Anime Artwork Adventures #8

Hey, guys! It’s been a long week—I applied for two different jobs today—and I’m sitting in the back of a trivia night feeling exhausted, with a surprise birthday part to go to in a couple hours, so this is going to be a bit shorter than normal, for which I apologize.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in the fandom right now, not the least of which is this great season of anime. So, yeah, sorry, that’s all I’ve got right now. Let’s get to the pictures! Lots of originals this week!

by トマル (Source)

Pixiv has its Scarf Spotlight on right now in celebration of autumn weather hitting Japan, which is great for me as scarves are one of my favorite accessories—both to wear myself and see on other people. I didn’t realize at first that this poor girl was crying, but I’m kind of in love with the way her headphones are drawn own like another picture overlain across the original picture of the moegirl.

by マナカッコワライ@ツイッター (Source)

I should mention that I’m generally not a huge of short dress-coats like this, but the fur and the beautiful scarf and her gorgeously drawn hair make up for a fashion choice I’m not a big fan of. I also think it’s really clever how the wind is blowing down from the street as the perspective widens. I think it adds a nice sense of motion to the more general directions of the snowflakes.


by 月森うさこ (Source)

Boys can wear scarves, too! If you ask me, there’s nothing cuter than a moeboy wrapped up in a fall or winter scarf. Haru wasn’t my favorite guy from Free! (Rin FTW), but I have to admit that his blue eyes are absolutely striking in this picture, especially when contrasted with the red and gray of his scarf. This is also a nice moment to mention that the fence shots of in Free!‘s first OP were my favorite bit of animation—even though I didn’t particularly care for the song.

by KD (Source)

Pixiv, as you’ll see, is pretty darn fond of cute anime kids sharing scarves—and apparently even a simple bit of friendship like this gets tagged as yuri, so that’s a thing. “Sharing an umbrella” is also a tag, so I guess that’s a common thing, too. I’m not exactly sure if sharing an umbrella qualifies as a fetish, but I also didn’t think it would be quite so popular that it would require its own Pixiv tag. Then again…it is Pixiv….

Love Live!

by なつきしゅり (Source)

This is my first Love Live! fanart in one of these—I’m shocked I lasted this long without having this member of the Pixiv queens on here (TouhouLove Live!Kancolle), especially considering that I’ve already inadvertently had the other two on here before. Kotori’s never been one of my favorite School Idols, but she continually grows on me thanks to the great fanart she gets. Honoka, I’ve always liked—her upbeat spirit is infectious, and I think, of all the Muse members, she’s the one who loves performing the most.

by トリュフ (Source)

Pixiv also had a Shirts and Young Guys Spotlight on tonight, which is a kind of an oddly vague+specific category, but when you get beautiful original artwork like this featured, who cares? But seriously, this is a beautiful piece, and I don’t think I even really have the artistic jargon in my vocabulary to describe what it is exactly that I like about this piece. There’s the texture of his clothing, the way pieces of the picture seems to fade into pastel smears, the shift in lighting from top to bottom, the way the birds complement the color of his shirt…okay, maybe I did a decent job right there…

Alright, that’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, apologies for the brevity. See you all next week!

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