Your Lie in April, Episode 10

There is no word that we haven’t stripped away all meaning from with overuse left for me to use to try and describe this episode. They all fall short. Let me try anyways.

This was Your Lie in April (Shitagtsu wa Kimi no Uso or KimiUso or whatever you prefer) at its absolute best, making use of all of its strengths, succumbing to none of its weakness, and letting the most potent element of all—the intensely personal unity between musician, emotion, and music—radiate out like recurring pulses of sunlight. This was nine episodes of on-again, off-again storytelling, some great emotional moments, a lot of painful trauma all breathing in together and out again to produce what I’m ready to call the best episode of the season; and maybe of the year. It is always, always a blessing and a privilege to experience something like this.

I am thankful.

Your Lie in April

I could—and have—tried to analyze this episode on its technical merits, which are outstanding, but that seems to me to be the least honest way I can respond to this episode. To say I had an emotional response the the entirety of this mesmerizing episode would be an understatement. So, instead, let me try my best to highlight the moments that mean the most to me and explain why they did so. That’s the very least I feel I owe this episode.

~The Stars Shine at Night and in Our Lives~

“The stars shine at night, you know?” Watari tells Kousei at the beginning of the episode. It’s an innocuous enough statement, one of those obvious truths about the natural world that somehow captures a sentiment far beyond that of scientific knowledge. But, for Kousei, they mean something different. He’s a young man who has been, for two whole years of his short life, shrouded in darkness and in pain. His life has been lived in the night of his guilt and his regret and his anger. But the stars shine at night, you know? There’s no darkness so complete that it cannot be broken by light.

And we see where the lights in Kousei’s life have come from: from Watari, his lighthearted and loyal friend, a boy like him, struggling with feelings of inadequacy despite a desire to be more. From Tsubaki, a devoted and kind friend, one who has lit up his life despite the fact that she herself is no more certain of her purpose than he is. And, of course, from Kaori—the one he cares most about, the one to whom he wishes to communicate his feelings, the one who points out the stars to him while illuminating him like the sun.

Your Lie in April

~Don’t Stop~

How long can you fight alone? How long can you struggle against the worst pain you’ve ever experienced after running away from it? Kousei tries—he sees the bleak, soundless world of his guilt coming towards him and he does everything he can to keep it away and keep playing. Around him, the people who care about him beg for him to do anything but stop—Emi, with her beautiful desire to hear him play out of his heart once more; Tsubaki, who has waited all this time for him to be able to see the world in color again; Kaori, who has brought him to this stage where he fights the battle.

They all plead with him not to fall into silence once more, not to give up even if the piano refuses to answer him.

Your Lie in April

~What It Looks Like~

When you emerge from darkness—when the stars finally shine around you—what will you see?

Will is be a glimpse of the new driving out the old?

Will it be the space where you have come to know again what love is?

Will you see the child who can’t understand what is happening because of the light you bring?

Or will you hear the generosity of an old soul embracing what you offer?

Remember! Remember the people who tried with all their strength to show you the way.

Your Lie in April

See the open beauty of the sky reflected around a new way to see the world.

See the smallest thing, the only thing necessary.

Let flowers fall as they must.

Return to the ones who love you.

You can merely sit beneath the tree and let its beauty blend with all you have.

Your Lie in April

Find something beyond good or bad; find something more lasting, more permanent.

Find freedom.

Find existence in this world.

Find peace.

Find yourself.

Your Lie in April

~Let It Ring~

If there is one final thing I can say for this episode, it is only to ask those of you who read this—don’t forget what you saw today. Things like this ought to be remember. In a world that so constantly feels like it’s enveloped in night, moments of livid beauty like this become our stars. Don’t let it fade away. Remember it.

Let it ring.

Your Lie in April

10 thoughts on “Your Lie in April, Episode 10

    • I scrapped a solid 700 words out of my first draft on this show and spent a whole lot of time just staring at my screen thinking.

      Normally, I just rewatch bits of the episode when I get stuck like this, but here…watching more just sent me further and further down into the spiral.

      Many tears were shed this day.


  1. I will make a short comment on the minutia. While the rhythym section under Emi’s performance was incongruous, the Violin under Kosei,s performance seemed apt. It felt like Kaori was with him.


    • YUP. That was an incredible momet, and it came right after that shot of Kousei looking over the piano at a sleeping Kaori and thinking about her…yeah, that was something else.


  2. Haha, I see you have the same problem with me…

    Tbh, this is the first episode of kimiuso that has gone far exceeding my early expectation. The execution was very beautiful. I felt like I was one of those audience that left mesmerized after that performance.

    IMO, the most powerful element in this episode is that Chopin piece which collaborated both piano and violin. Maybe the meaning behind that was a simple “Kousei’s play has reached Kaori”, but that simple “message” was delivered so well that it brought about another meanings.

    Well, you have said everything I wanted to say, so I thought that’s all… Cool insight, like usual.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I felt like I was one of those audience that left mesmerized after that performance.”

      Yes, yes, this! Exactly this! I was just washed away watching this episode—I was so far away from my emotional starting point at the beginning of the episode by the end and I just stared at the ED and kind of watched the tag scene without really comprehending what was going on. It was magnificent.

      & yup. A message doesn’t have to be complex to be beautiful. In fact, it may very well by the the simplest messages can be the most beautiful.


  3. I have never been able to get into Chopin. Always seemed like pyrotechnics at the expense of subsstance. This show has opened me up to other dimensions of the Polish composer. So I’ve been forever altered for the better.

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