Anime Artwork Adventures #7

My new life goal, guys, is to move to Japan and convince Goose House (the band responsible for the wonderful OP to this season’s Your Lie in April and Silver Spoon‘s first ED) to let me join their band. Someone on Reddit posted a video of them doing a live performance of the KimiUso OP on a livestream and oh my gosh they look so friendly and I want to be their friend. Also, if you haven’t seen the video of Real Akiba Boys dancing like crazy talented fools to Nozaki-kun‘s OP, you should check that out, too. I wish I could find stuff like this myself, but alas, I’m dependent on Reddit for them…

Pretty picture time!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

by ぽむす (Source)

I finally started Revolutionary Girl Utena today, and wow, did I love it! The whole show has a Shakespearean sensibility to it that y’all should know I really dig, and the aesthetics are just…ugh, really gorgeous. I’m really, really excited to continue on with the show & I’m probably going to be churning out episodic posts so I don’t have to slow down my watching speed too much. And let me tell you, watching anime for class is like the best thing ever. Post-anime binging has never been so guilt-free!

Blast of Tempest

by JuicyYao (Source)

Hakaze is here (again) because Utena reminds me of her—they’re both strong female characters that can hold their own against the men in their shows without giving up their femininity, which I really love. For me, that’s a sort of feminist ideal I really embrace: women standing equal to men, but doing so while simultaneously recognizing their own identity as a woman. If you ask me, that’s pretty attractive, and not in a “oh, that’s gurl’s hawt, brah” kind of way. Just in a general fulfilled and self-actualized person kind of way. Oh, yeah, and this picture has a Chihayafuru-esque sensibility to it that I loooooove.

Tokyo Ghoul

by ダエ (Source)

I have not seen Tokyo Ghoul, but with these fabulous gentlemen populating its episodes, I…could maybe be convinced. Someday. Okay, probably not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this picture—and so I do. I found this on in the #3 spot on the Female Demographic Rankings (I told you guys I liked this chart) for 10/30. I actually think I was more attracted to the graffiti-like designs on the back wall and the scattered books in shades of orange, red, and yellow on the floor than to the characters, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that the guys are pretty good looking fellows.

Monogatari Series

by くぐるぎ (Source)

I’m not the biggest fan of Ononoki, but I certainly don’t hate her odd mannerisms and stilted way of speaking. In any case, I think it’s appropriate to celebrate the upcoming adaptation of Tsukimonogatari. In case you missed it, I did some calculations a bit ago on how much it might end up costing to own the entirity of the Monogatari franchise in the US by the time Aniplex is done releasing them all. The results are kind of terrifying. But still! More Monogatari is good, even if it might end up costing me a couple month’s rent or something to own. Also, Kanbaru is so happy in this picture. Nice to see after all the soul-searching faces she was making in Hanamonogatari.

Gurren Lagann

by もさこ (Source)

THIS IS SO CUTE FWAAAAA!! Oh, and pretty! Very pretty! You know, I imagine that this is the kind of future that Simon and Nia deserved, but never could have due to all the business of ruling the known world and then saving the galaxy and then…Nia… 😦 But the thing I really like about this picture is the simplicity of it. It’s big, but there’s not a lot going one—just the couple, the waves, and the mecha. We also get the lovely treat of seeing the stars and sunset reflected in the water. This is kind of wallpaper worthy, now that I think about it. Hmmm…I’ve been thinking about changing one out recently. I might have found a good candidate here.

Medaka Box

by エオス@未来さん大天使 (Source)

There’s a lot of Kumagawa fanart on Pixiv. Being an anime-only watcher myself (I’ll get to the manga someday), I’ve never really understood the fanbase’s infatuation with him—Medaka herself has always been more my speed and even in all her overpowered moral and physical glory, I’ve found her to be quite compelling. She actually sort of reminds me of Gatchaman Crowds‘ Hajime Ichinose, as she’s sort of the ideological centerpiece of the show. And I just think she’s a blast to watch. I like idealists, and Medaka’s radical insensitivity (at least initially) to all viewpoints besides her own is something I enjoy watching, even if I don’t aspire to those attitudes myself or admire them in real world people.

Yozakura Quartet

by 萩安曇 (Source)

Hime is so cool, you guys. So cool. And her scarf is just great. I love her scarf. And I’m stuck in short sentences. Very stuck. Help me, please. It’s late and I still have another picture to find and write about. So don’t mess with Hime. She’s the mayor, and she’s a boss mayor. With a super awesome spear. Also, the first adaptation of Yozakura Quartet actually wasn’t terrible and I thought there was some pretty solid character work in it. Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta was a bunch of fun, though, and I wouldn’t mind rewatching it. The first iteration…I’m not sure I really care enough to go back to it.

selector infected WIXOSS

by 香月結衣 (Source)

I know some people found Tama annoying at the beginning of selector infected WIXOSS (and some people might still find her annoying), but I liked her from the beginning. “Battoru! Battoru!” She was so cute and yet still so violent! Okay, that wasn’t exactly what I liked about her—it was more just that white’s my favorite color and Tama is all white, all the time. Being able to turn into an awesome battoruing fighter is just the icing on the cake.

12 thoughts on “Anime Artwork Adventures #7

  1. Yes, they look friendly, I liked the video for the second Silver Spoon ending song.

    I was watching some videos recently, and that opening to Your Lie in April is just another reminder that such a fantastic looking series was ruined by the “imploration” the girl protagonist did before her recital in ep. 2… Is still sad when I think about it… why they had to lift something from an occult ritual? arghhh.

    Ah, I think you didn’t completed the first phrase, convince them of what? I guess that joining their group.

    That Utena image is an example of one of the main problems with yuri in anime… the exaltation of it via aesthetics (moé aesthetics in recent productions, shojo aesthetics in that one).


  2. Hmm, maybe Goose House need a drummer? Thank you for offering me that very easy lead-in.

    Augh, damn. You made me remember the ending to TTGL. I completely forgot about Nia… ;_;

    The Hakaze picture is great, but it has little nitpicks I can’t not see when I look at it.

    A lot of people I follow seem to be starting Utena suddenly. You… Zeroreq… and, so on. I have had it sitting in my hard drive for months, and it’s been on my watchlist for years.. Maybe I’ll finally start it up after I finish AKB.


    • That drummer looks wayyyy to hardcore for Goose House haha. I imagine they’re all like prep school kids who went a little hippie, but not all the way.

      Not sure what you’re talking about with the Hakaze picture, but don’t tell me or I won’t be able to look at it happily anymore.

      & I’m really liking Utena so far. Planning on getting a post on the first episode done by the end of today, & hopefully going to get through another couple episodes.


      • Nearly said what it was straight away, but I kind of figured you’d rather not know for that exact reason.

        If you write episodic posts on Utena up here then…gasp you could reference yourself!


    • I discovered Goose House’s YouTube channel (they have over 1 million subscribers, which is pretty unusual, I think, for a Japanese band), and oh my gosh they are just like the cutest group of people ever. And not in a ‘kawai’ way, just in a “they are so happy about what they’re doing” kind of way.


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