Spring 2015, Week 9: Highlights of the Week

So, this was my first full week having being under ten shows. It was nice. I’m hoping this upcoming week allows with few shows allows me to catch up on blogging about things I’ve been wanting to blog about (aka catching up on those BBB posts), but we’ll see how things go. Otherwise, I’m still trying to get used to balancing anime and blogging with work in my headspace—considering taking naps right after work to see if that helps me shift gears better. I’m a work in progress, that’s for sure!

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Fall 2014, Week 9: Highlights of the Week

Best week of anime this season? Yup, best week of anime this season. It was the mid-tier shows (YuYuYuGaroArgevollen) that really stepped up this week, while YonaYour Lie in April, and Shirobako continue to be one of the best season top tiers since I’ve started watching simulcasts. And, on top of that, Chaika dove into bombastic crazy weirdness with its second-to-last episode. What more could an anime fan want?

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Oh, I know. How about a smokin’ hot Lucifer?

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Summer 2014, Week 9: Highlights of the Week

So, no Zankyou no Terror this week, which was a shame. Sailor Moon Crystal also was absent (but I’m not crying about that). Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of the week, as there were a couple episodes that actively upset me and a few others that were somewhat disappointing. But, Argevollen (arguably the most consistent show airing this season), Haikyuu!!, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun are all standbys and none of them let me down. Thank goodness for that.


Pira used Seismic Toss!

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