Servant x Service OP: Contender for OP of the Season

Currently working on a trio of posts defending commonly criticized elements of Sword Art Online, so while I’m working on those, enjoy this contender for the best OP of the summer 2013 anime season.

It’s from the show Servant x Service, and is appropriately entitled “How May I Help You?” by Ai Kayano, Mai Nakahara and Aki Toyosaki.

EDIT: I should also mention that the new OPs for A Certain Scientific Railgun S and Attack on Titan have not been released (or, at least I haven’t heard them yet), and I expect good things from fripSide and whoever is doing the AoT OP.

3 thoughts on “Servant x Service OP: Contender for OP of the Season

  1. I agree with the the above comment – Servant x Service has a fantastic OP, but I’m torn between that and the OP for Watamote. The Servant x Service series so far has been a disappointment for me though, so I guess I’m leaning towards the latter by default.


  2. I enjoy the humorous song and story but of course its a gag anime where its not really all action and the sort like AoT, Fate/Zero etc. but the OP is great


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