Aniwords – Sea Tones: A Study of Setting in Amanchu!

This season is full of good things to write about!

So, we’ll kick things off with Amanchu! Going from Princess Tutu, the only other Junichi Sato I’ve seen aside from a single episode of Aria, to Amanchu! is a bit of a shift and certainly not an equal one, but Sato’s reputation with this kind of show precedes him despite a lack of personal experience and thus far in I can understand why. Amanchu! glows. I really like that, and I hope I’ve articulated with some grace how I think this comes about.

Here’s the link~


6 thoughts on “Aniwords – Sea Tones: A Study of Setting in Amanchu!

  1. I wanted to like this show… But the overuse and misue of the derp muppet/puppet faces drove me crazy. Dropped it in the second ep.

    And a question… If you’re not doing weekly postings, is it possible to get some weekly threadstarter (automatic) postings?


    • Yeah, I’m still watching Amanchu, but if I drop it, that’ll be the reason why. Those face switches are so distracting, it makes it hard to just relax and immerse myself in the show like I want to. I like everything else about Amanchu, though, including the setting, so for me it’s worth giving it a few more episodes to see if they either cut back on the muppetry or if I can get used to it.

      And I’d also be happy to see threadstarters. I kind of miss interacting with everyone here and talking over what we all watched every week.

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    • Well, I’m okay with Futaba’s derp face, but Hikari’s is plain creepy to me; something from a horror movie, maybe. But then I find Hikari supremely annoying as a character, so it fits.

      The line-art is generally good, but looks odd in places. My prime example would be the ears: it feels like their going for a level of detail that ultimately doesn’t add to realism but makes it look somewhat flat. Other examples, for me, are some turns when I feel the proportions are off. But take this with a grain of salt, since I’m not very good at visuals, and maybe it’s not the line-art that causes these problems for me (but something else, like the shading, for example).

      The setting is gorgeous, though.

      I’m watching Amanchu, but it feels a little phoned in, for me. Both Aria and Tamayura are better, and, most of the time, this show feels a lot like a cross of the two. (With the balance between calmness and humour reminding of me Aria, while the character drama and sense of community feels more like Tamayura.)

      It’s fun to watch, and I hope we get to meet the rest of the OP-cast soon.


    • I’m going to try to do some weekly postings, just need to get more caught up on things and then bully myself into being okay with not writing 1000 words for each of them. I’m sorry I’ve been so lax about this of late.


  2. Well I am way late and way behind in anime ( 40 shows plus DUBS )

    Anyhow Amanchu! is like Non- NON Biyori in a lot of ways Hikari reminds me of Karen fron Hello Kirino Mosaic or Hajime / Gatchaman Crowds. And the Scuba Diving is a topic that is not often touched on in anime . I dont mind the puppet faces it’s anime you look at it in your own way


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