Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 11

This week is kind of the reverse of last week—rather than complaining about everything, I’ve got a lot more praise to hand out. And it feels good.

One Punch Man

K: Return of Kings, Episode 11: I’ve been accused (in a friendly way) of being a fake intellectual, a claim I have to admit holds some water seeing as it took me all the way to episode 11 of K‘s second season to really grasp the WWII comparisons (the original Red King incident with Mikoto was the atomic bomb drop, ergo Grey King Iwa’s despair; the master race idea behind the Slates, etc.). I’m not really sure how well all of this comes together in making any sort of worthwhile meaning, though, because K continues to be more about power and agency than anything. The faults in the Greens’ ideas about power are already starting to show—no matter if people have power or not, some are always going to stand above the other because that’s just the nature of power in human society. Injecting more power isn’t going to achieve anything; in fact, it’ll likely only set up people for more despair and more death. But according to Iwa, now they have a choice. Not so. It’s an illusion; but how’s a man wreathed in fog supposed to apprehend this kind of truth anyways?

Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 11: I like these kinds of episodes. I would have liked it a lot more at lot more if it wasn’t just an extension of what’s been almost a full cour’s worth of relaxed episodes! These kind of wind down episodes are supposed to relieve the tension of the episodes prior, but there wasn’t any such tension for us, the audience, to wind down from. Oh, well. In any case, Haikyuu!! was back to its normal self this week; really for the first time since the season premiere. This episode coming after the episodes it did didn’t hurt its ability to be a fun time with all the characters. Bokuta is probably the best new addition to the cast (remember when Lev was relevant?), and we’ve also been teased a whole bunch of other new opponents for Karasuno to take on (the dude with the top of his head dyed orange was my favorite)—as well as some old. Oikawa, my trashy husbando! I’m thrilled the tournaments are starting up again next week; it’s about time!


-Mecha Sunday-

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 11: After a couple of weeks that felt like floundering to me, Tekketsu was back on its feet this week with a well-paced battle and a continued obsessive focus on the idea of family. Akihiro faces his old family in order to preserve his new one, and its his new family that builds him up. On Earth, the Gjallarhorn Specialists are encountering their own families, while Ein continues to mourn the loss of his. The bond between Turbines and Tekkadan tightens, and with a common foe before them and their brother-leaders ready for a fight, it’s likely to grow even closer. I noticed, especially, the care that the Turbines members have obviously developed for Tekkadan—on an organizational level and on a personal one. Okada and Nagai has experience with these kinds of winding reflections on untraditional families (Toradora‘s specifically coming to mind), and it’s really interesting seeing that concern manifest in the world of Gundam.

Comet Lucifer, Episode 11: It feels weird being thrilled about a cool 2D animated fight in a show I’ve constantly praised for its 3D fights, but whatever. All in all, Comet Lucifer continued its trend of being entertaining and easy to watch without really doing all the much that’s original or hugely impactful. The reveal that the secretary is an alien mecha guardian from another planet came out of nowhere, but it was still fun. Zoneboyle’s death was set up too obviously, but still managed to ben somewhat surprising. And, of course, Moura showing up in some kind of Amazonian war outfit was, well, unexpected. But I ain’t watching Comet Lucifer for thoughtful narrative coherence; I’m watching it because it’s fun and because it’s earnest and because I like it. One episode to go!

Concrete Revolutio, Episode 11: So, superhumans are just evolved humans, huh? A ridiculous claim—there are so many beings with weird powers floating around Conrevo that it’s impossible to keep track of them all. And, certainly, they’re not all human (Earth-chan, for example, is a robot). These are impossible, arbitrary labels. And yet, the Bureau doesn’t protect all superhumans—sometimes they fight them. And to Jiro, Claude is not a superhuman, but a demon (it’s not clear if the Bureau was familiar with Claude before he showed up; after all, the Imperial Ads guy calls him an “existential question” for the Bureau). He’s a hypocrite: he doesn’t like that Imperial Ads is trying to cut certain beings out of the definition of superhero, but he’s willing to exclude Claude from the Bureau’s protection because he doesn’t believe in what Claude is doing. Jiro wants too much, and it makes him inconsistent—and that’s what sets Kikko off. If a demon isn’t a superhuman, then is a witch a superhuman? And does Jiro, with his yokai powers that he’s apparently unaware of, fit into any of these categories.

In fact, Kikko is a demon herself—and what this will ultimately mean for her role… who can say yet? As an episode, this was somewhat less engaging a watch that previous ones, but even when Conrevo isn’t at the top of it’s “being entertaining” game, it’s still packed with stuff to think about.

Concrete Revolutio

Short Takes~

  • Owarimonogatari, Episodes 1-6: I’m going to be catching up in spurts in anticipation of the season’s end, and these first three arcs were excellent. Wrote up something in an experimental new style on Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, and Sodachi Lost: check it out!
  • Miss Monochrome, Episode 11: I would trade Elsa and her sister way for Miss Monochrome any day of the week.
  • Noragami Aragoto, Episode 11: In a week there a bunch of the other shows I was having problems with recovered pretty well, Noragami‘s still floundering around in random encounters and feelings of disconnect. At least we got to see Koufuku; I still like her a lot.
  • One Punch Man, Episode 11: Ok.

Miss Monochrome

15 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 11

  1. Okay, who’s been calling you a fake intellectual? I’m gonna give that person a piece of my mind. And that piece of my mind is utter agreement. Who else could have written that Glasslip post?


  2. @Conrevo: I suspect Claude is future Jirou. Similar personality; similar build. Plus, it’s always suspicious if you hide a character’s face (maybe I’ve played too much BlazBlue, though…)

    And I just have to say it again: I really wish Komori san wa Kotowarenai should have been a full show. It’s main appeal is atmosphere rather than quick gags, and that never fully works in the time it has at its disposal; by the time I’ve settled in for it, it’s over. (The latest episode was my favourite yet, and I suspect it’s the affection-accumulation effect.)

    On the other hand, Kagewani must be the show that makes the most of the short format. None of it feels too short, maybe because they’re really good at tension and suspense. This show should win some price for best use of limited resources or something. (And this latest episode finally gave us the backstory we’ve all been waiting for [all three of us who are watching, that is…].)

    Also, I’ve been randomly re-watching some opening episodes of past shows I’ve last been watching when they were new:

    Kotoura-san: The first episode is the masterpiece I remember: the first half is one of the most heartbreaking stuff I’ve seen in anime, and it works because you get straightforward melodrama with a surprisingly astute look at shame culture, but it’s all couched in the aesthetics of the comedy show it is. The mismatch between style and content works to the show’s advantage: without the comedy-aesthetics, I suspect, the drama would have felt over-wrought to me. And then the show shipwrecks into its comedy section, and somehow it’s still the same show. The first episode is a must see. None of the rest of the show is ever even half as good, but I still like it. (I watched three episodes.)

    Ookami san to Shinchinin no Nakama tachi: It’s a rather typical romcom with slight ecchi elements, but I like the character designs. I re-watched the first episode, and it was hugely entertaining, also because I’ve forgotten a lot about it. It’s an underrated show, but it’s risky to say the show’s underrated, because then people might expect too much.

    Nekogami Yaoyorozu: A cute little show with rather cheap animation. Nothing too special, but good fun. It’s interesting how much more cultural reference I get now on re-watching it, than I did back in 2010. I know a lot more about Shinto these days.

    Randomly revisiting shows you remember enjoying is quite fun, especially if they hold up.


    • Considering how many distant timelines from the “present” Conrevo has, I suppose Claude being longer future Jirou could make sense. But I also sort of feel like that would be a dumb choice that just rehashes what we went over last week with Jaguar, so I’m hoping it’s not that?

      Ah, yeah, the Koutoura-san premiere. In retrospect the first episode drama feels overdone to me, but at the time I was totally sold. I did actually finish it and wrote a review, which upon revisiting I think I still stand by.

      Ookami-san, I think, is the show with the really pretty character design on the Western BD release, and I’m still considering trying it out for that reason alone.

      I should write a post about revisiting old shows sometime…that’s a good topic, right up my alley.


      • @Conrevo: Could be a trap I’m stumbling into.

        @Kotoura-san: First episode is definitely feels overdone if you think about it, but it doesn’t matter at all while watching. It’s ingenious that way. I couldn’t be planning something like this; I’d think that this would never work. But it does. (Interesting review; I agree mostly, except that some of the jokes did grow old on me.)

        @Ookami-san: I was a bit suspicious when I heard “really pretty”, so I googled the blurays (Japanese ones?). If what I found is what you mean (could be), the covers are misleading. I’d suggest looking for screenshots first. The show’s look is fairly standard fair for JC Staff; I just happen to click with the designs, and I also like much of the humour (though some of it raises an eyebrow).


          • Ah, a complete box. But, no, the anime doesn’t look like that. If that’s what you have to go on, you’ll probably be disappointed by looks. It does look good, but in a rather convention JC Staff kind of way.

            Also most of the comments pretty much match my impression: nothing special, but cute and fun to watch.


  3. I really like the family themes being explored in Gundam (well, I often enjoy family themes in general, but seeing it in a Gundam show is pretty refreshing), but I admit I wasn’t a big fan of this week’s episode. I think this is mostly because the sheer plot convenience of Akihiro only just remembering his brother in the previous episode, and then having said brother showing up in this one for him to angst about, felt like lazy and predictable writing. In a show which has struck me as being otherwise quite realistic and down-to-earth about most things so far, this scene really stuck out to me as being too obviously and too neatly timed, and so I ended up rolling my eyes rather than being able to fully appreciate the drama.


    • It’s definitely a little contrived in terms of the overall structure, but the execution of the actual moment worked well enough for me that it didn’t annoy me. I also think that the tension between Akihiro meeting his blood brother as he defends his new younger brother (Takaki) was sharp enough to pull a little bit more substance into the encounter than it would had he and Masahiro just met in a fight.


  4. So there was some shakeup in the Top 10 ! IDK if you are watching RWBY but IMO think it’s the best yet and tied things up ! That may be short lived as there is no new EPS until the new year !

    The last episodes will determine final placing !

    Again my Top Tier followed by Episodes of the week


    4 WAY TIE For First

    1 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato Funi SUB / DUB EOW
    1 One Punch Man EOW
    1 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou EOW Moved into the 4 way Tie
    1 RWBY Vol. 3 EOW

    5 Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign Funi SUB / DUB EOW
    6 Haikyuu!! Second Season EOW
    7 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EOW
    8 Heavy Object FUNI Sub / Dub EOW Great Homages yo A Certain Magical Index Movie / A Certain Raulgun of course same author
    9 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru EOW
    10 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World)
    11 GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki
    12 Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EOW
    13 Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note SHORT
    14 Kagewani series SHORT EOW
    15 Comet Lucifer Too late to push this up
    16 Shomin Sample FUNI Sub / DUB
    17 Hidan no Aria AA
    18 MISS Monochrome 3 EOW
    19 Hacka Doll the Animation]SHORT EOW
    20 Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) Moved Into Tier 1
    21 Lance N’ Masques
    22 Young Black Jack

    EPISODE(S) of the WEEK 10 / 11

    Anti-Magic Academy The 35th Test Platoon EP 10 / Kusanagi Kiseki

    An episode that I liked / you know this had potential but the fanservice / harem kinda took up more than neccessary . But I find that Takeru sister Kiseki is most interesting ! She is dangerous but escapes to see Takeru but the 35th Test Platoon is very kind to her ans she likes it. But at the end she is tired of beng imprisioned and subject to actually being killed to quell her mana then brought back to life !

    Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation- EPe 10 / The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 1

    Back on track / when it does the crime mystery it’s really good!

    Sakurako / Shotaro / Isozaki are in the woods before the winter because Isozaki likes to check on some late fall plants ! They see a certain butterfly then discover a rabbitt carcass that the butterflies like ! Isozaki gets a call that one of his former students is missing. There was a trio of girls who were close Madoka Hitoe, Nishizawa Futaba, and Tsutsumi Minami but fell distance agter leaving HS. Futaba went missing and not found after leaving a note . Hitoe / Minami fell apart because both liked an artist ! Well Hitoe is missing but her parents ( the father ) act like snobs but this where Sakurako shines taking nobody’s attitude through the episode! She gets to see Hitoe’s room and deduces things she packed were good for a few days ! They then go to Minami ‘s house and find a painting with the same butterfly theme as at Hitoe’s place . They find out through the HS tennis club where Minami hangs out and get the jealousy story but Sakurako see she needs to get a good meal and a place to stay ! Minami flashe back to the creepy artist guy!

    The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru EP 10 / Aster-Colored Truth

    That was more of an indepth thoiught procees but was very interesting . Saikawa / Moe go into the sensory water tanks to interview Michiru. It was revealed that Moe originally met Magata’s daughter. But it revealed that the daughter was killed and Magata left as Miki with Saikawa’s students ! There was a lot of computer jargon but the plot was explained enough ! Some people thought Moe was being a Brat during the interview but I could see her Uncle’s role model being the cheif of police ! But nobody knows where Magata is

    The ULtra Anime Time Block did a lot of crossovers this week !

    Hackadoll the Animation Episode 11 – VA Police, Move Out!

    Again I was ROFL in the total insnity! A fan of Yuppy ( Miss Monochrome makes a cameo with her )The fan wants the HD trio to buy Yuppy a gift but # 3 takes over as he ?? is an anime fan ! Oh we had extras from the kagewani series too ! But the fan annoces she is retiring and the fan dont wanto give the gift but # 3 persuades him going through security ! He gets taken down but # 3 got her a music box which she was happy but the fan died ! In a way the trio made the request happen but at what cost!

    Miss Monochrome EP 11 / A (Answers ?)

    Miss MM was just sarcastic / asburd even to herself it came off great! She wanted to suprise her fans with new answers as they know them all and what a surprise!

    KAGEWANI Episode 11 – Encounter

    How can each week get better this time Souske is back 25 years when the shadow creatures attacked his village killing everybody except himself when monster hunter girl from kast week saved him but had to cut off part his head to save ( His scars ! ) On the reference to School Live with the dog Tarou ( Taroumaru SL ) which looked just like him ! Anyway he was locked in his house for some reason and his parents got him a gift which was a monster in ine of the episodes Just so creepy !

    Noragami Aragato EP 23 / Revival

    Hiyori / Yukine run into Kugaha who wants revemge and Hiyori’s hand to replace and Yukine has a hard time holding him off but finally knows Yato needs him more than Nora. But Nora is trying to help Yato against Izanami continues to pursue.Yato, Bishamon / Kuraha /Kazuma / Aiha find Ebisu and the vent that closes up Ebisu explains somewhat is going on ! Hiyori / Yukine show up along with Daikoku / Kofuku/ The trio of Bishamon / Kuraha / Aiha open a temp vent . And a stand off fihjy starts with Yato asking Veena why and she sAys it was her faukt for causing the problems in the past ! Just so much going on!

    Heavy Object EP 10 /
    Three-Legged Mountain-Climbing Is Life-and-Death – The Artillery Battle in the Iguazu Mountains I

    I had a good time with episode / Some Intial thoughts

    1 J.C Staff doing a great job of animation.
    2 I have gotten use to the fanservice comedy but they actually put in a pole dance that I cant recall seeing in any anime ( for myself)
    3 The Tech / Sci-fi was more poytayed this week with railguns / laser guided space elevators
    The authors nod to A Certain Scientific Railgun ( MASS DRIIVERS ) and the A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion ( space elevators )
    4 The race to space is fueling war more for an businees standpoint than political!
    5 The ever importance of having real food including fried chicken on the bone !
    6 Milinda uneasy about an upcoming expo dual with Bright Hopper the newest object and is intruding on their current operation and apparently Major Frolaytia who Is Nobilitly / Bright Hopper operator Halreed Copacabana has an interest in her ?
    7 The Juan Valdez look alike ( Coffee ICON ) with Havia / Qwenthur.

    The race for space has the attention of all four world powers the Legitimacy Kingdom, the Information Alliance, the Capitalist Corporations and the Faith Organization which takes has to South America. In this case The Legitimacy Kingdom vs the Mass Driver Conglomerate ( Part of The Capitalist Corporations ) Baby Magnum / Bright Hopper vs Lisolette ( MASS DRIVER Railgun ) of enormus Fire Power capable of covering 1 / 6th of the Earth’s surface !

    K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EP 11 / Kali-yuga

    AS the Slates let regular people have power it is creating problems even backfiring on The PM who dimissed Sceptre 4 an struck a deak with the Jungle but is now attacked by protestors!
    Shiro enlists some help from Kukuri at Ashinaka High School and other places by having her ask the geberal population not to use their powers ! Munakata and Goki ( bliue ) approech the Jungle HQDRS where Fushimi is attempting to open the gates but is told to stop by Nagare then attacked by Sukuna. Iwa comes to fend off the blue Duo and Sceptre 4 comes to help with a change in staff ( a loophole ) to frre them up! Then Shiro come crashing into the the Jungle distracting Iwa dending it ! Looks like things are going to action poacked as there is just 2 EPS left!

    Haikyuu!! Second Season EP 11 / Above

    CHP 96 A Team of Black / CHP 97 Above / CHP 98 Conversation

    I Wiil keep this brief Fukurōdani Academy just barely beats Karasuno High but now for the big BBQ and it was big ! We get a preview of the other schools players coming up in the Spring High Preliminary Arc ! Also Kei Tsukishima / Akiteru Tsukishima finally talk with the older brother playing in a club now.Ittetsu Takeda / Karasuno thanks Yasufumi Nekomata and he says in six months teams will be different with the 3rd years gone!

    Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign EP 22 / Yu and Mika

    CHP 36 Yu and Mika / CHP 37 Monsters & Family /

    First there was a lot of talk about this beiing mire than friends . To me even though they arent blood related it still would be like giving a kidney to someone in your family ! I think threre is an overreaction to the premise!

    Also even thoiugh this was important episode it was kinda slow after a lot of good episodes ! What I think the next two will be loaded since there are just 2 left !

    And who is the real monster with Kureto is seen as he does experiments on Mirai Kimizuki. ( Shiho Kimizuki ) btother !

    So Mika gets Yu to a destroyed convenience store where after Yu wakes he decicdes to let Mika drink his blood to live! Finally Mika give in and his eyes turn RED. They alosu argue is being used as a monsterr but Yu says he knows it already!

    And who is the real monster with Kureto is seen as he does experiments on Mirai Kimizuki. ( Shiho Kimizuki ) btother !

    Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou EP 11 / Justice / Freedom / Peace

    So The Ad Agency ( cover ) is trying The SHB to sign up with them but Jiro refuses . It was a ploy to keep them away fron an American Naval Base where a illegal sub made up of Superhumans that were illegally used is coming . The Ad’s Agency band is playing there / now A SuperHuman called Sword slices the Sub in half exposing the illegal use of humans . Also a rare broadcast is captured by the news. Kikko / Raito try to get Sword but escapes ! Meanwhile the coverments are trying to save face by enacting new laws to inhibit Superhumans. THE SHB tries to trrack him down. Kikko is in love with Jiro but has Emi in the weay and leads to a argument between Jiro and Her. She tracks down the Sword man but turns into a A future Ruller of the Demons . Very intersting turn of events .A S2 is coming as things make more sense each week !

    One Punch Man EP 11 / Dominater of the Universe

    CHP 33 Guys Who Don’t Listen / CHP 34 Are You Stupid?

    It was fun to see the S Class fight ! I guess there some real good Superheroes ! This was amazing action but a big battle with Saitama / Lord Boros who actually invaded Earth because the Stongest was was on the Planet! Cliffhangar ( one to go!)

    Main Battles

    Metal Bat vs one of Melzalgald heads

    Metal Bat , Bang , Puri-Puri-Prisoner and Atomic Samurai vs Melzalgald

    Saitama vs Geryuganshoop / Then Lord Boros

    Tatsumaki vs / Spacecraft Missles

    RWBY Vol. 3 CHP 6 / FALL

    A quieter yet revealing and ominous future ! A fter being told why Pyrrha was summoned Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, James Ironwood and Qrow Branwen take Pyrrha Nikos to the vault to offer her the Fall Maiden’s (Amber) power. It is hinted Cinder Fall was behind the atacck that made Amber in a coma !

    Just as he first match of the finals between Yang and Mercury / Cinder is seen leaving the stands . It is a close fight but Yang wins and walks away but Mercury attacks her but on the replay which is probally doctored bt Cinder Yang aooears to break his leg with no cause ans is probally under arrest ! Meanwhlie The Grimm are the outskirts of Vale !

    The episode will be followed by a hiatus, making it the last episode of the year. Instead of an episode on December 19th, there will be a RWBY Cast and Crew Livestream. A new World of Remnant episode will air on December 26th, with the next episode of the main series airing on January 2nd, 2016.


    • I have been watching RWBY and I do agree that it’s at the best it’s ever been this season! Pretty salty about Mercury’s little plot to trip up Yang’s chances in the tournament. I just want to see her run free and punch people like crazy!


    • @15Fan: On Hacka Doll, the ending of that episode (which I once again really enjoyed) was a direct reference to the ending of the famous 70s/80s boxing series Ashita no Joe, right down to the black-and-white still drawing and the guy’s smile. I also got a good chuckle out of the Miss Monochrome cameo in the middle of the episode. And another Wake-Up Girls callback here with the idol Yuppi essentially being an expy of Yoppi from WUG (same seiyuu, too).


  5. It’s been good news to hear ConRev is getting a second season; episode 11 was great in getting the spotlight back on Kikko. Once this season is finished I need to watch it back to back to see what I missed the first time around.

    One Punch Man 11 felt like an old fashioned superhero comic crossover event, what with all the short scenes showing what the B and C-class heroes were doing.

    Subete ga F ni Naru had the resolution to its central mystery in episode ten; episode 11 was a bit SHAFTified with the way in which the conversations were shown as the meitonal aftermath was handled.

    Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru had the first part of what looks to be a three part final, starting to make good on all the hints over the relationship between Sakurakosan and Shoutaro. Still the best series for how it casually keeps slapping down the latter’s assumptions about his role in it.

    For me, Noragami Aragoto has gotten its act together again last episode and this was a strong episode as well. It’s still not as strong as the first ar this season, but it improved a lot from the start of the current one.

    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk/Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry/Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai all kept doing what they’ve been doing all season: a bit of adventure, a bit of romance, not too much stupidity.

    Lance N’ Masques should’ve been in the same league, but is just incoherent and in this episode started up a new threat that needs to be resolved by the finale next episode. Doesn’t help that the protagonist has been useless since episode six.

    Comet Lucifer still feels like it should’ve been a 24 episode series; it more or less works on an episode by episode base, but like here, things are set in motion too quickly while earlier episodes dragged.

    Heavy Object is somewhat the same, but with a greater coherence in its overall story and more fan service.

    Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni [Shomin Sample] Toshite Gets-sareta Ken is the dumbest series I’m following, mostly innocent fanservice. You forget each episode once you finished watching it.

    No wait, Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid is, as well as an exercise in following a fetish series when you don’t share its fetishes.


    • Haha yeah, Conrevo will definitely require at least some sort of review before the second season hits in April. There’s so much going on!

      And that’s an interesting point about Comet Lucifer. I don’t know if I really feel like there’s enough there for another 12 episodes, but the overall series composition really should have and could have been tighter than it was. I really liked the early episodes and all the derping around the show did, so it’s sad that all that ended up crippling the show’s ability to be effective later on.


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