Anime Artwork Adventures #10 – Fanart Friday Edition

Those of you who have been following me for a while might remember that a while back I tried to do a weekly feature where I compiled cool fanart pictures I found on Pixiv. It fizzled out after nine weeks because it turned out that finding fanart and writing little blurbs about each picture took a lot more time than I was expecting, so I eventually gave it up in accordance my honeymoon period with Pixiv ending.

Well, now I’m temporarily back doing a fanart piece—although this time I’m doing it for Crunchyroll’s long-running Fanart Friday column. As one might expect, I decided my theme for the week would be idols…”Lessons in Idolatry” was the subtitle I decided to go with. So, yeah, check it out and enjoy all the idols!

Here’s the link~


Anime Artwork Adventures #9

Hmmm…what to talk about today? Well, I do have one announcement coming up soon, but I don’t think I’m quite at liberty to release it yet, so y’all will have to wait on that until next week at least.

I finally finished up Revolutionary Girl Utena, which was a brilliant series. I stuck it at #15 on my top shows list, but it will probably sneak slowly upwards the longer it remains in my consciousness. And, since I’m writing a paper on it due at the beginning of December, it will remain so for at least another 3 weeks or so. For those of you who haven’t seen Utena yet, get out there and watch it. It’s a superbly crafted show. Even if you don’t have the same love for theatrical, dramatic, and Shakespearean elements as I do, it’s still an amazing anime.

Now for some pictures!

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Anime Artwork Adventures #8

Hey, guys! It’s been a long week—I applied for two different jobs today—and I’m sitting in the back of a trivia night feeling exhausted, with a surprise birthday part to go to in a couple hours, so this is going to be a bit shorter than normal, for which I apologize.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in the fandom right now, not the least of which is this great season of anime. So, yeah, sorry, that’s all I’ve got right now. Let’s get to the pictures! Lots of originals this week!

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Anime Artwork Adventures #7

My new life goal, guys, is to move to Japan and convince Goose House (the band responsible for the wonderful OP to this season’s Your Lie in April and Silver Spoon‘s first ED) to let me join their band. Someone on Reddit posted a video of them doing a live performance of the KimiUso OP on a livestream and oh my gosh they look so friendly and I want to be their friend. Also, if you haven’t seen the video of Real Akiba Boys dancing like crazy talented fools to Nozaki-kun‘s OP, you should check that out, too. I wish I could find stuff like this myself, but alas, I’m dependent on Reddit for them…

Pretty picture time!

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Anime Artwork Adventures #6

Good news! My proposal to do my final project on Revolutionary Girl Utena went through, so I’ll be starting to watch it pretty soon. I plan on taking pretty extensive notes due to the fact that it’s notoriously convoluted symbolically, and I certainly expect to drop a few posts on the show in here as I work my way through it—ideally, doing so will help me to come up with a solid essay for the project and make it easier to draw all the pieces together.

I’ll also be doing academic research on the show (and probably on the mahou shoujo genre, among other things) and reading other interpretations of the show. If you know of any good ones I probably wouldn’t find on my own, send them my way!

Now, on to the pictures!

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Anime Artwork Adventures #5

Sorry for the dead spell of posting! Midterms just finished up on Wednesday, and I was busy studying for them (and watching Gundam Build Fighters). I think I’m also just a little bit burned out from posting—between writing a lot for classes this year and the absolutely (for me) torrid pace at which I was putting out content starting in the middle of last month, my brain’s just a little bit fried. So, it was nice to take a weeklong break to just watch some fun stuff, not do any heavy blogging, and not fail my classes. Again, sorry for the delay! I’m on midterm break now and I’m hoping to come back refreshed and ready to write.

By way of an apology, I’ll also let y’all know that submitted a informal proposal to write an academic paper on Revolutionary Girl Utena for a final paper for a class. I haven’t seen Utena before, but if the proposal goes through I’ll have the opportunity to watch it, research it, and write about it in detail. And, of course, I’ll definitely get that piece up here when it’s complete. Something to look forward to in like…December…heh.

On to the pictures! They’re back in full numbers this week!

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