Evolution of the Barrel

Hello, dear friends and readers! Right now is an exciting and fun time for me to be writing here at Mage in a Barrel. As you all should know by now, the blog succeeded in reaching (and surpassing!) the goal of upgrading to WordPress premium and I recently closed out one of the biggest projects I’ve ever attempted on here with my final episodic post for Hyouka going up last Sunday. As always, I’m hugely grateful for your readership and support—you guys make it a lot of fun to keep this project running.

(If you want to get to the part of this where you tell me to do things, scroll to the bottom of the post.)

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Upgrading Mage in a Barrel

I’m going to keep this short.

Those of you who like to spend time poking around the blog may have noticed a couple of new things. I’ve changed primary fonts, have taken down a few old (read: not very good) blog posts, and have added a few other new things here and there.

Of these, the biggest addition is a new page nested under the “About the Blog” page, called “Donating to Mage in a Barrel.” This new page lays out a few details about why I’ve opted to open up this little fundraising campaign, so I’ll let you read those details there, but the long and short of it is that I’m asking you guys to support me just a little as I look to upgrade the backend of the blog (which will, in turn, result in better frontend content). For example, as I’ve started to increase my volume of writing related to cinematography in anime, it’s become increasingly clear to me that I need some sort of video capabilities on the blog to help illuminate more complex points. This upgrade would be a big step towards making that happen.

I’ve put up a donation button and tracker in the sidebar—once we’ve hit the goal, it’ll go away. Of course, donating is completely optional. I’m not going to implement paywalls or anything like that. But I would really appreciate your guys’ support so I can continue to create new and better stuff for you.

To donate, you can use the donate button or follow this link. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask in the comments!

Site News: Mage in a Barrel Updates

Hello, hello, everyone! I’m here with a couple big announcements about Mage in a Barrel today! I’m really excited about some of the changes I’ve been making around the blog and what it means for the future, so let’s dive right in!

Of course, it only seems right to kick off big news like this with some help from the site’s two long-time mascots, Maka Albarn and Chitoge Kirisaki.

Soul Eater

“Thanks for stopping by!”


“I-it’s not like I’m glad you visit or anything…”

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Why Mage in a Barrel?

As I expect most of you have probably noticed, there’s a new banner at the top of my blog! You probably have also realized that the words scrawled across that banner by my barely sufficient graphic design skills say, “Mage in a Barrel,” not “Life and Anime.”

Take this as the official announcement: the name of my blog has changed to Mage in a Barrel.

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