Summer 2015 Anime: First Impressions (Part 3)

By this point, I was pretty burned out with watching new series, but some shows managed to pull through pretty well! It’s both a nice surprise and also kind of bad because I’m at the point where I’m trying to cut shows, not add them.

In any case, here’s the final installment of my first impressions on Summer 2015’s anime offerings! Hope you enjoy!


Lookie all the new animes, onii-chan~!

Bleh to Meh: Chaos Dragon & Aquarion Logos

Chaos Dragon: An episode that started off as merely dull, badly paced, poorly constructed, and generally lame turned gross in the final quarter with the disgusted abuse of a cute anime girl—slashed across the chest once (while the male side-character merely gets kicked to the side) and then sacrificed by the love of her life for the sake of making him a hero. Yuck, yuck, gross, gross, bleh. I’m not going to make the mistake of laying Chaos Dragon‘s faults at the feet of the big name writers involved—after all, they’re just advertising bait—but you’d still think a DnD campaign played by some of the best-known writers (at least by English fandom standards) would have had a least a a hint of originality. Instead, it’s troped and boring and entirely uninspired. Maybe they should have invited Mari Okada to play with them… Verdict: dropped.

Chaos Dragon

Aquarion Logos/Aquarion EVOL OVA: Let me tell you what: the Aquarion EVOL OVA that preceeded the Aquarion Logos premiere was a thing of beauty—character fanservice in the extreme and in the best way possible. Funimation bundled the two episodes together in a single video, which meant that I clicked the play button fully expected Aquarion Logos to start playing. So, I was incredibly confused and also incredibly overjoyed when I suddenly saw the characters from EVOL show up on screen. What followed was 25 minutes of a concentrated dose of all the best things about Aquarion EVOL (minus a proper amount of MIX and Andy). I was giddy. Joyful. Impossibly happy. In short, Aquarion Logos never had a real chance. I skipped through the episode, barfed at the ugly character designs, and then stumbled onto a mecha transformation scene without any music playing. And that was the end of that. Verdict: Logos is bad, watch EVOL instead. Dropped.

Dark Horse: Overlord

Honestly, I’m kind of floored. I was definitely not expecting Madhouse’s entry in the “trapped in an MMO” genre to be the first episode to inspire me to write an entire post on it. Yet, here we are.  I’m not really sure where Overlord is going to go from here, but this is one of the best premieres I’ve seen yet this season—and that’s good enough for now. Verdict: keeping.


And now, Eh: Prison School

Would you believe me if I told you I basically have no feelings—good or bad—about Prison School? It didn’t scandalize me, it didn’t shock me, it didn’t entertain me, it didn’t offend me. I finished the episode and felt absolutely apathetic about it—and believe me, I went in expecting the utter worst. Instead, what I got was something that, on an intellectual level, I understood was supposed to be trashy and exploitative and gross, but instead felt to me like something that was so utterly distant from everything I care about in stories and in anime that it never even really registered as something that could affect me on a substantive level. It’s a very weird feeling, but Prison School honestly just breezed around me like air and left me feeling as if I hadn’t even watched the episode. Of course, I had, but this kind of encompassing disinterest is so foreign to me that I still don’t really know what to make of it. Oh, but I know one thing for sure: Verdict: dropped because whatever, I guess…

Everything Else: Charlotte, Rampo Kitan, & Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Charlotte: So, from the writer of Angel Beats! (which is one of my favorite shows) comes Charlotte, an anime with a premise as generic as they come—but since when has that ever stopped me from being interested in things by people whose stuff I’ve like before? As for the premiere itself, I quite liked it! Jerk male protagonists aren’t super original character types, but they’re still different enough to feel somewhat fresh. Plus, Yu actually felt quite realistic to me. A kid his age gets an incomplete super power and uses it to cheat on tests, catch the eye of the girl he likes, and wreak his vindictive teenage spite on other kids he doesn’t like? Yeah, that sounds just about right to me. But he’s got a nice redeeming trait in his relationship with his little sister—who’s also a surprisingly real-feeling character, as well. Overall, I dug the tone, the production was nice, and there’s the making of an interesting story there. Verdict: holding on for a while.


Rampo Kittan: Game of Laplace: I did the first two episodes of Rampo Kittan together to see how the whole mystery was handled, and…yeah. It’s a shame, but a fairly engaging premiere turned out to be pretty dull in the reveal episode, as Kobayashi monologued the entire case to us. This killed most of the engagement I had with the show’s quirky tone and visual style (which did continue in the second episode) and left me pretty ambivalent about watching any more. Although Kobayashi is cute as heck and also scary/sociopathic enough to be fascinating on his own, it’s not enough to override the show mishandling everything that makes a mystery story interesting to me. It’s not so much the how of the crime that interests me as it’s the how did they figure it out? And Rampo Kittan‘s formula of, “Well, Kobayashi is just a really observant and intelligent little tyke” isn’t going to do it for me. Sorry, Seiji Kishi—you did your best visually, but it wasn’t enough. Verdict: Dropped.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Sheesh, talk about saving the best for last. Delaying Crowds until late gave me the chance to watch “Inbound,” the recap/prequel episode right before launching into the premiere and the one-two bunch was really fun. “Inbound” was far more action-y than Crowds normally is, but it was a blast to watch the team in action alongside a seemingly reborn and reinvigorated Rui. The premiere episode, then, was far more relaxed and light, dropping us into newbie Gatchaman Tsubasa’s world and introducing Gel-chan the supposedly harmless alien. However, I’ve got my suspicions about both Tsubasa and Gel-chan; the former seems to have something of a quick temper and the latter’s ability to visible manifest the hidden feelings of humans is playing with fire. There’s also, of course, the question about what exactly it means to “unite” everyone. In short, it was a Gatchaman Crowds episode—packed with visual flair, the same lovable characters, and a metric ton of interesting ideas. Verdict: keeping.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight

And that’s the end of the premieres! I know I had a few more shows on my list (Sore ga Seiyu and Venus Project, for example), but I’m already super happy with my watchlist and I’m starting to feel anxious about getting on to second episodes. I have plenty of shows to care about (including backlog stuff), so I’m done sampling. There will probably still be a few changes coming to accommodate a reasonable daily load, but my watchlist is now pretty much in its final form.

As always, thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to sharing this new season of anime with you guys!

29 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Anime: First Impressions (Part 3)

  1. They need the Yokote Michiko team to play D&D.
    And then see how that story goes.
    I’m kidding, of course. I don’t know how the team brainstorms their stories, but I assume it’s probably not like D&D.


  2. @Prison School: I didn’t even get through half the episode. I’d say that every single second I watched was grating, but that’s not true. The first few seconds were visually pleasing, and a couple of seconds here and there were merely boring.

    @Chaos Dragon: I wasn’t nearly as grossed out as you by the episode, but that doesn’t really mean all that much. I like the look of the show, and I’m curious about Narita’s character. But the story is dull.

    @Overlord: Has potential in both directions. Wait and see. I do like the mood, and I’m intrigued by the idea of having characters that were designed by the main character’s friends. I hope they do something with this.

    @Charlotte: Angel Beats is my least favourite PA Works show, so you can probably imagine my reaction to the announcement of the show. Well, so far the show is okay, but nothing special. I don’t know what to do with the main character; he’s sort of an awful person, and sort of not – sometimes people are like that, but this seems more like a writing issue: as if the show’s not courageous enough to have nasty main, but they want to. None of the other characters left much of an impression. At least, the show looks nice, but then that’s one thing you can rely on with PA Works.

    @Aquarion Logos: Decently entertaining. I haven’t seen Evol, so I felt like I would have to drop the show until after I watched that. I didn’t realise I wasn’t watching Logos until Logos actually started. I like what they’re doing with the Logos concept, though (as probably everyone knows, Logos = Greek for word).

    @Rampo Kittan: Unconvinced. Kishi/Uezo are a good team, but they don’t always produce a winner, and this one is… uneven. I much preferred Assassination Classroom, and I think my favourite so far is still Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. I don’t know anything about the author in question, Rampo Edogawa, so the author fanservice is completely lost on me.

    @Gatchaman Crowds: The first season was reasonably entertaining, and the start of the new season feels like more of the same. Ulike with Working, though, where more of the same is exactly what I want, more of the same yields diminishing returns. One way this manifests is with Hajime: I liked her in the first season, but she annoyed me all episode long in this one. I’m not sure how long I’ll watch that; depends on what they’ll be doing.

    Don’t worry about the Seiyuu show; it’s disappointingly dull (I’m not sure you’d agree, but well…). All it did for me was remind of how good Shirobako was at its game. I’m watching it in tandem with Million Doll – just to see the different takes on the industry from different sides. I think on its own, I would drop it. I still might. (I don’t know what Venus Project is.)


    • re: Chaos Dragon—when the best thing you can say is “it didn’t gross me out,” well…

      I’m with you on preferring Assassination Classroom over Rampo Kittan. Uneven’s a good way to put it, and in a season where I’m already happy with stuff I don’t feel compelling to stick around and see what else it can do. A bit of shame—I’d like Kishi to be successful with it, but…

      (Venus Project is an idol anime based on a video game. You should well know my fondness for idols, but I’ve lost interest in trying it out by now.)


  3. Whew! What a premiere week! I quickly became aware that I had way more shows to try than I could plausibly fit in my viewing schedule so this is the first time I’ve been dropping shows after only one episode. Usually I like to give at least two or three episodes if I’m at all intrigued by the premise. This time I’m even dropping shows before trying them. (Meaning, I wanted to try them, but decided not to due to lack of time and interest.)

    Dropped after one episode:

    Sore ga Seiyu- I actually only made it a few minutes in. Then I realized I had better things to do with my time. But I’m not a moe fan so…

    Sky Wizards Academy- Despite an interesting looking protagonist, I just can’t do this generic harem thing when there’s so much good stuff to watch.

    My Wife is the Student Council President- I watched the uncensored version and… no, this just isn’t for me.

    Classroom Crisis- I’m not even sure what this show is about. Is it about the class saving themselves from being downsized? That’s just not interesting enough to me.

    Dropped without watching:

    Himouto! Umaru-chan- This looks like it could be funny, but I don’t have the space for it.

    SHIMONETA- Same as Himouto.

    Chaos Dragon- There’s been a lot of negative response to this, and I already have some good fantasy shows to watch.

    Current Watch Schedule:


    Shirayuki- Looks good, but not great. I’ll watch this without my husband.
    Actually, I Am- Cute, seems like it will have some good comedy.
    Castle Town Dandelion- Big families are so uncommon. I feel like as the oldest of 5 kids and now with 5 of my own (yes, I’m old) I need to support this family!


    MonMusu- Cute, funny, even a few feels. Might have to drop when the spider girl shows up though. I do NOT do spiders.

    Overlord- Fantastic. Candidate for AOTS.


    Rinne- Continuing because it’s awesome.

    OreMono- Continuing because I love Takeo and Yamato.


    Rampo Kitan- I like mystery series a lot, and I love the oxymoron of Shogo Makishima’s voice as the detective character.

    School-Live!- Woah. I almost didn’t try this one. It looked too moe. This one completely broke my husband last night. I might have to watch it alone.


    Fairy Tail- Skipped the most recent filler arc. Trying to get back into it now that we’ve moved onto the Tartarus arc. I hear it’s awesome.

    Gate- I love fantasy and I liked the MC a lot.

    Food Wars- Continuing because it actually manages to make me interested in cooking. (I don’t cook.)

    Prison School- Haven’t managed to watch yet, but I liked the first manga chapter. What can I say, I’m a bit sadistic.


    Wagnaria- Loved the first 2 seasons, so excited to keep going.

    Rokka no Yuusha- Beautiful beginning, fantasy + mystery = yes!

    Charlotte- Seems very promising to me. I enjoyed the MC’s downfall.

    Aoharu x Machinegun- Ouran HS Host Club + survival games. What’s to say no to?

    Ushio and Tora- I’m a big fan of InuYasha (it was the first anime I ever watched) and this has a very InuYasha + Yu Yu Hakusho vibe. I love it.


    Arslan- Continuing because I love historical fantasy.

    Gangsta- Haven’t managed to watch yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. I LOVE Junichi Suwabe’s voice.

    Backlog/Non Simulcasts:

    Ben-to- OMG, this is so funny. The completely ridiculous situations taken totally seriously. The wordplay. The double entendres. I can’t believe I haven’t heard anyone talk about this show. It’s brilliant.

    Durarara X2- We’ve been putting this off so that we can marathon it. So sometime during the next few weeks we’ll probably start watching the new season.

    Assassination Classroom- Stalled out on this after 5 episodes, but plan to finish it when we have time.

    Fate/Stay Night: UBW- I stalled out on this too, but I’ll probably finish it at some point. Seems way overrated to me though.

    So yeah, busy summer ahead!


    • Hey, you may be “old,” as you say, but I really appreciate having you in the comments! It’s nice to not just be writing to the typical teenage boy anime crowd.

      And yeah, I feel compelled to talk up Castle Town Dandelion simply because it’s about a big family! It’s so rare! Even if Dandelion ends up being not super amazing, I hope it’s at least successful to potentially help more shows like it get off the ground.

      re: your Prison School comment— ^_^”””””


      • Finally watched Prison School and Gangsta last night.

        Gangsta was just excellent. I loved the slow, almost lazy feeling of the scenes that made the few action scenes seem almost hyperactive. Great juxtaposition. I loved the the two MCs. Nicolas being deaf was really neat. (Oh, that’s why he didn’t answer the phone!) And as expected, I love Junichi Suwabe as Worick.

        Prison School was… well it was. I can’t help finding the guys funny and kind of endearing. Hiroshi Kamiya is excellent, as usual, as the MC. Makes me want to root for him. More blood than expected though.

        I see you noticed that Michiru Oshima is doing the Shirayuki OST. Did you notice she’s doing Rokka as well? I heard it immediately and fell in love. The OST is probably my favorite part of Blast of Tempest. Just SO GOOD.


  4. I will give my thoughts and my rank on summer #3 . BTW 47 shows and counting not including new summer dubs!

    Chaos Dragon / I will agree with you this is not a well thought out anime! 44 on my list !

    Aquarion Logos / I am a lttle confused since this 27 episodes and really hasnt started except for the OVA or EP 00 ? Rank 25 for now

    Overlord / I get so much SAO- Log Horizon and kinda tired the RPG genre! That being said it may be better later ! Rank 32

    Prison School / Kinda feel like you do BTW other animes are more border line porn than this so that’s not the issue! Maybe because it was all the pre-hype saying this will be the best summer anime yea right! Rank 38

    Charlotte / In the same thought as you ! Rank 18 which is not bad when I give you my Top 16 on another post!

    Rampo Kittan: Game of Laplace / Yes it’s kinda sloppy but the VA for Akechi / Takahiro SAKURAI Talk a great casting for this one He was Yuji in Eden of Grisia and Kunato in Knights of Sidonia but I was right he was Shogo Makishima in Psycho-Pass and he already great as Akechi!That beinng said I jusy adore the insanity They are bot right! Oh that Neficak examiner was great! This is like a Mad magazine satire really ! Rank 15

    Gatchaman Crowds Insight / A good one but has a lot to fight to move up Rank 12


    • Yeah, Logos is super weird in terms of episode counts—not really sure what’s going on there.

      And I did enjoy Takahiro Sakurai’s work as Akechi in Rampo Kittan. Just wasn’t enough for me to keep the entire show for.


  5. Crowds is a show I’m somewhat torn on. On one hand, I recently watched the entire first season in one go, and it is a very engaging watch. It’s bright and colorful, both in presentation and in cast of characters, and there are no shortage of ideas flying around. The problem for me was that as the show went on it became clear that the questions and ideas that were raised at the beginning were going to only be vaguely answered or addressed, if at all. The dilemma set up with GALAX never really comes close to getting a definitive conclusion or statement, and by the time it got to the last few episodes the writing just seemed to have a complete lack of polish. Interesting ideas are all well and good, but they don’t sell me on a show by themselves. If the writing tying those ideas together is so sloppy it’s distracting, it’s usually to the detriment of how much I enjoy it.

    With all of that being said, I don’t hate the first season (I gave it a 6/10), and I did watch episode 1 of Insight. Even though I thought it was pretty good, but I can seethe setup potentially suffering from the exact same pitfalls as the first season. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Still one of the better shows of the 33 (did I mention this season has way too many shows?) first episodes I watched.


    • Once of the things I think Crowds really struggles with in general is that it’s such ambitious with its ideas—and, unfortunately, there aren’t really good answers to them. So, in that sense, I can forgive it for not being as thematically tight. To me, it’s more valuable that it’s engaging these ideas at all.


      • I definitely get what you’re saying. Thinking about it more, I think the problem I had with the first season wasn’t necessarily the fact that it didn’t provide answers to any of the questions it raised. There are plenty of shows I’ve liked that I can think of where questions are raised without definitive answers. The key trait with those shows for me was that they actually depicted the characters grappling with the conflict in a manner that felt more coherent and believable. That ultimately comes back to the point I had before about the show’s issue with sloppy writing; the way it depicted the cast’s issues with those questions wasn’t selling me. At the same time, I can appreciate that the show exists and the unique things it does, but I just didn’t think it was executed all that well.

        Also, if you have time to check them out (seeing that, as I said before, this season has way too many shows) I would suggest Shimoneta and Actually, I Am. The former has such an incredibly stupid premise and such a sophomoric sense of humor that I figured that I’d hate it, but it’s so committed to its premise and has so much energy combined with pretty good animation and directing that I actually really enjoyed it. Based on things I’ve read elsewhere, your mileage may vary, though. The latter looks like a typical harem-type premise, but I really liked the first episode. The visual style is very unique compared to the slew of A-1 Pictures style clones, and all of the cast so far has this weird charm to them that I really liked. Could be a nice surprise a la Yamada-kun.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Let’s what I’m watching that hasn’t been covered yet…

    Idolmaster: Cinderalla Girls; not yet premiered.

    Million Doll; Interesting premise, I’m waiting to see where they go with it… at any rate, it’s just a short so it’s not a big investment. Status:Watchable.

    Overlord; Commented on the ep1 entry the other day. Status:Keeper

    Sore ga Seiyuu!; A lot of people are calling it a low budget Shirobako ripoff… I’m not sure I buy it. The comic started back in 2011, and the anime was announced in December 2104 and thus work on it was almost certainly underway before it became clear that Shirobako was going to be a runaway. Anyhow, it’s decent enough and appears to be factual behind it’s comedy. (It does have a seiyu at the helm after all!) Status:Keeper

    No first ep drops this season, and only one on thin ice for a second ep drop… pretty unusual actually. But sixteen shows, that’s quite a few even if there’s a lot of shorts. (OK, I take that back, out of morbid curiosity I did watch one ep of Bikini Warriors, then rated it half a star and dropped it.) Gonna make the weekly wall quite impressive, no?

    Too lazy to work out an exact schedule. 🙂 It does look like Wednesday is going to be a heavy evening due to the number of shows that air on Tues/Wens though.

    I’m still undecided about Charlotte though… Normally I’m all over PA works, but the premise just doesn’t grab me.


    • Ayy 16 shows in the weekly wall? I’m looking forward to it!

      Charlotte definitely feels like it needs to settle in a bit. I liked the premiere quite a lot, but it hasn’t proven that it can be effective for the full story. The production is really nice, though.


  7. “It’s not so much the how of the crime that interests me as it’s the how did they figure it out?”

    Yeah, pretty frustrating, esp. since this could’ve been easily fixed by having an extra episode before the solution/answer episode. As it is, Kobayashi looks like he’s just jumping into insane conclusions. And while I like the self-aware reconstruction bits and all, tonal balance is all over the place and characters are iffy as hell. Oh well, I’d stick w/ it because I like this kind of genre too much.

    -Wakako-zake: this is literally just two minutes of watching an office girl with strange face eating a completely random dish and silently judging other people’s foodie pereference. I love it.

    -Gakkou Gurashi: Clever stuff, visually and especially structurally; really dig the way that the reveal completely changed the meaning and complexion of everything that precedes it. The ep is worth re-watching just to decode and unpack stuff.

    -I don’t plan to watch Himouto!Umaru-chan b/c schedule + I’ve read a bunch of the manga already, but I do recommend it solely for a really strong familial core between the two main characters (*although early it’s not really indicative of that).


    • Rampo Kittan really is in the Pleiades-tier of “stuff I’d keep if it was just slightly better or if I had just slightly more time.”

      And great point on Gakkou Gurashi—the recontextualization of the episode via the ending is something I’ve been thinking about a lot (same thing for Overlord). There might be a post on that in the works…


  8. I’m surprised that prison school didn’t generated some kind of reaction from you.

    Maybe the first episode didn’t included pornographic content as mentioned in database sites? that could be a possibility, some series don’t show things from the start.


  9. Hey, it’s been a long time since I posted here. In fact, I was so busy that I was just able to catch up on the new season very recently. Anyway, here are the usual wall of text for my first impressions:

    Instead of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, this seems like Badass Guys Doing Badass Things…brutally, but thankfully the plot keeps pitting them against worse people so there won’t be too much moral conflict. And yeah, so far it doesn’t seem more than that, but it’s such a rare treat and it’s very stylishly done, I think I’m hooked now. At the very least, the backstory for the two leads seems interesting – Worick’s mugshot shows him being arrested for prostitution (at age 18, no less) which does make his action towards Allie more interesting.

    Gakkou Gurashi:
    To be honest, I’m just watching the first episode because every mention of it always says it has a twist and I’m curious what is it (btw saying something has a twist is one of the worst thing you can do to said twist). And now that I know it…yeah, I’m not interested at all. Nothing at all about how it’s done or anything, but Zombie Apocalypse is one genre that I really can’t care less about. I’ve tried all kinds – Walking Dead, HoTD, even Archie, and still nothing. I think the only one I enjoyed it was in Space Dandy, and that was 100% played for laughs.

    Ranpo Kittan:
    If Zombies are my least favorite genre, Detective are my absolute favorite. This is why I had such high hopes, especially after the first episode, but the second ep left me cold. I have no problems with the characters that much, and I can stomach the ero-guro nonsene to an extent (no seriously, that’s what Edogawa Ranpo’s works are famous for:, but the mystery is just awful. Not being Fair Play is one thing, but there’s zero hard evidence and too much guesswork. I’ll give it another case, considering it’s my fave genre and there’s nothing else I’m watching on Thursday, but hope is officially deflated).

    Ushio no Tora
    After Assassination Classroom finished, it’s great to have another fun shonen filling in almost its exact time slot. It’s just simple fun, and Nakajima may be the cutest girl of the season (esp with that jacket in the first ep). It’s also enjoyable to watch a true classic tsundere at its finest (Nakajima being completely unable to hide her feelings is enjoyable, too).

    Enjoyable so far, but as usual it seems the MC will be the dealbreaker for me. Hope he won’t get too annoying.

    Classroom Crisis:
    I’m’ not as hyped about it as some are, but I don’t find it bad either. I hope there’s more cutthroat business intrigue than usual classroom antics though, the bits of it is the part that interest me the most.

    It’s a really weird, shameless show, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t laughing at it harder than at other anime this season. I hope it mines its humor more on the satire of the ignorant students than just the absurdity of the perverseness, as I feel the latter can get old quickly.

    Probably one of my most favorite premiere, to be honest. Yeah, I can see how there may be problems with it later on, but so far it’s just a fun story with interesting characters that I want to see more of. If they just keep it like this it’ll definitely be one of my favorite of the season easy.

    Durarara and Working:
    It might be taken for granted, but it’s great that they effortlessly carry on what makes previous seasons fun to watch. This is especially the case with Durarara: honestly, the first two ep feels better than any of the last season’s (hopefully I don’t jinx it). It goes back to the Narita’s best, which is focusing on one person’s story while showing quick glimpses of other people’s story in passing, which only makes sense in the end. Oh, and completely messed up people too.

    Rokka no Yuusha
    It’s just so pretty! It looks like a fun adventure story that looks the best out of all anime I watched airing this season, and that alone is enough to keep me watching. Also, Bunny Princess is a strong contender that barely missed beating Nakajima for best girl of the season. Yes, I understand some complaints about overly long exposition, but it should solve itself when they fully establish the setting.

    Wow, that’s a lot of shows. There might not be standouts that will be remembered for years like Oregairu and Euphonium last season, but there’s plenty of enjoyable shows to me. And there’s still some I still want to watch like Akagami, Jitsu Wa and Overlord too. I’m sure it’ll sort itself out as the weeks go on, and this being summer holiday I can stand to watch more stuff than I do last season anyway. Why is Saturday so so packed though…


    • Hey, glad to have you back! I’m with you on Nakajima and Bunny Princess being up there among the best girls of the season.

      Keep me update on how Rampo Kittan turns out! I’m curious to hear what happens with it~


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