Aniwords – Competition Motivation in Scorching Ping Pong Girls & Yuri!!! on ICE

Anytime you throw two shows together in a post, you’re limiting your potential audience, but I rather think I’ve outdone myself with this one by comparing the megahit of the season with a sadly underwatched gem that have very different audience-targeting goals.

Anyways, this is kind of a combination post on two ideas I’ve had in my head about things I wanted to say about each of these shows, and somehow it all came together. Even if you’ve only watched one (or neither!) of these anime, I think there’s still some good fun to be had here, so I hope you’ll check it out! Also, please, for the love of good anime, at least give Scorching Ping Pong Girls a shot.

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Aniwords – Selection. System. Memory. WIXOSS.

Where the original WIXOSS series made a great deal out of obscuring the true nature of the show’s setting, Lostorage has been all about revealing that information to us and letting us stew in it as the show goes on.

In some ways, this post is just me breaking down the show’s full title—which, as you may remember, I have been a very outspoken fan of. I stand by my previous support of it.

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Lostorage incited WIXOSS

Aniwords – Girlish Number and the Indelicate Art of Owning Yourself

Happily, I’ve never experienced a professional failure on the level that Chitose has, but that doesn’t mean I’m not familiar with the feelings she experiences. After all, tripping over your own feet (literally or metaphorically) is something we’re all probably familiar with in someway—and if you’re not, don’t bother reading this article because you’re too perfect and won’t understand what I’m talking about at all.

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