Inadequate in Paris

So, as you may recall (or not, if you don’t remember inconsequential things like when anime bloggers go on vacation), I was on hiatus not long ago doing the Grand Tour around Europe. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear that I had a lovely time, and that, of course, I didn’t forget about the blog or about anime while I was contemplating life in the mountains of Switzerland. Before I was in Switzerland, I spent several days in Paris, where I encountered a number of shops with anime/otaku-related merchandise. And, through these experiences, I came to realize: I’m not very hardcore. At all. What follows are some pictures of anime related shops and items that I encountered during my travels. I hope you enjoy!

Not Otaku Enough for This

I’m just not otaku enough for this nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Inadequate in Paris

  1. I live in Paris, but I’ve never found any merchandise with Tamashii Nation there… where you found it? the magasin I mean


    • I’m not quite sure which picture you’re referring to, but all the shops were on the Rue Keller except for Komikku and the one were I took the pictures of the Silver Spoon/Soul Eater Not! manga. Sadly, I don’t remember the name of the shop, but it was not a Japanese culture specific shop.

      If you can point out which picture you want to know about, I can try to be a little more specific.


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