Con Report: Anime St. Louis 2015

So, you may have noticed that I sort of went silent this weekend (late on yet another Blood Blockade Battlefront post >_>)—well, there’s a good reason. I left Friday afternoon to trek down to Saint Louis, Missouri, where I met up with some friends, went apartment hunting, and went to Anime St. Louis 2015. This was, coincidentally, the convention’s tenth anniversary, which coincided perfectly with my status as a…first-time con-goer. Having only been watching anime for about three years, this was really the first time I had ever had the opportunity and interest to attend a con and it was a pretty interesting experience! What follows are some of my thoughts on the experience.

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Under the Dog Update #27: On The Animation Process

Surprise! It’s a bonus Thursday post! (Don’t worry, Zankyou no Terror will be happening later today.)

So, I recently backed the Kickstarter anime OVA Under the Dog (directed by Masahiro Ando, notable—to me—for his work as the director of Blast of Tempest) and since I’ve done that, the UTD team has been sending out pretty consistent updates on the project that get sent to my email.

Their most recent update, #27, details a piece of the animation process and, to be frank, it totally blew my mind. Like, I knew creating anime was no cakewalk, but the frame-by-frame focus necessary to produce this stuff (even on a crappy level) is just…amazing. For someone like me, who has essentially no skill in drawing at all (have you seen my manga?), this kind of stuff is almost beyond my comprehension.

Check out the post here: Under the Dog Kickstarter Update #27


Under the Dog

Director Ando’s celebratory sketch for the achievement of the Kickstarter’s initial goal.

And while I’m talking about it, here’s the link to the Under the Dog website. The Kickstarter is over, but they’ll be opening up for Paypal backing soon. If you haven’t already, I really do encourage you to consider it if you love anime and are concerned about the direction the industry is heading. The producer of Under the Dog, Hiroaki Yura, did an AMA on reddit not long ago that addressed a lot of industry-related questions and how UTD fits in there. It takes a while to sort through some of the less interesting questions, but (again) if you care about the industry and anime, this is information you might find of interest.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Limited Edition

I don’t take any money from Funimation blah blah blah I’m just a fan who loves the show and likes what he got blah blah blah and what I got was pretty cool. Re-watch imminent.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s what’s going on. Today, after some delays caused totally by me and my poor future prediction skills, I finally got my Limited Edition copy of The Devil is a Part-Timer! from Funimation. I also recently (yesterday) moved, so now—for the first time in my life—my anime collection is on an actual shelf and not in a box. Here’s my very first collection shelf picture:

Anime Collection

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My iPod Anime Backgrounds

Despite my consistent refusal to label myself an otaku (protests that I will continue to maintain despite the content of this post), I do have a few admittedly otaku-like behaviors. The one I am going to feature today is pretty simple and not all that intrusive: the anime themes I use for the homepage and lock-screen of my iPod.

How do I select said backgrounds? There’s really not too much to it, except that they are all from anime to which I have strong emotional ties. I also like to find ones that are high quality and look nice for the actual screen.

I’m currently using the Black Rock Shooter one for my lock screen and the Golden Time one for my home screen. The Blast of Tempest had been my lock screen for the longest time, with Toradora! and White Album 2 sharing time as the home screen. Hope you like them! Maybe you’ll find one you want for yourself!

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I will try to update the slideshow as I continue to add wallpapers to my collection!

A RA’s Tribute to the Devil is a Part-Timer!

I am an SA (know as RA’s elsewhere) at my school, and I recently gave a small tribute to my favorite show from the Spring 2013 season, The Devil is a Part-Timer, in the form of the background of my bulletin board on the “Top 10 Top 10 Lists for Surviving College.” As someone with a relatively small amount of visual artistic skill, I was thrilled with the results.

This is the picture I used as my model for the background, taken from the title screen of The Devil is a Part-Timer!


This is the replication of the background:


And here is the finished product:

photo (1)

I look forward to exiting my room each day and getting a small reminder of the show which brought me so much joy.