Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 10

I don’t know when the season turned into “Concrete RevolutioMiss Monochrome and some other shows,” but that’s about where I am at this point. I’m still enjoying everything else I’m watching, but those two shows are just too consistently good for me to compare them to the rest of the season’s offerings.

This week, you’ll hear a lot about my issues with the other stuff airing. Hopefully it’s at least somewhat enjoyable…

One Punch Man
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Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 8

Thanksgiving’s tomorrow, so here’s an early Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Mage in a Barrel (that is, just me and my Nyarko nendroid)! For those of you in the states, I hope you have a nice holiday! For those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving, it never hurts to be thankful—at the least, take some time to remember that we can be grateful for the chance to watch good anime. That being said, let’s talk about them!

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Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 7

I’m just now realizing that—once again—I’ve found my way underneath 10 airing shows that I’m keeping up with (the count, as you’ll see, is 9). As I’m still only keeping up with the things I really want to keep up with, I’m feeling pretty good. I also think about these reduced schedules (as opposed to earlier in the season when I was up around 13 shows) in terms of “having more time to do more writing,” but maybe it’s better simply to think of them as reducing some of the pressure. As always, thanks for reading and commenting—I’d probably have given up somewhere along the way if not for you guys!

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