Aniwords – Where Do Hot Anime Boys Come From?

Thanks to the influence of a prominent fujoshi friend on Twitter (Mira, if you’re reading, you’re wonderful and yes, this is about you), I’ve kind of been working over the past few months or so at increasing my personal appreciation for good-looking anime guys. Whether they’re cute (you may recall my weekly palpitations over Danmachi’s Bell Cranel) or beautifully hot (shoutout to Kuroko’s Basketball and Kise), I think it’s a good thing for me to cultivate a healthy appreciation for good people aesthetics in both guys and girls.

Happily, the current anime season has had not shortage of cute/hot anime guys to aid me in this quest. So, of course, I spent this week’s Aniwords talking about how glad of that I was.

Here’s the link~

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