Hyouka, Episode 10

What kind of life does Houtarou Oreki want? Does he truly want the gray life he lives, or does he actually desire the kind of rose-colored life he see around him—the kind of marvelous life that comes from living fully, whatever that might mean for him? Oreki has never been wrong in his assumptions about his basic differences from those who are his inner circle, but than in itself is not a unique experience. Just as Oreki sees himself as different, so do others see themselves as different, too. The loneliness of individuality is vast, but it may not be so hard to find your way out of it as Oreki thinks.

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Ore Monogatari!!, Episode 10

Is this the week I finally get on the same page as Ore Monogatari!!?? After a couple of weeks of being kind of on-again-off-again with the show, everything clicked this week—and did so in a way that actually felt like my expectations and what the show’s goals were actually lined up for the first time in a long time. And, you know what? I kind of liked that. Oh, and the cute stuff. I liked that, too. Like THIS.

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Toradora!, Episode 10

I’ll be honest: going into this episode, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get much out of it to write about due to the fact that most of it is rather comedically oriented. Fortunately, though, I wound up with plenty of stuff to talk about (not a huge surprise), especially since it seems like Nagai really liked the ghost/UFO stuff—his direction with the scene last episode and at the end of this episode has been inspired stuff.


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Your Lie in April, Episode 10

There is no word that we haven’t stripped away all meaning from with overuse left for me to use to try and describe this episode. They all fall short. Let me try anyways.

This was Your Lie in April (Shitagtsu wa Kimi no Uso or KimiUso or whatever you prefer) at its absolute best, making use of all of its strengths, succumbing to none of its weakness, and letting the most potent element of all—the intensely personal unity between musician, emotion, and music—radiate out like recurring pulses of sunlight. This was nine episodes of on-again, off-again storytelling, some great emotional moments, a lot of painful trauma all breathing in together and out again to produce what I’m ready to call the best episode of the season; and maybe of the year. It is always, always a blessing and a privilege to experience something like this.

I am thankful.

Your Lie in April

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Akatsuki no Yona, Episode 10

What do you know? This is my 200th post on the blog! That’s a whole lot of writing, and it’s thanks to all you readers that I keep finding the inspiration to do what I’m doing. So thank you!

“Anticipation” was really the perfect title for this episode, as it was all about Ki-ja, the White Dragon, and his dissatisfaction at having divine power and not being able to use it. At least for me, the set-up was strong enough that I felt pretty darn relieved for him by the time he finally saw Yona and the blood of the dragon responded. Also nice to see that at least someone is capable of getting under Hak’s skin a little bit. But, overall, it wasn’t a very serious episode—just a lot of pleasant watching. I’m guessing this will be a shorter post because the comedy really did take the lead for most of this episode, which, while amusing to watch, doesn’t really leave me much to write about. LOL.

Akatsuki no Yona

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Zankyou no Terror, Episode 10

Well, this is pretty much the definition of putting all your eggs in one basket. If Zankyou no Terror can put out a fantastic episode next week, the show will have sold me. If next week ends up in the dumps, the whole show will suffer the repercussions. To be honest, I’m torn about this—endings are always critically important to me, but this almost seems to be a case where the ending is going to be disproportionately important to the other 10 episodes that came before.

I kind of wish things weren’t this way. But they are. Anyways, the episode.

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Summer 2014, Week 10: Highlights of the Week

Welcome to Week 10! The end of the season is in sight, and I’m pretty happy about that. This season has pretty much been a total letdown and I’m more than ready to move on. I’m not going to do a season preview because I don’t like those, but if you’re interested in knowing what I’m looking forward to, I did an ask.fm answer on the subject not long ago.

Trending Up: Sailor Moon Crystal, Haikyuu!!

Trending Down: Argevollen, Aldnoah.Zero, Fairy Tail


RWBY showed off some diversity in their art style this week, which looked good.

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selector infected WIXOSS, Episode 10

If you had asked me after week 4 which anime would be the most consistent through the rest of the season, I probably would have told you Ping Pong, and I would have been right. If you had asked me after week 4 which anime would show the most improvement over the next six weeks, I would not have said selector infected WIXOSS, and I would have been wrong.

I am genuinely impressed with WIXOSS currently, and it has done a ton to restore my faith in Mari Okada’s skills after Nagi no Asukara went off the tracks in its second cour. For a long time, WIXOSS has essentially just been running on having a twisted plot and a foreboding atmosphere, and that’s been enough to keep me interested. Now, though, Okada is starting to weave in some truly fascinating character threads and is slowly deepening both the characters and the pit into which they are descending.

selector infected WIXOSS

If you were doubting at all that WIXOSS was calling for Madoka comparisons…

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