Anime Artwork Adventures #3

This is going to be a shorter edition this week. I had a really hectic, kind of rough week, and I’m heading home somewhat unexpectedly today. That being said, I think I have a nice variety of pictures for you guys this week. I’m nearly always awed by the talent I find on Pixiv (and just as often horrified at how perverted that talent can be ^_^”).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Don’t forget to chime in down in the comments with your favorite picture or requests for subjects or shows for next week!

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by naosuke (Source)

Apparently sticking Pokéman in Pokéball shaped mugs was a thing recently on Pixiv. There were a number of pictures riffing on the theme, including one with Lefeon and Glaceon, but I the Roselia family is pretty overlooked in my opinion. Budew was one of my few new favorites that came out of Diamond/Pearl, which were otherwise pretty lackluster in introducing new Pokémon. I didn’t go to Sinnoh just to run throw fields of Geodude all over again!

Blast of Tempest

by はくまい (Source)

It should come as no surprise to anyone to hear that I like…really, really love this picture. After a small spurt of Blast of Tempest-related questions over on my, I got thinking about the show and went hunting for fanart, as is wont to happen. This one also had over 1200 favorites, so it seems I’m not the only one happy to see a cast of characters I love all looking happy. The highlights for me are Hakaze’s free-spirited laugh, Yamamoto trying to get in with the kids while Samon holds her off, and Natsumua looking kind of dopey in the back.

Nyarko-san, Nyaruko-san

by Ascalon (Source)

I’m pretty excited about Nyarko-san these days, as I recently won a Crunchyroll contest in which my question for an interview of the director of the series was selected. It’s a pretty cool interview, so check it out if you feel so inclined. This picture is a fun one, with Nyarko a little more geared up than her typical crowbar. I really like the solid purple background, which complements her silver hair nicely. Plus, leaving the ends of the strokes visible sort of reminds me of the conscious nature of the show—”This is a show. This is a picture.”

Dream Eater Merry

by 弭餌 (Source)

I finished up Dream Eater Merry this week, and I was hoping to find a picture for it that at least somewhat captured the really cool aesthetic the show had. This picture of the Dream Demon Engi doesn’t quite get there, but it’s a beautiful picture in its own right. I don’t know the proper art jargon to describe the brushstrokes that make up this picture, but the way they’re drawn make it look as if Engi’s hair is made out of streaks of light. Fitting, I think, for the Dream Demon who derives her power from the moon.

Problem Children versus No Game No Life

by nora (Source)

I also finished up Problem Children are Coming from Another Planet, Aren’t They? In line with my determination to not totally just stick to fanart from shows I personally like, I grabbed this picture with Sora, Shiro, and Steph from No Game Life included. But I’d have my bets on the problem children. Not really surprised to see these to series be compared. Both shows were entertaining somewhat, but failed to really keep me excited all the way through. I’d choose Problem Children if I had to, though.

by oookamoto3 (Source)

This one’s an original I grabbed out of the new queue yesterday. It should be pretty obvious why it caught my attention. We’ve got the boy getting sucked into a whirlpool of bones, bubbles and the shadows of fish around him. The bones almost seem to glow, and the overall color scheme is dark without being terrifying, unsettling without being horrifying. Oceans are dangerous, friends.

3 thoughts on “Anime Artwork Adventures #3

  1. Nyaruko x Kancolle is an interesting mashup. I almost thought it was Shimakaze at first, but the clothes and colors are all wrong for that.

    So you didn’t really care for Mondaiji or NGNL? Interesting…


    • Oh, that’s a Kancolle crossover? I’m not familiar with the franchise at all, so that kind of went over my head.

      & I sort of liked Mondaiji and also sort of liked NGNL, but while I’m more ambivalent about Mondaiji, there were a lot of things I actively disliked about NGNL. But NGNL was a slightly more engaging adventure than Mondaiji was.


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