Aniwords – Finding the Forest in ERASED

ERASED may have fallen in my esteem as of late, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still things about it that I like. In fact, the first part of the most recent episode is probably as much as I’ve liked the show since the end of episode three. And it got me thinking about director Tomohiko Ito’s other work that I’ve seen, Sword Art Online, which is of course a dangerous path to go down. But I walked it nonetheless, and what follows are my conclusions. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Here’s the link~

ERASED 8 Smiling Kayo

Aniwords – Durarara!! and Unhidden Monsters

Durarara!! x2 has…not been the best the franchise has ever been, that’s for sure. With a seemingly unending stream of new characters flooding into Ikebukuro over the last two and a half seasons and a plot that’s become tangled beyond anyone’s ability to follow, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking the show had gone entirely bonkers—and not in the good way. And so, believe me when I was it was somewhat to my surprise that I discovered that I had been noticing those elusive things called “themes” cropping up in the show.

What follows is the account of my discoveries. Here’s the link~

Durarara!! x2