Nisemonogatari Review

As might be expected, considering my recent review of Bakemonogatari, the next review down the pipe is of Bakemonogatari‘s sequel, Nisemonogatari.

Sadly, I found Nisemonogatari to be inferior to Bakemonogatari in a number of ways, as well as more troubling in terms of the fanservice and sexual content of the show. For that reason, I have decided on a 6/10 rating for Nisemonogatari, and you can see exactly where it stacks up against other shows on the Ongoing Anime Rankings Page.

Nisemonogatari Episode 1

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The Top 15 Female Characters in Anime

As with many of my posts, the idea for this one game from a currently trending thread on the forums over at Crunchyroll. Furthermore, I sort of felt that it was only fair that I made a post featuring the ladies of anime, considering my most recent post was pretty much all about guys.

In deciding what makes a character a “top character,” there are a number of different criteria that could be used to judge a character: how much they develop, how good of a person they are, how rounded they are, etc, etc. To make a true top character list, you would have to take a conglomerate of all those factors and add in two other factors.

These factors, to my mind the most important, are how enjoyable they are to watch and how much I personally like them. That being said, you have been warned of the extremely personal nature of this list. If you are looking for an objective list, sorry to disappoint, but it is what it is. And here it is.

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