Aniwords – Sleepy Spotlight: On Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch

I’ve been waiting since Non Non Biyori for a show to inherit its specific kind of slice-of-life bent, but I didn’t expect we’d get two of them in the same season (on the same day, no less!). As you already know, they are Tanaka-kun is Always Listless and Flying Witch, and I took some time on this week’s Aniwords to chat about how Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch are inheritors of the Non Non Biyori spirit and why the three of them work so well.

Here’s the link!

Flying Witch

4 thoughts on “Aniwords – Sleepy Spotlight: On Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch

  1. Very good Aniwords, again 😉
    I totally have to agree with you on this one. Impressive how you compared the beginning from the first Episodes of Tanaka-kun and Non non Biyori. I would’ve never noticed this and I watched NNB only 2 Months ago.

    As you, I am looking forward to both series, but especially Tanaka-kun was not on my Radar and it is abolsutely fantastic.

    Only thing I have to disagree is the part about NNB being the best “healing” Anime.
    For me it has to be Tamayura, another laid back show with some good comedy in it.
    Maybe it is because Tamayura takes place in the Hiroshima area, where I had a Homestay last Year.
    Another must watch if you like healing Anime (in my opinion).

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  2. I just watched the first episode of Flying Witch last night and loved it. I knew instinctively that Bakuon and Anne-Happy weren’t quite the slice-of-life shows that I was looking for, but I couldn’t describe in words exactly what itch they weren’t scratching with me. I only needed five minutes with Flying Witch to know that this was exactly the SOL that I wanted.

    Amusingly (since I didn’t see your article until this morning), after Flying Witch I was in the mood to finish up the last two episodes of Non Non Biyori Repeat, so I’ve now completed that series. They paired very well together watching them back-to-back, so I’d say your article’s comparison is spot-on. It was a very relaxing evening for me. 🙂


    • Oohh that’s a nice evening you had there! I eventually scrubbed off Bakuon! because it didn’t quite work with me thanks to the sleazy fanservice, but Flying Witch is gratifyingly free of that. The second episode was just as delightful as the first.


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