Your Lie in April, Episode 17

Yup, so that’s it. It’s finally confirmed (shocking…truth…) that Kaori doesn’t have much time before she dies. Yet, in true KimiUso fashion, we get a few really great scenes dealing with this new reality and then we breeze on back to the tried-and-true nope still bad tonal whiplash techniques that we’ve been dealing with for 17 whole episodes. Frankly, I have to admire how consistently frustrating this show is to watch as it insists on horrid juxtapositions of great scenes and bad ones. Such is the KimiUso way.

Your Lie in April
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Akatsuki no Yona, Episode 17

Man, was this one of Akatsuki no Yona‘s best episodes yet or what? Great character comedy, some cuteness, ideological and thematic tension, a new character, plot progression—it was all here and with the freshness that only a new setting can bring. A port town is the perfect place for a stare down between destiny and freedom and I’m incredibly excited to see how Yona brings Jeaha into the fold. (Oh, and the new OP got me real hyped this episode—consider acclimation complete.)

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Toradora!, Episode 17

So, with Kitamura’s arc finished and the majority of our main cast in varying states of emotional distress, we dive into what is probably the most intense arc of the show—certainly, it is the arc we all remember for episode 19, and it’s the arc that really truly sold me on this show. By the time I got here in my late night marathon, it was about 2 AM, but I had to take a break at the end of the arc and just sob into my pillow for a few minutes before I could go on. But that’s for a later time. Right now, it’s winter for Toradora! and that means bleak backgrounds coexisting alongside with the bright lights of the holidays. It’s an intentional contrast on the show’s part and we’ll get to that here today.


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