Spring 2015, Week 8: Highlights of the Week

Well, hello there! You might notice that this week’s highlights are shorter than in weeks past. There are a couple of reasons for that. One, I dropped three shows this week. Having a full-time job, wanting to do a good job maintaining my blog, and generally just wanting to have the freedom to watch more, different things, has moved me in this direction. The thing that most often inspires me to write is actually watching shows, but there are few shows this season that actually compel me to write about them. Two, I do have quite a few things I do want to write about—and so I’m saving my words and writing energy for those! Three, I wrote most of this post after the BBB 5 post, so I’m tired…eheheheh

Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium episode 7: in which we discover that Kumiko likes eggs as much as I do—and looks stupid cute at the same time.

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Spring 2015, Week 5: Highlights of the Week

Well, I’m in the midst of finals week (although I guess I really only have one left, so…), but I’m getting my anime watched. And, after that, it’s graduation—my blogging status immediately post-graduation is up in the air right now, but that’ll be another post entirely. As for this week, I made a little tribute to why I really do love this season a whole bunch. That particular element might not be reflected in the blurbs below, but remember that it’s true!

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Spring 2015, Week 4: Highlights of the Week

So, yeah—sorry the blog went silent after the Ore Monogatari!! post last week. It was a pretty terrible week overall (and immensely stressful besides) and, as much as I wanted to keep writing, I was just so burned out and beaten down that I couldn’t muster up the energy to put together a quality post. But I’m back now and feeling a lot better! Thanks to everyone who gave me moral support through the week! I really do appreciate it! Now let’s get on to some anime!

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Spring 2015, Week 3: Highlights of the Week

To be entirely honest, it’s a minor miracle that this post is out on time this week, what with falling seven shows behind over the weekend thanks to Anime St. Louis. Despite that, though, I was treated to an excellent slate of episodes in the past week, with my “non-serious yet dearly beloved” crop of shows (Show by Rock!Nisekoi:, etc.) continuing to be exactly what I need and want them to be: really enjoyable entertainment.

Note: Hoping to get the Blood Blockade Battlefront write-up out on Thursday. I’ve got all the ideas set, just need to pull it all together.


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First Impressions: Spring 2015 Anime (Part 3)

And, somehow, we’ve come to the end of the premieres for the Spring 2015 season! There really haven’t been too many surprises thus far, as nothing I was really looking forward to flopped and only a few shows surprised me. In terms of building a weekly schedule, that’s really something of a boon. In terms of being happy with my schedule, that’s really a boon. So, yeah, let’s finish this up and get into the season for real!

Still to Watch: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Ninja Slayer

Wish Upon the Pleiades

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