Aniwords – Durarara!! and Unhidden Monsters

Durarara!! x2 has…not been the best the franchise has ever been, that’s for sure. With a seemingly unending stream of new characters flooding into Ikebukuro over the last two and a half seasons and a plot that’s become tangled beyond anyone’s ability to follow, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking the show had gone entirely bonkers—and not in the good way. And so, believe me when I was it was somewhat to my surprise that I discovered that I had been noticing those elusive things called “themes” cropping up in the show.

What follows is the account of my discoveries. Here’s the link~

Durarara!! x2

4 thoughts on “Aniwords – Durarara!! and Unhidden Monsters

  1. Really interesting post! I haven’t watched the second season yet so I’m intrigued now, hopefully I’ll pick it up.
    Isn’t Durarara always a confusing show where the endgame is nowhere in sight until the episodes are revealed? Just asking.
    The contrasts are really strong, after all don’t we have people like that even in real life?


    • I’d agree that Durarara!! is always kind of a confusing show, but I think x2 on the whole has still felt even more unfocused and scattered than the first iteration of the franchise. At least in the first season there was a distinct sense of motion, even if you didn’t know where it was all going. Not necessarily true of x2.

      And yeah, we do—although Durarara!!‘s incorporation of the fantastic accentuates this even more.

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  2. First sorry this a late post but have better internet and catching up.

    I was getting letdown on EP 30 / 31 IAnd on EP 32 the Reviews feel the same way I feel like I am in the minority
    I will Quote but not give links as it seems to mess up the post

    FROM Crunchyroll DRRR FORUM Pages 38 / 39

    “Durarara!!×2 Ketsu EP 6 or 30 / In For a Penny, In For a Pound

    That was a letdown The Celty battle was going great so instead we got alomost a whole episode of talking.Mostly between Anri / Saki.- Masaomi / Chikage- Mikado / Aoba- Mikado / Ran Izumi ”

    “DRRR EP 31 / No Love Lost

    With just 5 EPS left I hope we get going as there is a lot of dialouge going on right now. I know the Chat Board is important but it’s kinda played out by now. But the Set up should be now ”

    ” See My Previous thoughts on the direction 31 / 30 EPS ( Poor ) somebody has to point out the shortcomings hoping or a better end of season
    BTW it kinda sad as I really like DRRR Reviews feel the same wa too

    Durarara!! X2 The Third Arc Episode 32 – A Tiger Dies and Leaves His Skin NW-Noteworthy ( For it’s Shortcomings

    Disclamer I am a big fan of DRRR having watched all the Cours ( The Dubs ) The Specials .But this was just WTH ??

    You have animes like RWBY thatt have battlles but come to a conclusion w/ o dragging it out
    Even anime like Assassination Classroom / Heavy Object have run over episode but never stray far

    THE best anime that was coming to an end “Working / Waganaria ” shoud be the template for anime to finish it’s run . Tied eveything up in a great way !

    FIRST / Celty getting her head back has to me one of the most important moments in this anime / even noreworthy in anime history you give her a minute or two and you just dismmis it as a 1 to minute of nothing

    SECOND / Shizuo vs. Izaya is also a big deal / very porrly handled IMO

    The EP feels like a teaser / PV also trying to cover everything at once / the worst waste of the anime ep the overuse of the “Chat Room” and evewybody intentions.

    I am not a big fan of ANN reviews but this time I think they feel the same way

    Durarara!! ×2 The Third Arc
    Episodes 31-32
    by Jacob Hope Chapman ANN NEWS

    I wanted to be more excited by these episodes than I actually was. The setup to the finale just keeps building and building, but these episodes, while definitely exciting, were mostly lacking the impactful character depth we’d been getting in weeks past. Now that the pieces are all in place for more heart-to-heart confrontations in the future, I’m eager to see more of the cast’s strongest motivations come spilling out next week. Especially Celty! What does the monster that’s taken her place want with this new city?

    Another review that felt show was lacking

    Durarara!!x2 Ketsu – 08 / 32

    Filed under Durarara!!, First Impressions by Cherrie / Random Curiosity

    “Oh dear, I don’t want to start off the post this way but let’s just get the elephant out of the room first. The first few minutes of this episode were just so hard to look at. When Tom showed up and started eating sushi – it was like there was absolutely no dimension to the scene at all. No shadows, just flat faces and movements with all the jaggity lines. If I thought last week was the lowest in animation budgets, clearly I was wrong. I hope that Durarara!! is saving up every penny for ts finale because these episodes leading up to it have been hard to watch. This isn’t a hit to the story itself, the presentation could’ve been so much better which would make it more engaging to watch.”

    “As it is with a lot of Durarara!! episodes, there’s has to be some buildup before the next bomb drops. This episode was full of buildups and reintroduction of characters we haven’t seen in a while. It wasn’t amazing by any means, but that means I have higher expectations for the next month. Especially in the animation department. It could use a lot more work there, but once they nail that down, I’m sure the finale can be epic.” “


    • No worries about being late! I still read the comments!

      To be entirely honest, I don’t have all that much hope for the show to really bring things home in a meaningful way—I just don’t think Narita has it in him at this point. And that’s fine; I’m more curious just to see what happens to everyone. It’s a bummer, but it happens sometimes and I guess in this instance I’ve mostly resigned myself to that fact.


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