Fall 2014, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

Honestly, I just don’t feel like writing much of an intro right now. But I’m gonna do it anyways, because if I just spend this space talking about how I don’t want to write an intro, I’ll just end up with an intro anyways of me talking about just that. So, here’s handful of random stuff—that counts, right?

  1. Look at my beautiful screencaps from WIXOSS this week!
  2. Three weeks late, I’m finally as excited about Bahamaut as everyone else is.
  3. I can’t stop thinking about how much better Your Lie in April would be if Kaori was a violist instead of a violinist.
  4. Something something Chaiiiiiikaaaaaaa
  5. In case you missed it, the blog hit 100k view this week!


Shirobako, Episode 3: Can you even handle how real Shirobako is? It’s almost like a parody/reference anime where ever few shots you’re going, “Oh! I know what that’s referencing!” Except Shirobako just references real life. It’s really just an endless parade of “Yup, seen/done that before,” moments set in the anime industry instead of our own office jobs. The fact that Shirobako can do that and still be entertaining is, frankly, marvelous. For some reason, my work never seems as interesting as the people in Shirobako‘s work…maybe our office just needs more moegirls and guys? (Side note: actually, the last office I worked in had quite a number of good looking people of both genders.)

Amagi Brilliant Park, Episode 4: It’s really interesting to me that both Sento and Kanie are dealing with the same issues of insecurity born of failing to meet expectations they’ve placed on themselves in order to please others. It’s also notable that Sento already knows she’s failed, but she’s too stuck in her ways to make a change in her behavior. Fortunately, it turns out that her talents are useful in other capacities. She just doesn’t have the charisma Kanie does to manage people as people, but can definitely manage a team in action. Speaking of Kanie’s charisma, his flair for the dramatic popped up again in his little speech to Sento at the bottom of the stairs. For me, this was the most interesting part of the episode—there seemed to be more than a little hint of desperation/over-compensation in how wildly he oscillated from calmly talking into preaching back into calmness. I’m interested to see where, if anywhere, that particular facet of her personality crops up again.

Amagi Brilliant Park

Your Lie in April, Episode 3: I was thinking about writing up a full first impressions post after this episode, which I generally liked while also finding it somewhat troubling. I wasn’t quite as upset about it as E Minor was, but the elements he discusses in his post more or less tackle the same stuff that made me uneasy. This was by far the most “anime” episode of Your Lie in April, which was supposed to be so much more. It’s not right now, and while I’m still kind of halfway sold on it and don’t really see it as a drop…this is a very inconsistent show and it’s got problems.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Episode 4: Fantastic episode from start to finish. Whether it was Amira’s amazing facial expressions and constant whining about being hungry, only to be disappointed by the crab at the end or the well-executed, compelling twist (Farvaro and Rita together in a party is going to be AMAZING), this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Plus, we got zombies fighting lizard men, sword duels in the rigging, a moment of honesty from Rita about why she’s following Kaiser, and a bit of very interesting information about Kaiser and Farvaro’s backstory. It now makes sense why Kaiser hates Farvaro so much and Farvaro seems to be so apathetic about it—Farvaro didn’t do what Kaiser thought he did. Instead, someone else was manipulating things from behind the scenes. Now we’re spinning into a new story and things look like they’re just going to get better from here.

selector spread WIXOSS, Episode 4: I was going to write a full episodic post for this episode, but then AKB0048 happened and that went down the drain. I had so many screenshots, though! We finally got to see Tama again (she got the bulk of the best screencaps), a lot of Chiyori squeaking, not enough of Ulith being nasty, and too much of Akira slobbering tears. Plus, Ruko, et al. finally contact Futase Fumio, who is probably a girl but looks like a boy, which means the clues that will lead us to the end of the story are on their way. Iona’s perpetual distaste for friendship continues to be one of the more interesting elements of the show for me, although WIXOSS doesn’t seem to be interested in doing much with it right now.

YuYuYu, Episode 3: A chill episode, with a lot less action and a lot more moe girls doing moe girl things—which was pretty okay by me. The new girl (err, what was her name again?) is slightly grating, but her extreme bossiness constantly getting undercut by the obviously more mature Itsuki and Yuuna’s persistent friendliness makes it a bit more bearable. The scene with the phone chat at the end was pretty nice. I also think new girl has the most death flags around her, if YuYuYu ends up diving into death and despair.

In a Sentence

  • RWBY, Episode 11: Not that great action-wise by RWBY standards, but the final episode next week should be a fun slugfest.
  • Akame ga Kill, Episode 10-16: Chelsea is going to die and I’m going to be sad.
  • Argevollen, Episode 16: Still uncommonly good at these interlude episodes.
  • Twintails, Episode 3: Tailblue arrives on the scene with a might wave of tsun!
  • Garo, Episode 4: Man, the little boy pounding Leòn’s back was the most devastating thing I saw in this week’s episodes.

Garo the Animation

  • Log Horizon, Episode 4: It’d be really great if they let Akatsuki’s soul searching be more than just the same 4 thoughts paraphrased over and over and over again.
  • Sora no Method, Episode 4: The longer they hold back the reveal of what happened when the saucer came down, the less I believe everything that is happening in the show’s present.
  • Inou Battle, Episode 4: This show is a bad at being funny, and pretty darn good at human relationships, which is kind of a weird combination to have.
  • Akatsuki no Yona, Episode 4: The shoujo comedy moments are still working for me, but please won’t someone turn down the music!
  • Hitsugi no Chaika, Episode 4: Not much new information today, but there are a lot of cool elements coming together for one heck of a fighting finish.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

8 thoughts on “Fall 2014, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

  1. First: Your office isn’t fun because I am not there. Duh.

    Now for the other points:

    I really want to watch Amagi, but am severely attempting to hold myself back because with it being licensed I think it would be easier to watch it on the dark parts of the internet when it is all out rather than trying to remember it weekly.

    We are finally agreeing on Bahamut which is awesome.

    And… I guess our thoughts are also on the same wavelength again for the rest of the shows. At least of what I am watching. Quite a few of your one lines and WIXOSS I am not keeping up with right now.


    • First: That is probably the answer, but at least the people there were good looking!

      & yeah, that’s a good point. If I didn’t have my current watchlist here on my blog, I’d forget Amagi every week, probably.

      Bahamut was more fun for me this week because I finally actually had characters I cared about (Rita and Kaiser). Now that they’re separated, I have a good reason to be interested in both parties until I warm up more to Farvaro and we get more characterization for Amira, who has GREAT faces.


      • She does have great faces, as I put in my blog post: “leave it to anime(or anime related art) to make something that is suppose to be scary (demon) cute.”


  2. Amagi Brilliant Park: I’m surprised KyoAni made a show with that quantity of fanservice (compared to their other recent offerings), personally, it isn’t that bothering, but I guess other people could be more sensible to that. Isuzu reminds me of other female both characters in design in personality, but I can’t pinpoint exactly which one.

    Your Lie in April: It looked like a really beautiful show… but what ruined it for me? what the protagonist said before her performance. After a quick search, the use of these words together, appear in: the name of a Hayate the Combat Butler episode, a videogame, a yaoi fan manga, and what is more disturbing… as part of an invocation ritual from an occult book.

    Ugh, why the mangaka had to add that? I get they sometimes are fascinated by western stuff, but he could’ve been more careful when selecting that. Why he didn’t added an adequate prayer?

    Rage of Bahamut: Another production that plays with the concept of good, evil and chaos, in this case, Angels, demons, and a Dragon. After reading baout it, I rather not watch that one. Also, the depictions of some Angels as immodestly dressed girls is terrible. But I guess that comes from the card game, since it features immodestly dressed nund and female clerics, besides the typical fanservicey characters from some recent online card games.

    YuYuYu: One of the most interesting series from this season. I was expecting a moé slice of life. What a surprise! I like the music and the aesthetics, although I dislike how they put so much focus on Togo’s breasts at her transformation. (Other two girls feature panty shots, or “shiort”-shots) That was very unexpected.

    Inou Battle: That one is interesting too. Low on fanservice, specially considering the genre. Fun characters and interactions, plus various hilarious scenes. The dark oriented chuuni (redhead’s brother) is a bit annoying, though, I hope it doesn’t turn into a Chuunibyou second season case, where the new girl said some implorations mentioning demons… I dropped that series half way. Plus, they included yuri bits too, another reson to drop it.

    Garo: I’ve seen some images, and read a bit about that one. Who are the ones executing witches? is that another cliched story of good witches, and evil paladins or clerics?

    WIXOSS: I was reading about that one some months ago. Is true that has incest? I think is very disturbing that many recent anime are featuring that, and as a good thing.


    • Garo: I suspect you’d find it another “good witches/evil clerics” thing, although it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

      WIXOSS: It had incest as an element last season, yuri this season. I don’t think you’d find it much to your taste.


      • In this year various anime series have been featuring a lot of promotion of immorality. Considering both, the objective situation, and the subjective effects on fans (the fandom is getting worse and worse), I think that’s a very troubling tendency.


  3. I reckon Log Horizon works much better as a marathon series. It makes the incredibly slow pacing and repetitiveness much more bearable. It’s weird, I only really enjoyed the fist season when I could watch 3-4 episodes at a time. Watching it one episode a week was actively tiring.

    Not sure what to make of Yu^3 this week. I thought it was really boring and inconsequential.. But, at the same time I really grew to like the new girl by the end. Something about the way she plays tsundere worked for me, and I’m usually very annoyed by tsunderes. So there’s that.

    I’m totally into the way Bahamut switched up the parties. It’ll be cool seeing how everyone plays off each other differently. And that scrubbing scene in Shirobako! So good. Anime is so good. You chose a good medium to devote yourself to.


    • Ya reckon, eh? 😛

      Yeah, the tsun worked better for me as the show went along. Maybe because she warmed up pretty quickly?

      Anime is good! I’m super thankful like all of the time because of how much great stuff I get to see. That’s the great thing about getting so many new shows each season—we have that much more opportunity for greatness.


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