Anime Artwork Adventures #9

Hmmm…what to talk about today? Well, I do have one announcement coming up soon, but I don’t think I’m quite at liberty to release it yet, so y’all will have to wait on that until next week at least.

I finally finished up Revolutionary Girl Utena, which was a brilliant series. I stuck it at #15 on my top shows list, but it will probably sneak slowly upwards the longer it remains in my consciousness. And, since I’m writing a paper on it due at the beginning of December, it will remain so for at least another 3 weeks or so. For those of you who haven’t seen Utena yet, get out there and watch it. It’s a superbly crafted show. Even if you don’t have the same love for theatrical, dramatic, and Shakespearean elements as I do, it’s still an amazing anime.

Now for some pictures!

Inou Battle

by asakuraShinji (Source)

Following in the long tradition of my best girls, Inou Battle‘s Tomoyo is yet another redtsun who has established herself as the best girl in her respective show. The grade schooler, while cute, doesn’t do a lot for me; the senpai is okay; and Hatoko gives Tomoyo a run for her money, but falls a bit short. My favorite parts of Tomoyo’s design are definitely her hair clips. The teal/green color stands out against her hair without looking ugly, and the stars are super cute. I also like the background in this one. The blue lights in the water on the left side of the image are really pretty.


by Realla (Source)

I’m not 100% sure, but I think this is the first time I’ve had Vocaloid fanart featured on an Anime Artwork Adventures. I found this picture in my feed after one of the artists I follow bookmarked it. I know I’ve talked about my love of motion in artwork, and this image fascinates me with the different directions in which it pulls the eye. Naturally, the two jumping Vocaloids (Rin and Len Kagamine, for those of you not familiar with them) pull the eye to the left first, but the splashing water in the corner then pushes it back out again. Rin also looks really pretty here, and I like both their shoes—kind of a random small detail, but there enough for me to take notice.

by のみや (Source)

I don’t know if this art style will strike anyone as familiar, but this original artwork is an upload from one of the artists I actually follow on Pixiv. I had some of their art on an earlier Anime Artwork Adventures and like their style enough to keep up with their other work. Their previous work featured teddy bears as well, albeit in a more fantastical setting. However, one of the things I find really wonderful about this picture is that the floor of the aquarium is rounded and dotted with lights to make it almost look like the globe. And then, the fish in the water themselves are beautifully rendered. I love the splotches of light that appear throughout the water.

by 茶みらい (Source)

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I actually used to play violin and viola back in the day. Viola eventually became my favorite of the two, but although I never played the bass myself (out of the upright strings, I prefer the cell) I knew a few of the bassists pretty well. Anyways, I found this moegirl in the Male Demographic rankings at #37 on 11/13/14. It’s nice to see one of the lower strings represented in fanart—violins, I think, are much more recognized out in the general public at the face of the string section. I don’t know how I feel about her jumping with such a large (and presumably expensive) instrument in her hands, but hey! At least she’s happy to be making music!

Evangelion 3.33

by Yuu (Source)

Keeping with the music theme, how about some piano from the Pixiv’s Piano Spotlight?. The description of this one tells me its a tribute to the Evangelion Rebuilds (3.33, specifically), but as I’ve not watch any Eva that doesn’t mean much to me. Maybe it will to some of you who have seen it. I just liked clock in the background of the picture and the warm glow around the player of the piano (who I don’t think is Shinji?). It’s kind of hard to tell because the picture is too long to fit into my screen, but I think there’s a gradual progression from the bottom of the image to the top. Your eyes rise to the top of the clockwork along with the notes of the piano.

Mekaku City Actors, Kagerou Project

by NuaChan (Source)

I dug through a couple pages of the New queue before I found this cherry picture of Mekaku City Actors‘ Ene. I know some people found Ene annoying, but I liked her from pretty much the first episode of the show. It definitely helped that she was voiced by Kana Asumi, but Ene was so genki that I couldn’t help but feel fond of her. And then can Takane Enemoto’s episodes and she truly become my favorite. I really like how lightly Ene’s hair is drawn in this one; a lot of fanart I’ve seen of her has her hair a lot darker, but I think the lighter color fits her personality well.

Your Lie in April

by 猫神奏 (Source)

I really liked Your Lie in April today, so how about some Kaori fanart? KimiUso has a really lovely aesthetic to it—lots of warm colors (a palate from which this piece is definitely drawing somewhat), but also a lot of cooler, bleaker colors, too. I don’t know how much more I can write about KimiUso today after dropping over 1300 words in my earlier post, so I’ll just say that I really like the Rapunzel-esque hair Kaori’s got in this picture. I’d also be curious to know whether or not the notes on the sheet music actually make a real song or not.


by Kami (Source)

Let’s end with a series I finished a while ago, but couldn’t find good fanart for the first time I looked: AKB0048. This is Yuko, my favorite girl (but not by that much) from the first season. As for the picture, I like the relative simplicity of it compared to some of the other pieces I’ve had this week. This isn’t a super elegant or complex drawing, but it has a nice charm to it in the bold lines and in Yuko’s nice fall outfit.

That’s all for now~! Thanks for reading; see you next week! Let me know which picture was your favorite in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Anime Artwork Adventures #9

  1. As always, great taste in art, inferior taste in best girls…

    That said the Tomoyo picture is probably my favourite one this week. Real cute.

    I don’t have any fanart to link back here, but as congratulations for completing Utena, here have this AMV


    • I really should bully Garlock into commenting on my blog so I can at least have one commentor who understands how to pick a best girl…although Froggy usually does a pretty good job.

      & ugh, that AMV…my heart. ;_;


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