Spring 2015, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

So, yeah—sorry the blog went silent after the Ore Monogatari!! post last week. It was a pretty terrible week overall (and immensely stressful besides) and, as much as I wanted to keep writing, I was just so burned out and beaten down that I couldn’t muster up the energy to put together a quality post. But I’m back now and feeling a lot better! Thanks to everyone who gave me moral support through the week! I really do appreciate it! Now let’s get on to some anime!

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Ore Monogatari!!, Episode 3: It’s safe to say now that there was a love confession and it was great.

Punchline, Episode 3: Okay, so that’s a little more like it. Aside from the stupid period joke+pregnancy joke+condom joke reel, this was the first episode that really engaged me from start to finish and managed to win some investment in the characters from me. Meika’s backstory flashback actually had some impact thanks to it not being centered around Yuta, who is maybe turning out to be the weakest character of the bunch as he basically consists of nosebleeds and yelling at this point. It was cool to see Mikatan and Ito interacting in the Strange Juice bit and the “steal the bear” plot actually worked quite well thanks to the shock value of poor Muhi getting cut open. With a story of prophecy coming from Meika’s grandfather in the flashback, hints of the larger plot are finally starting to feel like they have some connection to the actual lives of the characters. Could have done without the nosebleed over an elementary schooler at the end, though…


Nisekoi:, Episode 3: It was a pleasant surprise to see the usually irreverent Nisekoi tackle Chitoge’s issues with her mom with actual sensitivity and emotional poignancy. Of course, we know things are headed right back to the status quo, but that doesn’t invalidate the unusual gravitas the show brought to Chitoge’s phone conversation with her CEO mother and the subsequent scene where she removes her trademark red bow. I’ll be honest: my heart sank just a little bit to see Chitoge-chan with her hair down, making a really sad face. As much as I enjoy being rambunctious and crazy about who is Best Girl and celebrate the inherent silliness of the show, I really do have an affection for these characters and I honestly think that I’d react in a similar way for most of the other girls in Nisekoi were they to go through a similar sort of dramatic situation. Which, you know, makes it even nicer to know that SHAFT and Nisekoi can pull off topics that shouldn’t just be joked about. Diversity of tone has never been one of Nisekoi‘s notable characteristics, but hey! I’ll take what I’m getting here!


The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Episode 4: Man, Haruhi really is here in an antagonist role isn’t she? Which is a bit weird, as the show apparently can’t help but throw itself wholeheartedly into maintaining Haruhi’s fascinating persona. Honestly? It feels like Haruhi is running this show herself against the intentions of the staff—you know how the original series credited the SOS Brigade with series composition aka the wacky broadcast order? It’s the same thing. Haruhi is running away with the show (and its best moments—the river sequence was almost sublime) and it’s starting to seem like Nagato ever reclaiming the show from her is impossible. The only way I see them getting out of this is to completely shuttle Haruhi out of the events of the episode. And that’s just the metatext, which is in total sync with what’s actually happening in the show. Yuki-chan can’t avoid it—Haruhi and Kyon fit together, even in this alternate universe, and there’s little (if any) place for Nagato in it. It’s weird. It’s a bit disconcerting. It’s also kind of fascinating because I want to know what happens in the narrative almost as bad as I want to know how the show it going to manage the unruly former leader of the SOS Brigade.

Sound! Euphonium, Episode 4: Shoot, shoot—I already have a favorite show this season (BBB), but I’ll be darned it Sound! Euphonium isn’t making an insanely strong case for taking that title itself. In a way, Sound! Euphonium reminds me a lot of Shirobako in the way it likes to slip tiny, self-contained truths amidst the larger conversation on effort, dedication, and passion. Reflecting back on my own experiences, I’m not entirely sure how much I buy the idea of the band…ahem…banding together to prove Taki-sensei wrong—to me, it seems more realistic he’d lose them entirely—but that’s not how the chips fell and it’s to Eupho‘s credit that I still bought the way things played out in the moment. The way the funny anime faces blending naturally (somehow!) into the otherwise quiet dignity of the show are kind of a nice microcosm for how that works—the superstructure of the show is so excellent that it carries along little discrepancies without allowing them to disrupt the overall flow of the show. Kumiko’s monologues (except for the expositional one at the end) are doing a lot of great work for the show, too, adding depth to Kumiko and character to the way the show portrays its events to us. It’s such a good show! I kind of can’t stand it!

Sound! Euphonium

Short Takes~

Danmachi, Episode 4: Y’all are probably sick of hearing me say this, but we’re in unknown territory for me now, which means I was glad to see Danmachi really didn’t lose a step this week coming out of the first volume of the light novels. Bell is still the most adorable character of the season, Hestia is still working hard, and the new character, Lilacura, seems to be the representative for a larger conflict brewing. Delightful as always; which is all it needs to be! Also, the OP’s growing on me.

Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, Episode 4: There’s not much else to say about Kinmoza these days besides simple admiration of the consistency with which the show executes its excellent formula. This show knows its characters and understands their dorkiness at a level approaching perfection, making it a joy to watch every single week.

Yamada-kun, Episode 3: Finally sold on this adaptation and it’s all thanks to that scene between Yamada and Urara right at the end. I even wrote about it!

Show by Rock!, Episode 4: Everyone in this show is a huge dork, which makes their more serious character moments (Rom’s encounter with Syu☆cho and the letter from Moa’s mom) work so well. I’m a huge fan of the “look how silly these people are!” brand of characterization as a way to create attachment with characters—it’s working brilliantly for Show by Rock! right now.

Show by Rock!

Wish Upon the Pleiades: I’ve fallen behind due to the craziness of last week and right now I have it temporarily on hold. I think it might be a better marathon, but who knows if I’ll ever come back to it at all. Ah, what a difference a week makes…after episode two I was thinking this might have been my pet show for the season…

Plastic Memories: Dropped. I am the opposite of interested in the Giftia trafficking plot. I am actually quite loathe to watch it. Really? This was the best idea you had to do with the plot? If the setting was actually interesting, I might care, but instead we’re moving away from the character-based drama of retrieval that Plastic Memories is actually good at (because lord knows it’s no good at anything else, really).

24 thoughts on “Spring 2015, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

  1. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THEY’RE DOING YAMADA SO WELL. I’m shocked. I really had absolutely no hope for it whatsoever but it’s really good and not a fluke! Like, the rushing still bothers me a bit (my heart yearns for a two-cour version), but everything they do adapt is elevated, which is great to see.

    I think my favourite thing about DanMachi is the boob string how modest it is. Especially with the drama, which it never overplays. Like, I kept expecting the story with our new character to get a little too maudlin for my tastes, but it never did. And I think it put enough work in now that if it does lay on the drama with this arc, I’ll be able to buy into it! And then things like misunderstandings with Hestia are cleared up quickly, and Bell is so moe.. The whole show is just very light and warm-hearted, I find it very tough not to like.

    And yeah, Euphonium rocks. Well, it doesn’t rock, Show by Rock rocks.. Euphonium.. swings?


    • You knew Yamada-kun is being written by the Shirobako lady writers, yes? I think that pretty much explains it. It’s a surprisingly excellent version of the story that preserves its charms and makes the most out of its best features.

      I find it very tough not to like

      Are you…trying to dislike it or something?

      I think Euphonium is just a great show. Maybe it kind of symphonizes or waltzes or something? Maybe even…marches?


  2. I like comparing notes with you as it makes me think about the shows more agree or not!
    Again your take / my rank or take ! Important I think this gets overlooked in ranking shows not you in particular but does it entertain me!( E-Value) It actually helped with my rankings!

    First My Highlight(s) of the Week

    Nisekoi EP 3 “NEED ”

    K Missing Kings Movie / yea I know it’s not in the season but the movie was good and Go-Hands is on another level of animation / Sets up K 2 nicely!
    I read your Post on K / yea some of the CG didnt fit in but the backgrounds and action were top notch / BTW I got to do a rewatch too before S2 comes out!

    Your LIST

    Ore Monogatari / 9th That was too easy to get rid of the misunderstanding but could rebound!

    Punchline / 32nd I like this show but I am lost half the time with what is going on!

    Nisekoi / 3rd Jumped into a solid 3rd with good episodes so far but Chitoge’s mom is one if the best. She is the best Exec but at what cost! To get Chitoge to be afraid is hard to do. Her dad wanted to hide XD

    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan / 35th This show doesnt do anything wrong / I am just using my E-value! Is that wrong ??

    Sound! Euphonium / 3-Way Tie for 5th Ep 4 get it a boost but can it break my Top 4??

    Danmachi / 10th I think its safe at #10

    Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic / 3-Way Tie for 5th My biggest jump of the week! This was a laugh riot from start to end ! But had a couple of life lessons too!

    Yamada-kun / 34th IDK why I dropped this down so much because it put me to sleep?

    I put BBB / 15th here as you have it as your favorite! It took a tumble It kinda lost me here and there . The last EP too didnt impress me that much!Well it has potential yet!

    Show by Rock! / 13th It moved up a spot! It’s solid in my Top 16

    Wish Upon the Pleiades/ 28th Moved up a few spots

    My TOP Shows

    TIER 1 Top Favorites

    1 Baby Steps 2 / Just exciting to watch and I am not a big tennis fan! One of the most honest manga adaptions I have seen!
    2 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Continues to expand / BTW 2nd Cour confirmed! BEST ED song too!
    3 Nisekoi 2 CR Episode of the Week !! / This anime has exceeded my expectations
    4 Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki / A solid sci-fi show Lots of good interesting comments

    A 3 Way TIE for 5TH

    Hibike! Euphonium / Sound! Euphonium / Good EP 4 but look at my TOP 4 /. I am kinda loyal to them from being ongoing or new cours !Besides there are good and cool in my book!

    Arslan Senki / The Heroic Legend of Arslan / This is getting good

    Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic / Kiniro Mosaic Season 2 Outstanding EP and season Big Jump!

    8 WORLD TRIGGER / Just a steady anime!
    9 Ore Monogatari!! / My Love Story / I was kinda sad/ too easy to see the misunderstandings go away / could rebound though!
    10 Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? / It’s in a good spot!
    11 Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma / This might move up Polar Star Dorm is insane XD
    12 Triage X / This show is just cool IMO
    13 Show By Rock!! Moved up a spot / could move up ??
    14 The Labyrinth of Grisaia CR / The Eden of Grisaia Just excellent backstories!
    15 Kekkai Sensen / Blood Blockade A good anime but hard to follow ! Dropped a Lot !
    16 Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works S2 / for me way too much dialouge


    • I love seeing Eupho and Kinmoza up there near the top (along with Nisekoi)!

      I agree that Yuki-chan isn’t doing anything wrong, but it isn’t really all that exceptional at what it’s doing either. It has cuteness and good faces, but stuff like Kinmoza and Ore Monogatari!! are doing as much, and more.


      • I am just leaving another thought about my rankings! I remember when a 2nd season just was to finish a series or afterthought! But with so much anime I think they had to step up the quality of the shows IMO, So Sound! Euphonium was # 2 for week or two but the ongoing and 2nd cours are just good! I think when you invest time in a show you are more loyal for the most part! That being said Fate Stay Night 2 is just so boring with all the dialouge! IMO. With that in mind Teeyku may move into my Sweet 16. I think I underated on purpose but withe DBZ reference it was just so over the top!

        I hope you do more blogs but please keep doing your highlights ! BTW it took me a good hour to build a comment ! So I get the time it takes to do a blog!

        Dont worry about Ore Monogatari!! it is in my Top 10 which is a honorable feat in itself! You could may good arguments for all of them! It is personal tastes / genres / values after all!


  3. My top 5 episodes of Week 4 (out of 10; see below)
    1. Ore Monogatari, ep 3
    2. Euphonium, ep 4
    3. F/SN: UBW, ep 16
    4. Kaitou Joker 2, ep 17
    5. Yuki Nagato, ep 4

    No Nanoha Vivid fansubs again this week; the announcement said they’re delayed until April 30, so hopefully they’ll be caught up before I post again next week. Also, I’m not going to put Otaku Husband in my rankings anymore. I keep enjoying the heck out of it every week, and it still keeps ending up near the bottom of my list every week because it’s up against these 23-minute juggernauts; it’s just not getting a fair shake. So I love it, I’m absolutely still watching it, I may even occasionally comment on it, but I’m not going to try to rank it anymore – it’s too much of a lone apple in a basket full of oranges.

    Still haven’t dropped anything yet. Gunslinger Stratos keeps dancing right on the edge of the cut line without giving me the final excuse to tip it over the edge, and another show joined it on the “danger” list this week. More on that below.

    On to selected episode thoughts:

    3-in-1 (but mostly Yuki Nagato): I couldn’t help contrasting Ore Monogatari and Fate/Stay Night with Yuki Nagato this week.
    In OreMono, Yamato didn’t wait for a holiday or some nebulous “perfect moment” to make her move on Takeo; she went right after him as hard as she could from day 1, no matter how nervous she was, and it paid off in ep 3.
    In F/SN ep 16, there’s a great scene where one of the servants teases Rin about being a couple with Shirou. Ever the good tsundere, she immediately plays the “he’s not my boyfriend” card, but Shirou trumps her like a boss and basically tells the guy (in so many words), “Yes, we are a couple. And by the way, I don’t like you flirting with my woman.” Rin’s gobsmacked, of course, but she’s made her feelings plain enough to him in a hundred other ways by then (not least by the number of times she’s already risked her chances to win the Grail war and even her life just to protect him), so even if she refused to flat-out say it, he knew the score.
    That brings us to Yuki Nagato, where Kyon remains in the dark about Yuki’s feelings because, unlike Yamato, she’s still dithering around instead of doing something about it. That’s after she gave Haruhi her own version of “he’s not my boyfriend” last week, and Kyon (unlike Shirou) had no reason to contradict her. So while Yuki’s canceling their club meeting this episode to make chocolate and daydream about a possible Hallmark Moment with Kyon, he’s using the free afternoon they could have spent together creating a Very Real Moment with Haruhi instead. Haruhi probably isn’t actively trying to steal him from Yuki (she still has the same “love is a mental illness” attitude as Haruhi Prime, after all), but they could easily fall for each other anyway while Yuki’s off chasing rainbows. She needs to take lessons from Yamato and Rin (and Haruhi) and start taking some action here.

    Houkago no Pleiades ep 3: Gained momentum this week, and would have made my top five if not for Miss Suzumiya’s delightful show-stealing antics and Kaitou Joker’s best episode ever (instead it just missed the cut at #6). Subaru had a conversation with her parents that’s a particular highlight, but overall the story came into clearer focus, there were some good character development moments and interesting foreshadowing, and we got some beautiful artwork (accompanied by well-chosen ambient music) during a fragment chase that takes the girls from the bottom of the ocean all the way up into outer space.

    Food Wars ep 4: It’s nice to know that not everyone at Totsuki Academy is an arrogant jerk; I was beginning to wonder. This episode we meet Soma’s dorm-mates, who seem like a pretty decent bunch of kids (if mainly just your stereotypical “anime archetypes” at this early juncture). The crusty old lady who works as the dorm monitor is tough, but she’s also friendly and fair. I liked her right away. Also on my “like” list: Megumi, Soma’s assigned partner in his cooking classes, who also lives in his dorm. She’s adorably cute, and I’m kinda shipping them already. I was very happy to see a different kind of foodgasm this week too, where the dish Soma makes for the dorm monitor takes her back to a fond romantic moment from her youth instead of coming across as a sexual assault. Lingering fanservice issues aside, this is one show that’s firing on all cylinders right now – action, comedy, artwork, the whole bit. It’s funny to think that before the season I had this pegged as my likeliest first drop, and now I’m welcoming the news that it’s going to be a 2-cour series. But that’s why it’s important to watch and not prejudge.

    Plastic Memories ep 4: Regrouped slightly after last week’s wobble. I pretty much agree completely with your tweets on it: the retrieval story’s drama was the strongest part of this episode (I was also happy to get some Michiru backstory), and I’m not sanguine about the addition of the two new dramatic subplots. This is supposed to be Isla’s story, and throwing this extra stuff in makes me wonder if they don’t have enough faith in that story being strong enough. Unlike you I’m not quite prepared to drop this yet, but it’s now on the “danger” list.


    • Heh, Nagato is out “chasing rainbows.” I got a funny mental image of her derping around in a field chasing a butterfly. And you know the face they’d draw on her for that.

      I am glad to hear some good buzz about Pleiades. I’d like to go back to it eventually; it just airs on a really bad day. It’s super hard for me to get to other shows on days I do full episode write-ups.

      As for Plastic Memories, for me it’s really just a matter of the best parts of the show not being able to outweigh the worst parts as is, and adding in another element that looks like something I’d dislike just made me not want to deal with it anymore.


      • Guess that knocks it down to four anime that both of us are still following, then.

        Yuki chasing butterflies, yeah I can picture that face too.

        BTW, per your tweet, no, Funi still hasn’t done anything with its Haruhi license yet, and I actually have a story about that. My club kids voted this month that they wanted to watch Haruhi at our May meeting. I own the Bandai DVDs, so no problem. I e-mailed Funi about getting permission. They sent me back a list of titles and a contract and said once I’ve signed it I can screen anything on the list at our meetings until the end of the year. If it’s not on the list I can’t screen it, even if they own the license. I looked through the whole long list – there’s probably over a hundred titles on it – and guess what? No Haruhi. I’m guessing it’s not there because they haven’t done anything with it yet, either video-wise or streaming, but unfortunately my kids are out of luck. They’ll have to watch their second choice instead.


  4. You (and everyone let down w/ PlasMemo) might want to check out Time of Eve, a far better executed slice-of-robot-life miniseries. The whole thing barely takes a couple of hours to watch in its entirety, too. Yoshiaki Yoshiura hasn’t made a full–fledged TV series afaik, but his name is firmly on my radar.


    • Oh, that’s right, Crunchyroll just had their event for the film, yeah?

      I’m not really too keen on the whole robot thing as an element—it was the Dogakobo name that really attracted me to Plastic Memories in the first place. But, if it’s good, I might check it out just for that!


      • Yup, it’s originally half a dozen 10-minute ONA episodes, but the film version merged all them and added extra scenes I believe.

        The sci-fi aspect is mostly background element that informed the context and setting in a very effective and unintrusive manner; the show itself primarily focused on humane themes (most notably empathy and understanding) stemming from the interaction of its characters.


    • Getting busy for good things is great! I’ve had that happen to me a couple times this past semester and it was fun, if crazy.

      And you know I approve of those three choices!


  5. I started Punchline and Euphonium (after hearing that neither sucked) and I gotta say, I was surprised, especially by Punchline. I mean, I’d usually hate everything it’s doing (Harem? Panties? NOSEBLEEDS?!) but… I don’t know how it managed it, but I’m actually enjoying it more than I should. I like the closed-room-mystery feel it has, and that the girls’ lives don’t revolve around the MC. And speaking of MC, I believe he’s cursed in other ways as well. His reactions to panties aren’t normal (the flashbacks reveal he had normal interactions with the girls prior to the bus incident) and the punishment for seeing one… that’s so unfair on humanity. I bet the one behind all the craziness is one big, perverted sadist. It’s crazy, it’s juvenile, sometimes stupid, but I’m hoping everything is explained properly in the end.

    Euphonium, it’s reminding me of Shirobako (my favourite the past two seasons) in many ways. I’m not a huge fan of KyoAni (the character interactions feel somewhat calculated and stifled, especially the main three girls), but the honesty in tackling its themes and the low-key atmosphere in Euphonium is refreshing. And the ost reminds me of Animal Crossing, very laid-back.

    So far, the ranking this season looks like:

    1) BBB
    2) Ore Monogatari!!
    3) Euphonium
    4) Punchline
    5) Assassination Classroom (a placeholder; I love the manga, but the anime isn’t doing it for me)

    Plastic Memories (on hold; 2 ep); Arslan Senkei (on hold; 1 ep); Yamada-kun (read the manga but still have to try the anime); Food Wars (dropped 1 ep; still reading the manga). Still have to try the shonen vampire anime, Show by rock, Sidonia, Baby Steps and Yahari.


    • “Closed-room-mystery” might be the best description I’ve heard yet of what I find interesting about Punchline.

      Good looking rankings you’ve got there. ^_^ *Show by Rock!* is great fun and *Yahari* this season has really impressed people I respect who are watching it, so I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.


  6. I don’t really get the appeal of Nagato Yuki-chan. So, it’s Haruhi, but take out all the really interesting stuff and make it hopelessly mundane? Eh…..


    • It’s cute?

      Oh, yeah, that’s pretty much it. I said this somewhere else, but Yuki-chan is basically just a cute show, buoyed by prior investment in the characters from the main series. That’s enough to keep me watching, but if you didn’t have that there are plenty more shows doing cuteness (+ other stuff) and doing it better than Yuki-chan.


  7. I’m falling a behind on a bunch of shows, but I’m watching a bunch of shows I wanted to watch at least.

    Are you not watching this one, iblessall? I thought it’d be something you’d like, and for me I’m really digging it so far. The character introduced in the last ep is fun and will be a great addition to the cast. There’s still something that keeps it from being truly amazing for me, but overally it’s always been a good watch.

    Yeah, like you I think it’s more likely for them to rebel instead of banding together to prove him wrong. It’s possible, but not all of them like that. Speaking of Taki-sensei, with him saying things like “you can do it if you’re not wasting your youth” or “You really have been wasting your time here” it feels like he may have been talking about himself a bit here, that he used to be in a similar club and got his dreams ruined because he’s wasting his time. This is all baseless speculation, but he may have been living vicariously over his students here.

    They’re keeping up on doing their great job, really AOTS for me. Now all they have to do is to stick the landing on the rest of the stuff, especially volume 9, and it will really be perfect.

    I’m not too enthused with the new character, but it seems she’ll at least bring some plot with her as you said. Also, everyone else (esp Bell and Hestia) is still cute, so I still enjoy it.

    Is it safe for me to watch this? I really love the manga, but grows really apprehensive when I saw they’re just going to have 13 eps for the huge arc. Initial impressions suggest that they’re doing a good job somehow though, so maybe I don’t need to wait until it ends to start watching.


    • re: Arslan—I did check out the first episode, but it really seemed like something I’d enjoy more if I got to marathon it, rather than watching it week, so I put it on hold.

      I think Yamada-kun is a good watch! It’s being adapted by the lady writers who did Shirobako, so they definitely know what they’re doing. You definitely can tell that it is quite quickly paced, but it preserves the spirit of the manga quite well and even enhances it in some parts.


  8. And now… pregnant pause, the weekly wall o’ text.

    And I don’t even know if you’re old enough to get that reference. I suspect not.

    We’re really not watching much in common this season are we? I think we’re down to like two….

    Eden of Grisaia ep2; (Ep numbers slightly screwed if you’re counting from last week, I miscounted ep0.) Pretty much a lame ep this week, mostly setup for next week… Enough of Yuuji’s backstory, let’s get on with the sequels!

    Ore Monogatari!! ep4; Comment coming in the weekly post.

    Otaku Husband ep 4; Actually a fairly weak ep… can’t win ’em all.

    Otaku Teacher ep4; This show just keeps getting lamer and more repetitive. It gets one more ep, two at most.

    Plastic Memories ep4; Finally, we’re getting to the meat of the plot – the larger world surrounding Giftias in general and the Terminal Services team in particular. (And a refreshing lack of badly executed comedy.) I’m going to take a contrary tack to you and WingKing though. Isla isn’t the only Giftia in the world – and her fears of what comes “after” are going to be informed by and inextricably linked to the larger issues of the Doom of the Giftias which I expect these subplots to address. If (as I suspect they are) they’re reaching for something beyond the small-and-personal tearjerker, that’s a good thing IMO.

    Sound! Euphonium ep3; I though this was a pretty good ep… different in narrative and thematic structure from what has gone before, but a necessary setup for what is coming. The club is coming together (by hook and crook), but the basic faultlines are still there and they don’t let us forget that. Kumiko played less of a role, but that’s OK because she stood out in relief none the less. The show is well done, but Kumiko being the Reader’s Digest version of the larger themes does get a bit wearisome, looking out the window rather than in the mirror is a welcome change of pace. I think it’s a good thing when shows pull the camera back and let us see the background now and again.

    In other news;

    Time Of Eve; Dang good. Dang good indeed. I don’t know how the web version (available on Crunchy) compares to the movie version – but if you have a spare hour and a half it’s well worth checking out. It takes time to build, but the ending is simply stunning.


    • I’m just a baby—it went right over my head. 🙂

      We’re only watching a few similar shows cause you’re watching shows like Grisaia and Otaku Teacher (you described both of them as lame!) when you could be watching Kinmoza and Show by Rock! 😛

      As far as PlaMemo goes, it seems we just want different things out of it? Larger plot stories that deal with the world really need to have a likable set of characters to keep me engaged and, as far as I’m concerned, PlaMemo doesn’t have any character capable of carrying the show for me. :\


      • sigh I’m getting old – Paul Harvey hasn’t been off the air all that long, but AM radio isn’t what it was and you’re young enough to be part of the digital music generation. shakes cane

        Ya got me there on PlasMemo. Despite their worst efforts, the bit parts (mostly the people whose Giftia are being retrieved) remain more interesting that main characters and supporting cast.

        And I did not say Grisaia was lame, I said this weeks ep was lame. 😛


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