Spice & Wolf (Season 1) Review

There are some anime that convey deep meanings; there are others that are crazy masses of gags, jokes and fun. And then there is the perhaps neglected category of shows that simply tell stories for their own sake. Spice & Wolf (2008; Imagin) is one such show. It’s nothing deep, it’s not raucous and loud; it simply tells the story of two people as they live their lives and learn to understand each other.

Spice & Wolf was an infinitely pleasant watch for me. It’s a well-executed show that made its proficiency and likability evident early on. As such, I was able to simply relax while watching, confident that the story would carry me through on its own terms. For all this, I give Spice & Wolf a 7/10, with its comparative ranking in the Ongoing Anime Rankings.

Spice and Wolf

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Inadequate in Paris

So, as you may recall (or not, if you don’t remember inconsequential things like when anime bloggers go on vacation), I was on hiatus not long ago doing the Grand Tour around Europe. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear that I had a lovely time, and that, of course, I didn’t forget about the blog or about anime while I was contemplating life in the mountains of Switzerland. Before I was in Switzerland, I spent several days in Paris, where I encountered a number of shops with anime/otaku-related merchandise. And, through these experiences, I came to realize: I’m not very hardcore. At all. What follows are some pictures of anime related shops and items that I encountered during my travels. I hope you enjoy!

Not Otaku Enough for This

I’m just not otaku enough for this nonsense.

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