Aniwords – IDOL WARS (Part 2)

Following up on last week’s post on the characters in idol anime, this week I lay out my thoughts on the Big Three Idol Anime—Love Live!, THE iDOLM@STER, and AKB0048. I had a lot of fun writing this one up, and it’s definitely up there among the posts for Aniwords that I’m most proud of. Let me know what you guys think about it! Kind of like that post about “anime that are important to you,” this is kind of a stepping stone post towards an inevitable huge post on a subject I’ve been thinking on for a while (aka AKB0048). Maybe if I write enough of these littler ones, someday I’ll actually write the big ones…

Here’s the link~

Wake Up Girls

7 thoughts on “Aniwords – IDOL WARS (Part 2)

  1. So, now that you’ve started enjoying StarMyu, I suggest you dive into the world of male idol anime with Uta no Prince-sama. It is seriously a FANTASTIC franchise. With really likeable characters and great music. Come on over to the dark side and love Tokiya Ichinose with me!


    • Hmm, I’ll think about it! I might wait for the new BONES guyidol show (idolish7, I think it was?) help me really get into it! Unfortunately, as much as I like cute guys, a lot of shoujo-type designs just don’t catch my eye—so shows with them generally have to have a lot of other stuff going on to keep me invested. It’s not fair, no, but it’s just how it is. I need a bit of moe or some really strong bishounen power.


      • Well, I don’t think the charm of UtaPri is all in the bishonen designs (though really, it is STRONG bishonen power). There’s the harem aspect which is more on how the central girl and all the guys help each other grow as musicians. There’s the exploration of each character’s determination to be a musician in the idol industry and some examination of what it takes to be an idol and what being an idol is all about. And that’s just the first season. Once you get to the second season with the introduction of their senpais and rivals, it gets pretty interesting. Also, great music, like I said. I’m honestly obsessed with the music lately. I listen to it all the time. When you’ve got singers like Mamoru Miyano, Junichi Suwabe, Kenichi Suzumura, Aoi Shouta and other greats you can’t go wrong.


  2. Yep, good column. Can’t comment on any of the shows beyond LL, obviously, but it was all still interesting to read. I do agree with your assessment of LL’s qualities – I pretty much think of it in my own head as a slice-of-life with idol music, because it does exactly what a well-made slice-of-life is supposed to do – make you relax and smile and feel good whenever you watch it. There’s a reason why (with my lack of idol anime knowledge) the first show I found myself comparing it to was K-On; the musical styles are different, but the feel is similar.

    So I ran my own new idol war earlier this week, and it actually turned out to be a much harder task than using the idol sorter was last week: ranking my favorite solo song by each of the nine Love Live girls (only one entry per girl, remixes of group songs don’t count). That was prompted by the Rin token event introducing me to Koi no Signal, and then discovering Nico Puri for the first time shortly after (which stayed in my head for a solid week). Anyway, the bottom three were easy, but I was really splitting hairs trying to separate the top six. Here’s how it shook out for me, though.

    Moshimo Kara Kitto (Nozomi) – not bad, but too vanilla against the rest of this list
    Spicaterrible (Kotori) – the classical guitar is my favorite thing about it
    Yuuki no Reason (Umi) – good song, but almost sounds like a K-On outtake
    Nico Puri (Nico) – wonderfully captures Nico’s “Nico-nii” persona in music form
    Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate (Eli) – lovely and well-sung, but I don’t like the chorus quite as much as the verses
    Daring (Maki) – maybe not the best fit for Maki as a character, but I love the beat and the electronic experimentation
    Someday of My Life (Honoka) – one of those songs I just seem to like more every time I listen to it
    Koi no Signal Rin Rin Rin (Rin) – great beat, great singing, great capture of Rin’s personality, just an all-around win. Going in I thought it might be #1, but…
    Nawatobi (Hanayo) – here’s my winner. To have such a beautiful, emotional song, and have the seiyuu singing it perfectly in character, AND have the fact that it is in character actually ADD to the emotional impact (that tremulous “arigato” near the end gets me every time), once I really thought about it I couldn’t give it to anyone else.


    • And obviously that’s ranking them from #9 at the top to #1 at the bottom. I forgot that your coding strips the numbers off whenever I try to make a numbered list.


    • Thank you! Glad you liked it! Maybe it convinced you to try out one of the other two…? 😉

      And ooo, these are interesting rankings. I think Honoka’s solo song is my favorite (shocking, I know), but I recently heard Rin’s during an LLSIF event and really liked it. Super duper catchy. I will let you know that I hate “Nico Puri” with a passion, though—I found it entirely obnoxious and lacking in musicality. ^_^”


  3. Exactly! It’s a comedy novelty song, and it’s every bit as cheerfully obnoxious as her “Nico Nico Nii” alter ego itself. Like I said, a perfect fit for the character. It’s not my favorite, but I still find it more fun to listen to than Nico’s other solo song (Mahoutski whatever-it-is).

    Yep, that’s the same event where I first heard Rin’s song too (also the first event I participated in). My import copy of the first Best Live CD collection arrived just a few days ago, and it’s in that set, so now I own the full version. Coincidentally, it comes right after Someday of My Life in the track order – I LOL’ed when I saw that.


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