something about my feelings on this finale (and the show as a whole). A lot of flash, but not much to remember besides Yutaka Nakamura killing it.

Noragami Aragoto

26 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 12

  1. It’s a bit disappointing when Haikyuu and Noragami, the two sequels I was so looking forward to, turned out so meh in the end 😦 At least the Bishamon arc was great! And Yachi! Gosh, Yachi is just soooooo cute.


    • I’m going to have to disagree there. Noragami’s first season was okay, I suppose, but the second season was so much more emotionally charged and thematically rich, with a focus on consequences and history that few anime ever pull off. If anything, Season 1 was meh and 2 was great.


  2. Other than Miss Monochrome, I’m not watching the shows you list… So I’ll save it all for one glorious wrap-up wall next week. (I’m currently limited to either a steam powered laptop or a tablet, and both are a PITA to do heavy writing on.)

    My Lady and I have started watching G:IBO, and should be caught up by then too…

    In other news, I’m in the middle of a rewatch of Yuuki Yuna… And it’s actually pretty rough going, seeing all the foreshadowing that pretty much everyone missed until Ep 7 pulled the curtain back.


    • I’ve watched YuYu three times now – once as it aired, the second time marathoning it again just a few days after it finished, and the third time a few months ago after I finished buying the Blu-Rays (I watched the dub version for that playthrough, and it’s actually pretty good). Even knowing what was coming, the show lost none of its impact for me, and it really made me appreciate how carefully plotted and laid out everything was – like you said, there’s a ton of foreshadowing all over the place. And scenes like Togo in ep 7 telling Yuna how she starts having dark thoughts whenever she’s alone, or Fu in ep 3 teasing Karin about still being a “level 1” character when Karin admits she hasn’t used Mankai yet, really take on a completely different tone when you know the whole story.

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      • It’s worse knowing what’s coming. (“Worse” as in “hits even harder”.)

        Very much worth it though. As with my rewatch of Eupho and as you say, it really shows how well everything was thought out.


      • If our tastes were the same, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun!

        It was a bit of a struggle to get her to watch it at first because she believed Gundam=Mecha=Endless Fighting And War… But we’re both enjoying the heck out of it.


  3. @Monogatari: It’s interesting to hear you say you’re glad to have Monogatri back in seasons rather than in single arcs, because I’m the exact opposite. For me, Monogatari works best in small doses: the constant cuts are irritating and make it hard to concentrate (since I’m a scatterbrain anyway). And after a while, they’re just talking too much. After the very first season, there wasn’t a full-season Monogatari that I didn’t consider dropping. I never did, and there were always those very, very strong scenes that made all the tedium and irration worthwhile. The most recent was the stellar Kanbaru/Shinobu scene. And it’s not like you can just skip forward to the great scenes, because you need all the build up. I think Mogoatari is just working against my instinctive attention span. Watching it is hard work and the pay off is mostly delayed too much for my taste (but usually worth it).

    I don’t tend to have that problem with the OVAs, oddly (though I have yet to watch Tsukimonogatari.)

    @Noaragami: If all you saw in that scene was shounen yelling down the hole, then we’re watching different shows. I mentioned last time that I was re-watching random shows and one of the mentioned shows was Nekogami Yaoyorozu. In that show a lazy and irresponsible cat god gets kicked out of Takemagahara and gets taken in by a antique dealer. Moe antics ensue. In one episode a god of poverty visits town and the town’s guardian deity errects a barricade against her. Meanwhile antique dealer casually picks up the god of poerty and gives her meal. The god of poverty spares the city and leaves. Antique dealer says something which I don’t remember, and our cat god goes into her very rare serious mode. She says that you have to take the good with bad. Where there’s a god a fortune of fortune, there has to be a god of poverty. And nobody wants that job. Yato’s insecurities about his true name reminded me a lot of that. And the issue hasn’t yet been resolved.

    At the same time, I agree that the current arc isn’t really as elegantly written as the Bishamon arc was.

    @Miss Monochrome: If Miss Monochrome is good at one thing its random silliness. Like, you know, the mine that once contained batteries…

    @Concrete Revolutio: I’m glad I was wrong about Claude being future Jirou. What we have is more interesting. Also, I’m wondering whether I’ve been led Kikko’s perspective. A re-watch is going to be mandatory before the second season. (Second cour! Yay!)


    • Well, I suppose it is a bit dishonest of me to say I like Monogatari being back in seasons when, in fact, I watched it in two batches of 6 episodes (the two different arcs). But I really don’t like it on a weekly schedule, so maybe having it in seasons is more just me saying that I like getting a lot of it to watch at once (rather than just a handful of episodes).

      I mean, that’s not all I saw in this week’s Noragami, but I guess my issue is that the speed with which things have happened haven’t allowed the emotional connection that should have been there to work, and so it just comes off tropey to have Hiyori suddenly know Yato’s real name…

      I have a feeling that Jin is going to be an important piece in opening up the show next week going into the second cour. Super stoked about it.


      • I’m curious what you found “tropey” about Hiyori knowing Yato’s real name. I thought the kanji explanation was pretty reasonable. Hiyori made a shrine for Yato, the shrine works because Yato’s real name is inscribed on it, the only way that works is if one of the characters inscribed is identical or really close to another character. This is how Hiyori figures out Yato’s name. You could make a similar puzzle in English out of homophones.

        Given the importance of names and naming in Noragami, I thought it was an appropriate resolution for the show.


        • Ohhhhh so that’s how she knew. The kanji thing did not make its way across to me (thanks to Funimation, perhaps?).

          I had been under the impression that she just somehow “knew” it. But your description makes sooo much more sense. It still strikes me as slightly contrived, but definitely to a lesser degree than it did before.


  4. With Haikyuu, it seems to be the wall hit by many sports series when they finished establishing the team and got past the first tournament arc. Just struggling to sustain momentum and find new source of drama beyond refinement of the team; those training camp episodes in particular seriously lack the spark of individual arcs in S1. Well, it’s tourney time now, and this being the third-years’ last chance should provide some much-needed dramatic boost.

    Besides that, gonna continue w/ Osomatsu and Gundam as they carry over, I’m enjoying them. None of the other shows I’m watching that ended this season had impressed me much; wouldn’t really recommend Sakurako or Young BJ, and Perfect Insider irritated the hell out of me by the end. That show could’ve used less episodes, less deitification of certain character, and less philosophical mumbo jumbo that just didn’t goddamn work within its context.

    Here’s for the new year and for Showa Genroku, Boku Dake and Dimension W to deliver for me.


    • I haven’t seen all that many sports shows (or manga), but the struggle you’re describe does seem like a logical problem for this kind of story to hit. Like you, I’m just continuing to hope that the tourney and everything going along with it will help inject some tension into the show.

      Glad to hear that my drops of Sakurako, YBJ, and PI were justified…although with the way some of the show I am watching have turned out, maybe I should have done even more cutting…

      I’m super pumped about Dimension W! The staff is probably the best working on any show next season.


  5. Wishing you a Merry Christmas

    I will post how I thought about this week and is a Final I will incude all 37 shows !

    EOW / Episode of the Weeks follows

    Also the seasom had some really good shows / and some letdowns / but winter looks good on paper /A lot of good 2nd cour shows again.


    1 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato\
    SUB / DUB EOW Good All Season
    2 Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign SUB / DUB EOW Great build up except maybe YU / Mika EP
    3 One Punch Man EOW At First I said Ok but I am a big fan now but those Top 2nd Cour shows are hard to knock off
    4 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou EOW Started slow but WOW
    5 RWBY Vol. 3 OFF UNTIL JAN Late Start / Missing for 3 weeks knocks it down
    6 Haikyuu!! Second Season EOW Was good but I liked S 1 better
    7 Heavy Object Sub / Dub EOW Pushed Up One Spot Just been very good lately
    8 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings [b]Hulu, Neon Alley[/b] EOW Dropped one for holding back the action
    9 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru Final EP was A Letdown
    10 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) Was better than I thought it would be
    11 GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki Was another surprise
    12 Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EOW Had some flat EPS
    13 Tantei Team KZ Jiken NoteSHORT EOW
    14 Kagewani series SHORT EOW
    15 Shomin Sample Sub / DUB EOW Much Better than on Paper
    16 Hidan no Aria AA
    17 MISS Monochrome 3 SHORT EOW
    18 Hacka Doll the Animation SHORT[ EOW
    19 Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)
    20 Lance N’ Masques Final EP was A Letdown
    21 Young Black Jack EOW Not a bad prequel
    22 Comet Lucifer The Last EP so Poorly Done / Lucky it stays in TIER 1

    TIER 2 Good / AVG Shows

    24 Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Komori Can’t Refuse!) SHORT
    25 Hakone-chan (Young Hot Spring Spirit Hakone-chan) SHORT
    26 Muco Lovely Movie: Itoshi no Muco Season 3 SHORT This was fun to watch
    27 The File of Young Kindaichi Returns Season 2 Another steady cour
    28 AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” / Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai I had mixed reactions with this
    29 Aquarion Logos It threw in too much silliness
    30 Attack on Titan: Junior High (Shingeki! Kyojin Chugakko)

    TIER 3 FAIR / JUST WATCHING Shows Lots of Changes

    31 Yuruyuri San Hai! S3
    32 JK-MESHI! Short
    33 Anime De Training! Ex / Anitore! EX’ SHORT
    35 Magical Somera-chan / Fushigina Somera-chan SHORT

    BOTH ANIMES ARE THE SAME Basically / Just change the names-weapons / Both of these have put me to sleep so many times.

    35 The Asterisk War: The Academy City of the Water (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk)
    36 Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry / ‘A Chivalry of a Failed Knight’

    MS TURNED INTO a Game AD after starting good

    37 Monster Strike SHORT

    OVA / ONA / Special / MOVIES

    Blood Blockade Battlefront EP 12 / “Hello, World!”
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Specials (CAT GIRLS )
    The Eden of Grisaia Specials 1 / 2
    Yozakura Quartet Yoza-Quar! / Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Specials 1 / 2 / 3
    Robot Girls Z Plus EP 6 FINAL
    Seraph Of the Endless / Owaranai Seraph Speciaks 1-4 / 5-7
    Umaru-chan OVA
    Sound! Euphonium Special 5 / ” Lots of Problems Everyday , Yo ”
    Wakaba*Girl: Onsen Tsukaritai
    Isshuukan Friends Specials 6-12 (Kaori’s Diary / except 12 which is Hase’s Diary)
    Ghost in the Shell (2015)
    Isuca: Gokuraku OVA
    Noragami Aragoto OAD
    Girls und Panzer: Fushou – Akiyama Yukari no Sensha Kouza # 6
    Strike the Blood: Valkyria no Oukoku-hen
    One Punch Man OVA Road To Hero
    Durarara!!x2 Shou Watashi no Kokoro wa Nabe Moyou
    Sound! Euphonium Special 6 / Professor Taki’s Secret

    EPISODE of the SEASON ?

    Seraph of the End 2 EP 23 / Arrogant Love

    Nagoya Arc CHP 38/ The Namanari Awakens / CHP 39 / The Beginning of the Plan

    Outstanding this anime( like Noragami )has such a strong secondary cast they were carrying the episode w/ o Yu / Mika until the end ! But this how you push a seson from good to excellent I dont need reflection I want to say wow and be in awe and this impressed on all levels ! Whats left of tThe Moon Demon Company arrives at Nagoya Airport . But Rika Inoue ( Narumi Squad )ataccks Shinoa for letting comtades die to let Yu / Mika escape. Narumi stops her and is going to kill her but Shinya Hiragi arrives and stops him as there are biiger problems to deal with such as there is no choppers there and they decicde to rescue Guren and changes the order to satay at the Airport ! More after

    Meanwhile Guren is being tortured by other nobles . It is revealed to Crowley from Ferid that Guren is behind the ataccks and a deak between humans and vampires to stop the Seraph of the End . The deal was between Krul / Mahiru Hiragi. Guren’s ex love / demon weapon which comes to life to kill the nobles that are beating him. Krul wants to know where Mahiru is and he tells her. Crowlet forgive Ferid / Krul because he had fun and senses ther is a bigger picture to be seen!

    Back at the Airport the MDC doent leave because planes from Japanese Imperial Demon Army arrive however Kureto Hīragi and Aoi Sangu prepare to hatch the Seraph after asking / insulting MDC ans say they are going to die ! Guren’s squad / Shinoa survive at first after the Seraph spears most of the humans with chains . Shinoa is spared as a family member but refuses to go along and is about to killed when Yu / Mika show up . Also Krul and her Vamps show up and and a big battle will begin ! BTW who are the good guys / its family vs family in severasl instances> There are just as many ad humans as vamps ! Should be exciting next time .

    EPISODE(S) of the WEEK 11 / 12

    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note EP 11 / The Back Yard Knows Part 3

    Aya and Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note whoever is around discover who is dumping trash on the school grounds with Wakatake being blamed for cleaning up good ! Aya finds out Uesugi is losing his vision and may have to quit the Team along with vison loss ! The suspect is caught on CP but he breakjs the phone but is discovered a butterfly wing that is very toxic and may be from a museum heist

    Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- Episode 11 – The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 2

    Sakurako / Shoutarou / Isozaki / Hector are taken to the woods by Minami when Hector picks up a scent . Also the missing girl Hitoe is found after trying to kill herself ! Hector finds Futaba who according to Hitoe hung herself but actually killed herself and Minami buried her . Again as in many previous cases the sphenoid bone is missing . This leads to Hanabusa being invovled in a lot of cases. Sakurako is laughing at how pathetic Isozaki and the girls were when Minami tries to stab her Shoutarou gets in the way and ends up in the hospital. Now that Hanabusa is suspect in a lot of her cases Sakurako parts ways with Shoutarou which is why she called him boy as to prevent his name from being known

    Shomin Sample EP 11 / Is This Not the Sky That Kimito-sama Was Looking At?

    Reiko / Kimito are called away to the president’s office to find out Reiko has to leave school for a an arranged marriage but Reiko doesnt seem happy and not her friends at The Commoners Club ! Hakua unlocks the Cell Phones and despiye all their spats Aika calls Reiko and they miss each other and Reiko wants to come back ! A plan is hatched with Reiko’s brother who is against the marriage and off they go to rescue Reiko !

    The Ultra Anine Time Block did well as always

    Miss Monochrome 3 EP12 / Distress

    MM is wearing her Mascot costume and is gettting quite popular at a ski resort ! A fan Kita Umio wants his finacee Hokkai Michiko to see MM but is stranded in a snowstormm Of Course MM goes to rescue her and comes upon the hidden Battery Trasure cave which has MM in a game. She finds Hokkai who is very cold gives her the Mascot Suit which makes headlines and the suits sell like crazy!

    Hackadoll the Animation Episode 12 – Magical Girl Lovely Hurt♥

    HD has to help Magical Girl Lovely Hurt♥ after they got beatup it turns into a homage of so many animes my head was spinning . A very cool episode

    So many animes FLCL hospital -Squid Girl Hospital / Sailor Moon / One Punch Man ( Friends Assocaciation) / Robot Girls Z / Yozurka Quartet

    Kagewani EP 12 / PITCH BLACK

    The orgin of the Kagewani is revealed > The remains were scattered over the earth and created new monsters which Kimura and his lab made new ones to make weapons But one gets loose at the lab ! Kimura retreats into a safe room but Banba is wounded and looks like the monster attacks him but Banba is immortal?

    Noragami Aragato EP 12 / “Your Voice Calls Out”

    DISCLAIMER / I hear the manga was quite different for this EP / So I am basing on what I watched / I may have to go read it ! But I enjoyed it anyhow! And this was before I got to this forum!

    I am just in awe how good this EP was in a season that never faltered !

    Yato / Bishamon / Aiha / Kazuma are bound up and Izana is trying to get them to eat underground food so they wiil stay there and or have them consumed but they escape leaving just Yato behind ! The only way fcr Yato to escape is to call him by his real name Yaboku.which is something terrifying and fears it would drive Hiyori / Yukine away but Hiyori remembers and gets him up But more trouble when The God “Hit Squad comes led by Takemikazuchi ans see the vents letting phantoms out and they want to kill everybody! Ebisu fights back but is defeated . Bishamon and the others try and they defeat Kiun his Shinki . Finall they have a pacification ring which will destoy eveything around they fire one off and it exposes everybody but Yato / Yukine blast it and the gods all over. But Ebisu is trapped by a ring and wev dont jbow what is up !

    K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EP 12 / Knuckle bump

    This K the way I like it ! There are several points to this The rescue / support of Fujishima and Munakata. And the airship crash withe silver clan to on Nagare ( Green ) I wiil keeo it brief because I could write an essay but wont

    Munakata is about to lose at the hands of Iwea when he is disrupted by the crash and then the support of Scepter 4 which is also policing the country to quell things down. Once Munakata regains his composure he kills Iwa But he is losing control of his sword and Awashima will step in if neccessary !

    2 The main focus is the rescue of Fujishima by Yata who thought he was a traitor but Munakata ordered him to do so even if meant dying ! Yata is more upset about not knowing thinking they had become some what friends ! They have to battle Gojou who is winning but is distracted by collateral damage and is defeated ! The rest of Homra has taken down the outside guards !

    3 Just starting Shiro / Neko / Kuroh are on their way to Nagare when Yukari stops them . Kuroh takes point rather than Shiro as this an ongoing grudge match!

    One more EP / the outcome of Kuroh / Yukari .Shiro / Nagare Then the actions of Nagare / Kotosaka / Douhan

    Heavy Object EP 11 / Three-Legged Mountain-Climbing Is Life-and-Death – The Artillery Battle in the Iguazu Mountains II

    Can I say this real interesting now focusing on the batlles / high tech !

    The 37th C.M.B. or 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion is in the Amazon to battle Lisolette / Mass Driver( Railgun ) along with Bright Hopper ! As Quenser / Havia leave the coffee it is wrongly asuumed by the 37th / Bright Hopper is using chaffe in the clouds to cover Lisolette which is actually the clouds .chaffe to target the operation and takes out Bright Hopper ! It Doesnt tsake long for Quenser to figure out the chaffe is for reflecting targets and tells Baby Magnum / support team to scatter. They barely survive with Baby Magnum suffering heavy damage and the support base in ruins. Quenser wakes up and Frolaytia was searching for them but Havia is misiing and is actually with Baby Magnum . After learning of the Railgun Shell that flys at Mach 25 ( 19000 MPH )speed ( Actual Max for Scram Jets bec use it would break apart ) faster than Koro Sensei Mach 20

    Bilany Saronno part of Bright Hoppers’ support group wanrs to blow up a dam to stop but it would kill tens of thousands The 37 th is against this plan and sruggle to come up with a plan which they do because there is 3 MT passes to go through.

    The Lisolette Railgun Shell is shot up in the air but then starts falling and splits into 3 shells fired by rockets then deplots several more rounds. One thing there is design flaws and the shells air detonaed saving more damage ansd life.

    Frolaytia continues to be a strong leader and while waiting for the Lisolette Quenser asks Frolaytia about her nobillty which she doesnt like If not for the military shee would be used to marry maybe even more than once since mosy of the nobel families are born male In fact Halreed Copacabana pilot of Bright Hopper is 3rd in line to ask for her union! Shw would either rather die out in the field or grow old than to be used!social political power !

    The Railgun Shell is just devasting ! BTW One Shell can cover 1/6th of the Earth’s surface!

    Young Black Jack EP 12 / The Season of Mania

    This was a good intro how Black Jack came to be . Withh all the jealously / power grabs / war social injustice and non caring of those in power !

    This last EP with the student activisits was a sad one. Eri one of his first patients who he stiched up and didnt leave a scar is getting in too deep with radical students who have guns .She gets beat up badly by her co-horts , Hazana went looking for her after hearing about raids in a MT area where Eri sent a postcard from . He finds them and has to save her. But the police surrounf the cabin and a shootout begins ,Hazana tries to stop a weak Eri frm stopping the gun fight but smoke hrenade comes in . She goes outside and she gets shot and dies . Hazama is cleared of any wrongdoing and become an intern but decicdes to go underground!

    Haikyuu!! 2 EP 12 / “Let the Games Begin!!”

    CHPS / 99 “The Game Commences!!” / 100 “Appearances” / 101 “Regret and Motivation”

    Spring High Preliminary Arc

    Hinata runs into Yoshiki Towada CAPT of the Ougiminami High School who lost to Shiratorizawa Academy . When Hinata says they are going to the Finals Towada laughs it off because they faced Shiratorizawa . Howver after Karasuno High starts beating them bad he remembers giving at the Shiratorizawa match but then Capt Noboru Akimiya hustled even though the match was lost and he didnt but he ewent after the ball this time ! Karasuno looks really good ! Next up is Kakugawa High

    One Punch Man EP 12 / The Strongest Hero

    CHPS / 35 The Power Of Boros / 36 Crash

    What a great fight between Saitama / Lord Boros who used Meteoric Burst to send OPM to space
    Meanwhile Tornado use the City A rubble to damage the Spacecraft
    Atomic Samurai continues the fight with Melzalgald who is distracted by Band then Atomic slices him up and Bang crushes his heart OPM returns and Boros releases his Planet Buster Roar Cannon bu OPM counters with Serious Strike.defeating Boros fatally. His dying words were this was the best fight and both agree !

    The damage to the ship from the fight brings it crasking down on City A . Sweet Mask shows up yelling at the damage the S Class caused and why he remains Class Rank 1 as to give other S Class Hopefuls to stay at A .Drive Knight warns Genos Metal Knight is really an enemy

    Afterbthe ship crashes OPM punches his way out of the ship and Tornado is surprised even miffed he was inside > She gives lip service and Genos says shut up and she smashes him into rubble she turns her sites on OPM but Bang reminds her she is a Hero and mutters what problrems some of the S -Class are. I said a few weeks ago ! You are wise and rerspected Bang

    Metal Knight shows and salvages the ship but rebuilds the city and HQDRS which is stinger now because the ship was super alloy .

    Tornado is omething else

    Tornado insulting OPM when he is the Top Hero

    Bang with great widom / but sad truth

    OPM doesnt get to live at HQDRS or get the accolades / funny but sad in a way

    Concrete Revoltio EP 12 / Hakko Superhuman Crash Incident

    I am tired and it’s hard to expain all the details but more of both the Japanese / US Govts in Collusion . Horrific experiments were performed on Superhumans and may have invovled Hitoyoshi .Kikko battles Jiro . A Russian super hero is shot down. Phantom Mask is Jin a old friend thought dead but still alive ! Then the Imperial Ads are doing no good deeds,

    Taki / family from the Strange Risk MGNT Office are good snoops !

    Shomin Sample EP 12 / Inexperienced Though I Am, Please Accept Me Forever

    This was a fun interesting Episode ! It was reallt the first time the craze of drones / hoverboards were used .

    The Commoners Club attempt to rescue Reiko .Kare was fun beng so OP especailly dealing with that mech like One Punch Fight / Shiometa when she loses her clothes. Eventually they get to Reiko when there is a misunderstanding Reiko thinks Kimito wants to marry her.

    The new ED had some extras

    Aika from wastebasketpractice takes out the drones / very funny ( BTW Aika knows Kimito from the past )

    Karen takes out the Mech and looses her clothes !

    Hakua Hacked Hoverboard / A play on words .

    You wonder about a S2 especially with Eri at the end / Dont forget Miyuki knows Kimito as he once switched places with her older brother


    • And Merry Christmas to you, as well!!

      Very glad to see that Conrevo has worked its way up towards the top of your list. 😀

      I likewise agree that this was the best fight of OPM—as it should have been!


  6. Episode of The Week 12 / 13 FINAL / Had to add because they were good!

    K Return of Kings EP 13 / Kings

    Even though the season even the final episode didnt have an abundance of action it was the emotions / results that got to me !

    Events / not In Order

    Shiro and Neko ( Miyabi Ameno ) vs Nagare

    Kuroh vs Yukari

    Reisi on the Brink of losing control with Seri ready to take him down.

    Anna / Ghost of Mikoto / Yata and the rest of Red Clan ready to play their very big part !

    Nagare is surprised Shiro Neko made it but stiil dont bekieve they can stop the Dresden Slate.

    He then explains how Neko came to be she was a survivor of the blast! But she expains and so does Shiro they just share a table and meal is what they rather do

    Kuroh / Yukari square and Anna release The Red Power which they use to penetrtate the Slate. At the same time once the power reaches Shiro tries to demolish the Slate using his Silver Sword of Damocles but Nagare strikes Shiro down ! Kuroh usees the Red power to finish off Yukari but doent kill him . He reaches Shiro just in time to wound Nagare and the silver sword comes down and destroys not only the Slate but all words which take the King’s power also. Nagare collaspes and dies / so does Shiro who is in another’s body . Iwa is stiil alive but has his jungle crew denolish the Bldg. Iwa stays with Nagare and dies.

    Reisi / Anna recover but no more power as all the swords are destroyed. In the ED Yukari / Sukuna throw a bouqet of flowers down into the watery grave . Meanwhile Neko goes to school and a new teacher appears ( Shiro )

    The ED has Shiro , Neko , Kuroh at their table

    Noragami EP 25 / The God of Fortune’s Message

    Bravo outstanding ending episode !

    Yato is with an young Ebisu that has no memory of his previous lives. Yato aloso borrowed Kazuma’s wallet to eat ! In a flashback Ebisu is killed by the Gods / Takemikazuchi who is now the leader! Yukine / Hiyori follow Yato amd his pledge to protect Ebisu. Bishamon /Tenjin /Kunimi / Okuninushi/ are having a meeting about Ebisu in which Kunimi takes over for Iwami who was banned from being Ebisu’s confident.They also know Ebisu was just trying to protect through his research. Yato teels Yukine he wants to be A God of Fortune instead of fighting but Yuline tells Yato he is better at killing to protect everybody .Nora shows up but Yato finally dinnises her as his Nora. At the end Fujisaki Kouto ( Yato’s father ) has the brush and has many phantoms with him. In Fact he actually set up Ebisu to have the Gods go after him instead . Very dangerous.

    The File of Young Kindaichi Returns EP 26 Special / The File of Inspector Akechi ( 1 Hour )

    This was quite Good / Putting The Spotlight on Kengo Akechi and a younger detective Koboyashi. who visits Kindaichi with the story. They are trying to arrest a son of a important political person ( Ex prime minister ) invovled in a series of low clevel ctimes but always get off Koboyashi. sees shoplift a book from a sruggling book store and the owner thinks he has done it before . They find he switched bags with one of his gang and ther arrest both but his dad gets him off. But Koboyashi. keeps diiging and they are warned to back from ploice higher ups . They eventually find out he is acting out because he vever be like his father, But before long he id framed for setting the bookstore on fire by his gang and Koboyashi. gets beat by the father’s goons and is quite beaten up. Akechi knows the son is innocent ans sets out to make things straight including the son saying sorry to everybody he hurt . He gets the gang arrested but stiil has to get Koboyashi’s ataackers . The book store owner had insurance but will lose help and doent want to rebuild but the son says he wiil worh for her to make amends . nd she accepts she books are heavy etc. Great like lessons and persitence in doing what’s right no matter the obstacle

    HAIKYU!! 2nd Season EP 13 / A Simple and Pure Strength / Spring High Preliminary Arc

    CHPS 102 “Simply Pure Power” / 103 “Ground Warfare” / 104 “Baby Bird” / 105 “The Same Arena”

    Karasuno High has to go against Kakugawa High who has Yudai Hyakuzawa the tallest player so far ! Karasuno High has a hard time at first and figure out how to get around him
    Also Hinata / Kageyama are feeling good today and getting better ! Eventually Hinata just stuns them ! A nice side story was Ikkei Ukai commenting in the stands with Yachi others. At the end
    Karasuno wins . Before they leave Kiyoko Shimizu goes to check to see nothing is lefy behind but gets harrased by players from another school but Hinata forgets his lunch ( his sister’s ) and tries to intervene . They give him a hard time too until they found out he is from Karasuno and get distracted ! So all ends well!

    Working 3 EP 14 / Lord of the Takanashi Final EP ( 1 Hour )

    It was a wonderful three seasons and is nice it got completed yet sad it is over !

    The main theme of the final that Sota is missing and Inami thinks it her fault !

    Whatever the reason Kyoko needs him back because not only he is a good worker but the staff is upset!

    There is enough laughs from Aoi / let alone the rest os the staff !

    The staff are finding their purposees more!

    But Inami does play a big part since Sota is held captive by his mom for not being honest and the Takanashi sisters are dispached to fight her but they put up very liitle fight ! Inami has a trump card thoiugh a picture of Shizuka as cute young girl. Her anger is at her dead husband and takes it out on Sota / family especially Kozue who is upset about her not remembering her name !

    Later Sota takes Inami to a park and both confees their feelings even with a kiss !

    Meanwhile back at the eatery all things seen to be settled nicely ! Popura is accepted as the new chief . Yachiyo has given up her sword and ready to move on!

    This easily one of mu favorite animes / thanks for the laughs memoties !

    Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign EP 12 / Seraph of the End

    It was a good episode but felt a little rushed / maybe should have been two !

    t was very religious but maybe not accurate ! It felt like the Apocalypse / and or The Revelation

    Plus some of the Seven Seven trumpets but maybe taken out of context!

    Seven trumpets

    Events of Revelation

    Instead of a long summary highlights

    Kureto wants kill all Human / Vamps except humans loyal to him.

    Guren kiils both sides also but Yu sense his humanity yet.

    Mirai releases more Trumpets under Kureto ‘s control but is defeated by Yu’s Trumpet of salt ! and is returnes to a more human state?

    Krul helps Mika recover but Crowley jattacks and she puts him down for now buut Ferid drinks her blpod and declartes he is the new leader /

    Kureto wants to capture / kill Yu- Mika but Shinoa / Shinya / Narumi make a stand ans escape while Kureto / followers are attacked by the vamps

    Later Yu, Mika, Shinoa, Kimizuki, Yoichi, Mitsuba, and Makoto are get to leave Japan while it shows the humans won / but thre Vampa are stiil with Ferid or Karr as leader !

    The squad wants to rescue Gurem / Mirai Yu walks out into the water im atrange way and says it is starting to rain.

    Concrete Revolutio EP 13 / Riots in Shinjuku

    I wiil say you need a scorecard for this / but it was out anime should be and what a season ending EP ! Bravo / Standing Ovation

    One of the best quotes / review of an anime

    Concrete Revolutio doesn’t seem to be the anime we wanted, but it might just be the anime we needed.

    I really cant go into too much depth as I had to rewatch and digest / but truly stunning.

    The Gist of it

    Students vs Goverments all over the world !

    Japan and the US exposed on the Superhumans in the Lab.

    The vote is changed by a key poliician possesed by Daishi Akita

    Raito Shiba / Hyouma Yoshimura play Key roles

    Kikko vs EMI

    Claude vs Jiro who releses his locks / defeats- kills Claude ??/ Goes beserk and is going to destroy everything but EMI shuts him down then disappears

    The Superhumans finally siding with the humans!

    The End Of Claude

    Earth Chan is conflicted and shuts down dies ?

    Jiro in A crater with a B-29 Wreckage / Hiroshima / A nod to Jiro being a monster?


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