Anime Artwork Adventures #6

Good news! My proposal to do my final project on Revolutionary Girl Utena went through, so I’ll be starting to watch it pretty soon. I plan on taking pretty extensive notes due to the fact that it’s notoriously convoluted symbolically, and I certainly expect to drop a few posts on the show in here as I work my way through it—ideally, doing so will help me to come up with a solid essay for the project and make it easier to draw all the pieces together.

I’ll also be doing academic research on the show (and probably on the mahou shoujo genre, among other things) and reading other interpretations of the show. If you know of any good ones I probably wouldn’t find on my own, send them my way!

Now, on to the pictures!

Akame ga Kill

by ほらたき (Source)

Last week was a little light on the cute anime girls, so we’re making up for it this week! Chelsea’s one of the new additions to Akame ga Kill‘s Night Raid (in the anime), and a perfect example of what how the show really makes me sad. She’s far too deep in an auxiliary character role to survive for long (plus, she has very low combat ability and is a trickster-type fighter), so I’m preparing my heart for her inevitable death. Why, Akame ga Kill, why? Why must you inflict these pretty girls on me, only to tear them away in a depressing bloody manner? What did cute anime girls ever do to you?


by ちょび音 (Source)

Something something cute anime girls, amirite? Masomi Kida’s one of my all-time favorite characters (if you want to know why, I did an answer on it a while back). Of course, that answer is filled with typical aniblogger stuff like motivations and stuff, and doesn’t say anything about his looks—which are, you know, pretty good. Especially with the head tilt in this image, which left his blonde hair fall a bit to the side, Kida’s a definite looker. And that collarbone…

by ゆうきち (Source)

This one was the top entry in Pixiv’s Albino Spotlight, and for good reason. It actually looks a tad bit too bright around the character to me, but otherwise it’s a gorgeous piece or artwork, with the lines of butterflies and floating fish guiding the eye to the character and then flowing with her dress down into the water. I also really appreciate the small details in the background’s trees and the little flowers in the foreground’s left corner. And I checked the tags this time! I’m sure it’s actually an original!


by 慢半拍的某楚 (Source)

I also noticed this week that Pixiv is working on expanding its English tagging system (an effort for which I’m eternally grateful), which gave me the idea of going to see what Pixiv had to offer in the way of one of my top two favorite Pokemon, Altaria. A truly cute addition to any party, it was a rare game of Ruby or Emerald in which I didn’t have an Altaria with me (I also had a shiny one—yellow—at one point). And that Dragon-typing… ❤ I never really thought of Alataria as a winter Pokemon, but snowflake overlays in this picture are a nice touch that give the picture an increased sense of depth it wouldn’t otherwise have. I didn’t actually notice the one in the bottom right corner right away, but it’s there.

by ポ~ン(出水ぽすか)(Source)

A bit scarier than the stuff I normally get for these, but it’s almost Halloween anyway, right? I found this one in the Female Demographic Rankings at #9 for 10/23. It looks to me like the girl is trying to keep the boy from barging in on her castle, and I really like how all the pumpkins (especially the ones on the right side) look like they’re staring directly at him. I also like the juxtaposition between the bright, star-filled sky and the grim, drab appearance of the girl’s castle. It also looks like there’s a small village off to the left. Is that where the boy (invader?) came from?

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

by 蛇遣いさん@お仕事募集中 (Source)

There’s not much fanart our there yet for YuYuYu, as can probably be expected for a show that more or less came out of nowhere this season (late double episode premiere, not much information prior to airing). However, this is as good a time as any to chat about Yuuna’s mahou shoujo outfit, which I quite like. I said elsewhere that hers reminds me of the character designs from SAO‘s Alfheim arc. I also appreciate the fact than Yuuna’s a redhead who’s not a tsundere. Don’t get me wrong—I like redtsuns. But it’s pleasant to see just a nice redheaded girl (or a blue-haired tsun, thank you based Twintails) every now and then.

Hitsugi no Chaika

by raidenvt (Source)

It’s Chaikaaaaaa! Everyone’s (or at least she should be everyone’s) favorite moegirl magic-using possibly undead princess makes her first appearance in an Anime Artwork Adventures post, giant eyebrows and all. And what a way to do it. For some reason, this picture has Gothic feel to it—yes, I know about her outfit, but it’s more than that. I’m very much reminded of Gosick‘s Victorique (there’s another character I should invite over here sometime), more from the color and green and the sunlight than from Chaika’s clothes. It might have something to do with the her eyes, too, which are in my estimation the most striking part of the whole picture.


by ゆ吉 (Source)

It’s basically impossible to find a cool picture just featuring Raku on Pixiv, so I had to give up on my original intention for the final spot in the post. Luckily, I stumbled on something even better: a genderbent battle between Chitoge-kun and Marika-sama over Raku-chan. It’s probably not surprising, but I prefer this Chitoge to Marika here again, with Rakuita mostly being dead weight. I do find it kind of amusing that Raku’s hair is pretty close to the same length it is when he’s a guy, but with a little more length, more swooshes, and less spikes, he takes on more of a feminine look. Also, #TeamChitoge.

Thanks for reading through! As always, feel free to drop some feedback in the comments about your favorite picture this week!

15 thoughts on “Anime Artwork Adventures #6

  1. As a fan of Nisekoi, I loved when I found that genderbent art, but seriously had wish more had been done than just the 4 that were done.


  2. As by some freaky coincidence I am also writing a paper on Revolutionary Girl Utena (and Hourou Musuko), I have plenty of academic resources for you!

    Online sources:

    Click to access bailey.pdf

    Print sources:

    Kotani, Mari. “Metamorphosis of the Japanese Girl: The Girl, the Hyper-Girl, and the Battling Beauty.” Mechademia 1 (2006): 162-169.

    The focus on my essay is on queer representations, so most of my other sources aren’t really about anime. Not sure if you’re interested in that. But if you want, we can talk about this some more and exchange ideas over email 😀


    • You, too?! That is freaky! Unsurprisingly, I’ve actually come across some of those same sources, including the Mechademia one. But thanks for sharing! I haven’t watched the show yet, but I’m thinking I’ll probably be more focused on gender roles than on queer representation, so I don’t think I have any sources you don’t that hit on that specifically. Man….I wish I could return the favor.

      I’d lovee to do some idea exchange over email once I actually get started watching the show!


  3. First off iblessall, you have terrible taste in Pokèmans. Less so in pictures of them. I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you this. Altaria? Also meh taste in best girls. #TeamMarika yo. But on the subject of Pokèmon check this picture out!

    But woooowww that Chaika picture. O_O Love, love, love that gothic style. Reminds me of the artwork in a manga I’m reading. 10/10 great find!

    Also, I spent ages trying to get good artwork of Koto from Kyousougiga, and it was not easy. Bask in the fruits of my labour


    • I bet you’re one of those mainstream pleebs who thinks Garchomp is the end-all-be-all of Dragon types…. >_> But that looks like the greatest field trip of all time.

      & yeah, that Chaika picture is just stunning. You know how it is browsing Pixiv…pages of meh and pages of smut and then suddenly, “OH. OH. OH WOW.”

      Koto needs better tags/more fanart.


  4. Kida’s one of my favourite anime characters as well. 🙂

    You may well have already seen it/be reading it, but Vrai over at Fashionable Tinfoil accessories has an ongoing series of articles analysing Revolutionary Girl Utena. Even if you don’t find it directly helpful to your project (not sure how much crossover there is), they’re a bunch of really interesting and extremely well-written posts:


    • I hadn’t seen those before! I don’t know if I’d be able to use them as sources for the paper (due to academic restraints), but they might at least be nice supplemental reading for me!


  5. Utena?

    Time for an unpopular opinion… but you can already guess it… yes, about the yuri, and how terrible that a seemingly complex work like that had these elements.


    • Watching Utena is part of my project to hopefully expand my own understanding and ability to love and empathize with others. The yuri elements I expect to make me slightly uncomfortable. But the goal isn’t to be comfortable all the time, but to become kinder.


      • Have you looked at it from a Catholic morality viewpoint?

        That is, if normalization or positive depictions of immorality are something we ought to watch.

        Also, why immerse oneself in these thing for gaining empathy? You don’t need to expose to normalizing or positive depictions of sin to love others.


        • I hope I am always examining myself from a faith-based point of view. That being said, I haven’t actually Utena yet, so I don’t know if it does, as you say, normalize or positively depict “immorality.” It’s not that I haven’t thought about this at all—I have thought about and I’ve not found watching it to be problematic.

          I hope that I’m strong enough in my faith to being able to watch things, think about them both critically and from a spiritual point of view, and then take what is good and discard what is bad.


          • What I’m trying to say, is that there are certain things we shouldn’t watch even if we are strong, because these contain something objectively bad, and against Catholic morality.

            One of these, is the positive portrayal of immorality, no consequences for the characters, normalization of certain behaviors, etc. Also, while some productions aren’t problematic for someone (for example, acertain level of fanservice in some anime), that doens’t mean they would be ok for other people, so because of that, is needed certain caution when discussing, or publishing about these, for example, content warnings, etc, so a possible occasion or occassions of sin don’t get people by surprise.

            If not, where is the limit?

            The situation we found ourselves into, is unprecedented. Things like the state of fandoms, are something that decades ago wouldn’t be possible. And that is where normalization comes to play. Desensitization to sin, to immorality, etc.

            And what is troubling too? intellectually or artistically interesting productions, but that have these problems, or actually are occasions of sin. Is a bit difficult to combat that. There is emotional attachment, intellectual attachment, etc, and many times people let things pass, because they are trying to hold to certain “merits” in productions. How you can turn someone to have a more critical approach (specially regarding morality, because many people speak about their critical examinations of productions, but overlook the moral aspect) towards the cultural products, art, etc they consume?

            A topic with lots of ramifications, certainly.


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