Aniwords – On A Certain Scientific Railgun and Canonical Fanfiction

Despite the fact that I completely blanked on the obvious point that Railgun, as a spinoff of the Index main series, is basically Kazuma Kamachi’s fanfiction on his own universe, I think I hit on a rather interesting idea in this week’s Aniwords! Of course, there was a fair bit of nuance that would have been fun to explore that I had to pass over (like where fanservice of all kinds might fall into this construction), but I think it’s a fun piece nonetheless!

Here’s the link~

A Certain Scientific Railgun

4 thoughts on “Aniwords – On A Certain Scientific Railgun and Canonical Fanfiction

  1. Though it does it for different reasons, SAO also slides back-and-forth between slice-of-life and heavier or more action oriented scenes (episodes?). In SAO however, it’s part of the larger thematic tension between the players on the Assault Team who are trying to beat the game and escape and the players who have (for a variety of reasons) decided to simply make a life there. Not all of whom are cowards, Sasha (“Girl of the Morning Dew”/”Yui’s Heart”) for example cares for children trapped in Aincrad.


    • Yeah, SAO‘s slice-of-life stuff actually has some thematic relevance (at least as far as SAO does themes, which is inconsistently, at best). Stuff like the Yui arc, though, definitely seems to me like it hits this same fanfiction-y appeal.


  2. Isaac,
    I wanted to thank you for this brilliantly written, insightful and satisfying essay. As an avid Railgun fan you brought insight to a subject matter that I convey when advocating for slice of life anime. I always enjoy your articles and thoughts. Til next time.


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