3 thoughts on “Shirobako Midshow Thoughts

  1. The cake vs anime struggle is illuminating. Letting us know and remind us that one day we might come to make that choice. Passion or financial stability, fulfillment of desire or job security, venture out or stick to the norms. Making these decisions is not something I think I’m trully prepared for (same as the majority of us).

    For that I thank Shirobako for reminding us of our own insecurities towards our future paths, motivating us to prepare ourselves, so that one day we can make the choice:

    To sit on those tires and have a stable drive on the mundane path, or to forgo them and walk ‘The Road Less Travelled’ that we truly desire.


    • Heck, a lot of us are staring that choice in the face (I certainly am). It’s a pretty terrifying prospect and I kind of oscillate between “a 9-5 desk job wouldn’t be so bad” and “I think I would see my soul die if I did that.”

      At the very least, I think Shirobako lets us know that it’s possible to keep on moving forward, even as we, like Aoi, struggle to figure out what we actually want to do with our lives.

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