Something Cute: Vocaloid Does Alice in Wonderland

So, I know this video is over three years old, but I haven’t shared any music around here lately and I really like this video. Featuring vocals by a cast dubbed the Vocaloid All Stars, the video chronicles Alice’s (Miku) 11-minute adventure through an alternate version of Alice in Wonderland in musical form—the musical is titled “Alice in Musicland.”

There’s actually a pretty impressive range of music styles contained within this video, and for someone who loves musicals (like I do), it’s a pleasant blend of two different artistic mediums I enjoy. The video, too, done in a sort of paper puppet animation style, is pretty adorable.

I’m not claiming this is a brilliantly insightful artistic endeavor, but it’s light, cute, and fun to watch. If you like musicals or Vocaloid, give it a shot. It just might brighten your day!

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